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Name Vornehmheit
Main Class Noblesse
El Resonance Level 47
Playing Since Flag-us.png September 16th, 2011
Main Guild Ezelga
We're basically whales now, right?.

Most People Call Me ArkLumiere


How I have managed to play this game for over five years and still enjoy it is beyond me, but here I am. I've switched mains many times, but my current one is Noblesse. I have a severe case of alt-itis (a terminal disease that causes the afflicted to make endless alternate characters), which has no known cure. I'm the creator of multiple guides on the NA forums, and I do my best to help out those who have questions about the game. Although I've done some editing here in the past, I've only recently become more active. Probably either playing Elsword or thinking about it as you're reading this. Whale on.


Class Name Level Title Guild
NBTransNEW.png Vornehmheit 99 TITLE 890.png [Ezelga]
BMTransNEW.png ShadeMalkior 99 Title 620.png [Ezelga]
ArTTransNEW.png Augehymne 99 Title 220 English.png [Ezelga]
DWTransNEW.png PuellaYami 93 Title 220 English.png [HateDespair]
GATransNEW.png Nikoro 92 Title 220 English.png [HateDespair]
VCTransNEW.png PhoenixCrow 91 TITLE 613.png [HateDespair]
CMNEW.png CodeArchaeon 80 Title 220 English.png [HateDespair]
IPTransNEW.png ArkLumiere 93 Title 680.png [HateDespair]
DCTransNEW.png ArkStratos 93 TITLE 613.png [HateDespair]
Icon - Tactical Trooper (Trans).png ArkRebirth 94 TITLE 613.png [HateDespair]
YRTransNEW.png Verwirrte 95 Title 220 English.png [HateDespair]
ASTransNEW.png NoireLance 91 Title 620.png [HateDespair]
GrMTransNEW.png AeonEternia 92 Title 390.png [HateDespair]
BHTransNEW.png Irradiant 92 TITLE 730.png [HateDespair]
CrATransNEW.png Sanguinaire 92 Title 680.png [HateDespair]
MMTransNEW.png StasisLimbo 92 Title 220 English.png [HateDespair]
DLTransNEW.png ArkTerror 87 Title 220 English.png [HateDespair]
DemTransNEW.png Sterbenlied 99 Title 680.png [HateDespair]
CrRTransNEW.png BlutigJaeger 94 Title 220 English.png [HateDespair]
OptTransNEW.png Basteln 94 Title 220 English.png [HateDespair]