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K U C E E Z is the omniscient god of the other, nether, chaos, nothing, etc. HE resides on the other side of the plane of existence, known as Hades, the nether, Distortion World, etc. HE has existed from the end of time and will only die on the begginning of space, being the consumer of all that is, all that will be and all that has been. In the plane of Elrios, HE has taken the persona of many people to bring in his will of destruction and death. HE is the progenitor of the nasods, the great summoner of the Guilittoer demons and is the source of energy of all dark magickas. Bringing forth these creations to defile the plane that is not his, HE plans to use them as his devices to carry out thee plan. HE maintains order of chaos and relinquishes chaos of order. HE will be brought forth again to determine the existent and the non-existent.


In the begginning, there was nothing, a void filled up with nothing, space was empty of everything. Then K U C E E Z emerged, and brought chaos to this order and order to the chaos. Then emerged the 6 Salvatore lords, being born from the chaotic order, for they were an arranged chaos, shunned the very essence of chaos and ordered the primeval chaos into the world we know today, for out of their greed, they wished to be dominion over everything else. By combining their powers and knowledge they created their own plane of existance from greed and spite for power, wanting to upsurp the omniscient and omnipotent ruler that K U C E E Z held by trapping him in an ordered deep slumber. Therefore the world was born flawed, from sin it had come, ordered what was not theirs; ordered what was chaos, HE will come again to seek revengence on those who had shunned HIM and revert the world to its natural state. From chaos it derives, to chaos itll return, that is the nature of all things.


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Long ago, there was a continent of void and darkness.

The soil was barren, stormy seas and wild disasters were everywhere, and the land itself was a barren wasteland. The continent has been called many names, "The Abandoned Country" or "God's Disaster". Gruesome legends grew around this desolate place and the people avoided the land at all costs.

One day, however, began a miraculous transformation. The land was cultivated, plants everywhere began to sprout, the seas calmed, the storm was a gentle breeze, and life returned to the continent.

There was a huge gem in the midst of the miracle that shone so bright that it defeated the darkness. The people were surprised at the strength of this stone and wondered what it even was. Fascinated, they gave the blue diamond a name: They called the gem the El Stone.

Several generations passed and the dark past of the continent became a legend which was long forgotten. Plants flourished, the ground gave rich harvests, and gave people a carefree life. They no longer called this continent "The Land Abandoned by God" but instead, it was called Elrios.

Chapter 1: Ruben

Once upon a time, a young, hot-headed boy named Elsword was searching for his missing sister, Elesis. To the best of his abilities, Elsword soon trains under the El Explorers hoping to find clues about his sister. Elsword later is finally given his first task, to find out what's happening with the invasion of the El-Tree.

Lowe, one of the strongest fighters in Ruben

In the land of elves, an elven warrior, Rena, has been called by the Elder. Informed that the power of the El Stone is weakening, Rena goes to Ruben and to find out the cause.

Aisha, a gifted magician with a haughty personality later encounters a mysterious ring during one of her travels. Wearing it, the ring turns out to be cursed, and absorbs up all her powers and the ring vanishes without a trace. Asking her mentor on how to restore her power back, Aisha was told that the power of the El Stone may be linked to her event somehow. Determined to gain everything back, Aisha goes to Ruben, in order to see the Tree of El.

The three later meet up with each other. Elsword encounters a monster who attempts to take the El Stone while Aisha comes up and quickly repels it and achieves the gem, but the monster assures them that they will meet each other again. Rena is the last to come, overhearing a group of bandits attempting to steal the El Stone from the Tree of El, but she later sees Elsword and Aisha bickering about. Rena informs the arguing duo about the bandit's plan and Elsword rushes off, soon followed by Aisha who drags Rena.

1-1 The Tree of El

While Elsword and his team were gone, Lowe informs them that the notorious Banthus had came and stole the power of El from the Tree of El. Luckily for the three, Elsword manages to defeat Banthus. Still having enough strength left, Banthus (along with his gang of thieves) escapes with the El to Elder in hiding.

William the Prankster

1-2 The Forest Ruins

Before chasing Banthus, the team finds out about the invasion of the El Tree. Apparently the Phorus are invading the ruins to steal valuables and treasures. The gang is assigned the task to find and stop the Phorus. Quickly defeating the Phorus, they spot William, the Phoru who led the invasion. The three defeat him.

1-3 White Mist Swamp

After all the events in Ruben, the Ancient Phoru, guardian of the El Tree, is enraged after finding that the El Stone was stolen. Elsword and his team quickly get to the White Mist Swamp to calm the Ancient Phoru and set out to Elder, the town of where Banthus had fled, beginning the next chapter of their saga.

Chapter 2: Elder

The Statue of Wally,
Leader of Elder

Elder, the small town situated in the northern region of Lurensia, is ruled by the leader Wally. Due to the great technological advancements made by Wally, the town, as seen by its appearance, is rather prosperous. In the middle of the city lies the giant statue of the leader Wally.

After calming the Ancient Phoru, Elsword and his gang chase Banthus all the way to Elder. But the citizens of Elder have a much bigger problem of their own to deal with...

2-1 Shadow Forest

The citizens of Elder try and help Elsword track Banthus down. But due to Banthus stealing the El Stone, the neighbouring forests of Elder are beginning to be consumed by darkness. Hoffman, a wealthy merchant, asks if Elsword and company can help restore the forest, explaining that Wally and his soldiers have not responded to their plea. The team quickly does, and finds leads to Banthus's Hideout.

Banthus' Magic Necklace

2-2 Banthus Cave

Hoffman successfully located where Banthus is currently hiding. Elsword and his team quickly infiltrates the hideout and defeats Awakened Banthus once again, yet, he still escapes. Fortunately, Elsword spots a letter. Giving it to the citizens of Elder, they soon find out that Wally, the leader of Elder, has hired Banthus to steal the Elstone, which also explains why Wally hasn't responded. Quickly finding out that this is a conspiracy, Elsword tries to find out what Wally's motives are.

2-3 Underground Waterway

The citizens of Elder try and help Elsword and his team to stop the conspiracy. But first, they must find a way to get into Wally's Castle. With a bit of help from Luichel, a former thief, the team finds a secret passage to the castle. Luckily for Elsword, they run into Nasod Banthus, who appeared to have some strange enhancements, and finishes him off once and for all. The gang later finds Banthus' battered necklace, which Banthus used to shoot out a laser during the fight. Elsword and his gang bring it back to Elder, and even they don't know what it is, but they do know that it was given by Wally.

2-4 Suburbs of Wally's Castle

Ruichel the Thief helping Elsword to overthrow Wally

Elsword and his team sneak in to Wally's Castle, but they meet an old enemy. William the Phoru, the same Phoru which caused all the trouble in Ruben. But he's not alone, he's accompanied with even more Phorus than before, including soldiers sent from Wally himself. In addition, William claims to have "studied Elsword's technique".

2-5 Wally's Castle

After defeating William, Elsword and his gang finally head to Wally's Castle. But before they go, the team learns from Echo, that Wally is actually studying about the Nasods. The Nasod is a mechanical race that was advanced in all forms of technology. But for some reason, they disappeared, so people later thought that it was only a legend, which also explains the reason why Wally stole the El Stone for energy.

Elsword and his team later defeat Wally, who is in a mechanical suit known as Wally No. 8. But Wally, determined in his goal, fled. The Elsword team chase him, and end up in Bethma, where their next chapter begins...

Chapter 3: Bethma

The parched, dry desert region of Bethma lies in the north-eastern region of Lurensia. You can almost hear the scorching earth dry. But what makes Bethma so unique is that the Lizardmen Tribe reside here, a race of peaceful reptiles.

Elsword and his team chase Wally only to find themselves in the desert. Fortunately they find Bethma Village, but it turns out that the citizens of Bethma are about to witness a war between two races...

3-1 Dragon Road

Some of the many Lizardmen inhabiting Bethma

Explaining what happened in Elder to Sheriff Stella, Stella suggests to go search in Dragon Road to find any remains of Wally No. 8. Elsword and his team find one of its propellers. Knowing that Wally is near their village, Stella promises to locate and inform Elsword if they see him. But Bethma has a bigger problem to deal with.

The Lizardmen, an ancient tribe whom have lived long before the humans in Bethma has set up a camp right near their village. Stella asks Elsword to see how close they are due to the fact that the citizens are frightened of them. Elsword and his team do a search, and soon find that the Lizardmen had set up a camp surrounding the entire village. Alarmed, Stella asks to have Elsword drive them away, including the leader, in which they successfully do.

Sheiff Stella

3-2 Bethma Lake

Originally, the Lizardmen were peaceful with the humans, even friends with them. But for some reason, they were enraged and started attacking innocent civilians. Sheriff Stella asks Elsword to go to Bethma Lake to find out the cause, as the Lizardmen were seen rallying up there.

The team spots Berauk, the elder of the Lizardmen. But it turns out he was enraged like the Lizardmen too. Having no choice, Elsword and his gang defeat him, only to find that he dropped a Hypnotizing Orb. Curious, Elsword brings it back to Chacha Buch, the alchemist of Bethma, and a Lizardman himself. It was later revealed that the Hypnotizing Orbs were used to control the Lizardmen.

Feita Part 1

Feita, the secluded valley that leads to the Kingdom of Velder. The area is almost completely desolate, except for an ominous looking temple called the Feita Temple. As one traverses through the dry desert region from Bethma to Feita, one will notice the changing atmosphere...

Elsword and his team will have to find out whats currently happening in the Feita Temple and stop the source before its too late!

(Note: The Feita arc occurs during the war between the Lizardmen in Bethma.)

5-1 Shrine of Dedication Entrance

While in Bethma, a skinny boy comes to Stella asking for help. The boy, Allegro, tells Stella about the invasion of Demons from Feita. Stella however, is currently busy, due to the ongoing war in Bethma between the Lizardmen. Fortunately, Elsword and his team are willing to help Allegro, who turns out to be the secretary of Feita.

Arriving in Feita, Allegro explains that demons have come out of nowhere from the Feita Temple, and he asks Elsword and his team to meet Lento the guard of Feita. Lento tells them that demons have overtaken their shrine, so he asks the team if they could head to the Shrine Entrance to weaken the army of demons there and then take out the Durahan Knight, the one in charge of the invasion of the shrine.

3x-2 Spiral Corridor

After infiltrating the Feita Temple with Elsword and his team's help, Lento explains that the Stone Golems have been blocking their way to reach any further. Asking Elsword to take out some of the golem's cores, the team finds Teach the Tyrant. Teach has been guarding the Spiral Corridor all along, and isn't going down without a fight!

3-3 Bethma Lake (Night)

The Kayak the Shaman, the one who had caused this mess.

After having Toma destroy the Hypnotizing Orbs, Chacha Buch explains that it must be the evil work of Kayak the Shaman. He then sends Elsword and the others to raid Bethma Lake during the night in hopes of discovering the location of Kayak.

Upon arriving there, they discover that the lake has been overrun with Shadow Lizardmen. They only appear during the night and are much more ruthless compared to normal Lizardmen. After the Shadow Warrior, leader of the Shadow Lizardmen, was defeated, he drops a piece of a torn map. Elsword and the others defeat the rest of the Lizardmen and find all of the map pieces. They bring the pieces back to Chacha Buch. He tells the group that he will combine the pieces and tell them where it leads them.

3-4 Dragon Nest

Sheriff Stella delivers the news to Elsword and the others that Kayak is hiding out in the Dragon Nest. After investigating the area, they find Kayak, and report back to Chacha Buch. He tells the group to be patient and that they will defeat him after stopping the production of the Hypnotizing Orbs by destroying the Accursed Scroll.

Elsword and friends manage to confiscate the scroll from Kayak, allowing them to defeat him with the help of a Totem of Lizardmen that Chacha Buch gave them in order to suppress the evil energies that Kayak used against the group. They are rewarded by Sheriff Stella, who tells them that she will let them know when she has any news of Wally's whereabouts.

3-5 Richie Mine

The Nasod Miners invading the Richie Mines

Richian brings Elsword and friends to Sheriff Stella. She tells them that Toma saw Wally wandering around Richie Mine. The mine was shut down, because it was on the verge of collapsing. Stella leaves the group, telling them that she has to do something else, but they are authorized to search the mine for Wally. They are told to report to Richian, mostly because it is his property.

Upon Elsword's arrival, they discover Nasod Miners. Richian then asks the group to eliminate the miners due to the poor condition of the mine and how it might collapse. Elsword and the others defeat all of the miners, including Wally No. 8 MK II, saving the old mines. Stella then returns, telling them that she found Wally's whereabouts.

3-6 Cargo Airship

After receiving the news of Wally's whereabouts from Sheriff Stella, Elsword and the others investigate the airship docked at the end of the mining tunnels. They discover that all the minerals found in the mines are being stored in the airship. Stella asks the group to defeat the robots and take some components, so that Toma can examine it and see what the minerals are made of.

Upon bringing the components to Toma and Stella, they discover that the minerals the miners are harvesting are made of a very strong and light alloy. If Wally were to make drill with it, it would have the strength to "destroy anything in his way".

After defeating Wally's robot minions and his new Wally No. 9, Elsword and the others corner Wally. However, a figure shrouded in darkness ambushed Wally and stole the El Stone right out of his hands. The airship then started to explode while Elsword caught a glimpse of the shadowy figure hovering above the airship. The shadowy figure was actually a large, ominous airship. Wally's airship then started to fall out of the sky.

Chapter 4: Altera

Altera, a mysterious floating island situated in the middle of the entire Elrios Continent. Nobody knows why there even exists such an island, especially one that floats, in Elrios...

Funnily enough, the island of Altera is home to the Ponggo Race, a type of bipedal mole race that lives within (not on) the island itself. However, it will soon become apparent that the Island is also inhabited by the leaders of the Nasod, a secret race of extremely advanced technology.

4-1 The Black Crow

Elsword and his team recover from the fall, and end up in Altera. There they find that the Black Crow and his minions were the ones that attacked the airship Elsword was currently on. It turns out that the Black Crow has been terrorizing the Ponggos with them trying to fight back. Adel, the leader of Altera, asks Elsword and his gang for help, in which they accept.

Raven, the Leader of the Black Crows

After raiding the ship and having revenge on the Black Crow minions, Adel eventually explains about the leader of the Black Crows, Raven, who stole the El Shard from Wally back in the Cargo Airship and brought it to Altera. Raven was once a soldier working for the Velder Kingdom. Eventually, he was framed and sent to jail since the nobles of the land had disliked him. His co-workers and fiancée tried to rescue him, but couldn't succeed, with all of them being killed, except Raven who lost his arm and was left to die. Raven was eventually saved by the Nasods and was brought to Altera, reinforcing his lost arm with the Nasod Arm. However, the Nasod Kingdom tricked Raven and brainwashed him. Filled with anger and revenge, Raven became the leader of the Black Crow.

Elsword and his gang come face-to-face with Raven, however, Raven sees Rena, who greatly resembles his deceased wife. He soon takes control of his anger and breaks free of the Nasod King's control. Raven soon joins Elsword and his team, wanting to atone for his sins that he had committed and all those he had killed. Elsword tells Adel that Raven and his Black Crow Gang will never cause trouble to the Ponggos ever again.

4-2 Return Plains

After joining Elsword and his team, Raven provided information about the Nasod King, the one behind it all. He also supplies information about hints on where King Nasod might be. The Return Plains might give a clue to where the Altera Core's location is.

After a bit of scouting, the team finds a Nasod Scout and captures it. Amos scans the Nasod Scout's memory to no avail. As the team heads back from their scouting, they find spores stuck on their clothes. The Ponggos analyze it, and find that these spores were from the underground tunnel, B4-1.

4-3 Transporting Tunnel B4-1

The Alterasian Plants

After observing and testing the strange spores, Amos figures out that the source of the spores came from the Transporting Tunnel B4-1. He explains that the Ponggos originally owned the tunnel, but had later been taken by the Nasods, later on, the parasitic Alterasia Plants had grown and infected the Nasods currently in it. Explaining how dangerous the situation is due to the fact that the spores can mutate, Elsword and his group to to the tunnel to take out as many Alterasia Plants as they can, alone with some infected Nasods to keep it from spreading.

At the end of the passageway, they find out where all these Alterasians had come from, from the mounted Alterasia Turret that controls the entire tunnel. Defeating it, the team finds a broad plain at the end, realizing that they had found where the Nasods reside.

4-4 Altera Plains

Amos plays an important part in fighting the Nasods

As the team scouted the plains, the Ponggos requested to the team to quickly take out as many Nasods as they can, while they try to fight off some who are invading. Being successful, the team later finds an airship filled with more Nasods, but with a little surprise. Two Twin Nasods had came from the airship, the Twins of Fire and Water, Ignis and Leviathan! Adel, shocked to see them, informs Elsword and his friends how dangerous the Twins were, effortlessly wiping out the Ponggos.

Elsword and his team quickly help and fought against the twins, realizing their weak spot, which is their Barrier. Taking advantage of this knowledge, they finally managed to defeat Ignis and Leviathan, finally giving the Ponggos the upper hand.

Feita Part 2

Elsword and his friends return to Feita and find new information about the Temple as well as new locations that may serve to finally finding the cause behind this Dark Energy!

(Note: The Feita arc (Part 2) occurs during the war between the Ponggos in Altera.)

3x-3 Underground Chapel

After helping clear the entrance and grounds of the Feita Temple, Allegro informs the team that they had found a mysterious Chapel, and when sending their soldiers to explore the building, the darkness in the Chapel had taken over them and made them lose their will to fight. Allegro asks the ElTeam to find the source of the Dark energy, and they find pieces of the Dark El scattered throughout the Chapel being carried by Glitter Necromancers. Carrying it back and studying it, Allegro explains that the Dark El is the very opposite of the normal ElStone, and that the Demons may be using its power for something evil. They then receive information from Lento informing that one of the scouts had tracked down the Wise Dutor, the leader of the Necromancers. Quickly defeating him, the team heads back and obtains new information about the one spreading the darkness as well as the cause of it, Amethyst. Allegro suspects him to be one of the main demon leaders and asks to eliminate and bring back his Dark El. Successful in their mission, the team brings back Amethyst's Dark El and without the dark energy, the soldiers of Feita are able to enter the Chapel and clear it out.

3x-4 Underground Garden

After clearing the Chapel from the Demons, Allegro tells that their soldiers have found a strange garden filled with mutated plants that attack anybody near. Unable to fend them off due to the sheer growing numbers, Allegro asks to bring some specimens for research, as well as on how to defeat them. Allegro later explains that the Demons had grown and mutated the demonic plants for their own purpose but is unable to find an answer on how to defeat them. He asks if the team can bring his research notes, as well as the specimens to Chacha Buch, a famous alchemist in Bethma. After some research, Chacha Buch tells the team that all the plants are connected together to the same source and explains that if the team manages to destroy this source, all the plants will die out. The source is later revealed to be the three Plant Overlords, who are quickly defeated by the ElTeam. Allegro then makes a new discovery in the Garden, saying that there is a secret transportation device that can be used to teleport the ElTeam at the very top of the Temple in order to find the Spire and to end this invasion once and for all!

4-5 Nasod Foundry

The Ponggos had located the factory where all the Nasods are being manufactured, and asks Elsword and his team to quickly scout the area in order to formulate a plan to destroy it. After finding out where the source had came from, the group quickly eliminates the main production line in order to stop the Nasods.

At the very end of the factory, they find themselves in a giant elevator with a Nasod unlike the others. Realizing where this elevator might be headed, the team fights the Nasod, who turns out to be Crow Rider, however, his fighting style seems to be familiar to someone who they've already seen before... Raven?!

After defeating the Crow Rider, Elsword and his team explain the situation to the Ponggos, where they figure out that the Nasods had actually built a copy of Raven that utilizes his fighting style, techniques, and skills, all with additional powerups. The Ponggos then realize what the Nasods are capable of doing if they can produce an exact copy of Raven. Meanwhile, the team also explains the elevator, which they realize, enters the home of the Nasod King, the Altera Core.

4-6 Altera Core

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