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Characters Max Level
24 12
El Resonance Level El Resonance EXP
57 31.4%
Current Class Final Class IGN Current Level Species Elements Background Info Custom Title
LKTransNEW.png Icon - Knight Emperor.png AquosKyn (Need Nickname Change Card) 99 Human/Clone Water, Wind A clone of Flare that was meant to be his opposite, but he escaped the lab he was made from. He can talk, but he didn't for a while until the group learned he was a clone. Unknown
AishaNEW.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WSTransNEW.png Icon - Anemos.png DeityFira 99 Deity Fire, Wind A deity of fire that takes the form of an Elf. Apparently, she has a connection with Flare and his mother. Unknown
RavenNEW.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
CEmTransNEW.png Icon - Code Esencia.png ZillaKyn 99 Human/Cyborg Fire, Dark Zilla originally existed as an alter ego to protect Elena from any mental stress that she could not handle herself, with Elena herself never knowing that Zilla even existed. Eventually, Elena became strong enough to not need Zilla anymore, so she was about to disappear from Elena's mind, but an explosion of twilight energy caused the two to be physically separated. As a former part of Elena, she tends to stay close to her. Interestingly, Zilla's body is an exact mirror of Elena's (excluding her hair and eye color), meaning her heart is on the right side of her body instead of the left. Unknown
CBSTransNEW.png Icon - Code Sariel.png FmrLdrAurora 99 Human Nature, Dark An alternate dimension counterpart to Aurora. Was the former leader of a resistance group. Unknown
TTNEW.png Icon - Centurion.png ResistorAkio 99 Human Nature, Dark An alternate dimension counterpart to Akio. He became the leader of the resistance group after his sister was thought to be dead. Unknown
ASTransNEW.png Icon - Shakti.png MikoNeshiria 99 Human/Divine Beast Reincarnate Fire, Light A reincarnation of Amaterasu, a divine beast of the sun. Unknown
GMNEW.png Icon - Empire Sword.png LiaKysera 99 Human Fire, Wind One of the twin knights that disappeared in the ancient past. After realizing they were in the future, they decided to join the others in their quest. Red Knight
GrMTransNEW.png DeityLayla 99 Deity Fire, Dark A goddess of darkness. Is good friends with Yuki. Unknown
CrATransNEW.png Icon - Bloody Queen.png LonaEshera (Need Name Change Card) 77 Human, Lion Youkai Nature, Dark A Wild Knight that was chosen by the wild lion spirit, and willingly absorbed the Dark El. Due to her will, she fought off the Dark El's influence and holds the same power as Bloody Queen while keeping her sanity. Unknown
LPNEW.png Icon - Doom Bringer.png AricCharise 99 Human Fire, Dark A rich boy that wanted to be a Wild Knight, but eventually gave up on it. Unknown
CopyFloren 99 Human/Clone Nature, Wind A copy of Floren that was made through certain circumstances. Unknown
DETransNEW.png Icon - Mad Paradox.png HoraceJyrose 75 Human/Demon Nature, Wind Yule's younger brother. He despised demons, but eventually came to accept that not all of them were bad. Unknown
Icon - Innocent (Ishtar).png
Icon - Innocent (Chevalier).png
KiraXTero Not Made Yet Kira: Demon
Tero: Human, Demon
Unknown Kira and Tero are Wild Knights that were chosen by the wild mouse and cat spirits respectively. The other Wild Knights were surprised that a demon was chosen, but trusted the spirit's choice and accepted her. Tero was originally pure human, but when he was fatally wounded, his only hope of survival was accepting Kira's contract, causing him to become part demon. Unknown
CrRTransNEW.png Icon - Black Massacre.png JiraAziel 99 Human Fire, Dark Unknown Unknown
MonaTeshina (Need Name Change Card) 76 Human Fire, Dark A Wild Knight that was chosen by the wild weasel spirit. She originally fought bare handed, but was later taught how to use firearms and a few other weapons by Crimson Rose. Unknown
AinNEW.png Icon - Richter.png MasatoTheria Not Made Yet Human Unknown A Wild Knight chosen by the wild reindeer spirit. He was already able to use Projection for some reason, but it wasn't until he met Richter that he knew how to use it in combat. He admires the way Richter fights, but dislikes his attitude toward humans. Unknown
APTransNEW.png Icon - Herrscher.png AgniSyrene 81 Human/Black Cat Youkai Fire, Dark In the past, many people avoided him because they mistakenly believed he would bring bad luck. Flare was the first to consider him a friend. Unknown
AinNEW.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Icon - Rumble Pumn (Trans).png Icon - Eternity Winner.png EliaTeseta 99 Demon Fire, Wind Though she is a demon, she has a strong interest in technology, and even made a cybernetic replica of Laby's mirror that can act as a portal to her own "imaginary space". She lives a large mansion with many unused rooms, which she inherited when her parents passed away, but despite having many maids and butlers, they were often too busy to interact with her, causing her to be extremely lonely. After learning about the Reality Merge incident and the other worlds, she decided to share her home with various world travelers, including Flare and his friends and family, by giving them a device that can create a portal to the mansion from anywhere, which can also create a portal back to where they were before, with the belief that not only would she make some new friends, but the travelers could also become friends with each other. Unknown
Icon - Laby.png Icon - Eternity Winner.png AliraTekero Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown A Wild Knight chosen by the wild raccoon spirit. Unknown
Icon - Laby.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Icon - Laby.png Dunno.png Unknown Not Made Yet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown