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Adding Combos
1. If you wish to add a combo, click on the [edit] link next to the class you wish to add a combo to. Any combo added directly to this page will be deleted without exception.

2. All combos submitted must be tested before being added. If your combo is only performable in the Korean server, please state so.

3. Combos with poor recovery times despite great execution, have few hits that have high KD, or moves that fill up the Launch Counter quickly without much damage are considered basic.

4. Basic combos that can be escaped from [in PvP] without a great amount of effort despite using 100+ MP moves are not allowed.

5. When adding skill images to the combo, be sure to make it link to the actual skill it asks people to use.

6. To avoid confusion among Add and Lu/Ciel's combos, use the unique corresponding commands in this commands template for Nasod Armor and Switching Combos when necessary.

1. Combos must be explained in the description section, unless they are basic. Do not fill up the combo section with explanations, they should be in the Description section.

2. Do not submit improper, incomplete, or excessively informal (this includes emoticons and slang) descriptions.

3. Do not take credit for creating certain combos (on the combo page itself). You may link the Combo name to a page where you take credit, but you cannot do this if it has been over 2 weeks since submission. If you would like a page created, leave a note in the summary of your contribution.

4. Videos showing the combo being performed may be linked externally.

If there are any questions, you may go into the Discussion page and ask there (leave a signature if possible).


Common Techniques

Input Description
R.pngU.pngD.png [Repeat] Beginner's Spring Step

An easier version of the spring step. For beginner's only who have difficulty doing the advance spring step. An easier way is >^v press altogether rapidly. This way you can perform spring step no problem. *Does not actually work or act like a spring step. Simply increasing falling speed while jumping.*

(DR.pngHold), U.pngD.png, U.pngD.png .... Beginner's Dashing Spring Step
Basically Beginner's Spring Step, except you dash. You hold down dash, the way you desire to go towards of course, and you mash both up and down at the same time. So Hold Dash, Mash Up and Down at the same time. Easier for Elsword, Raven, and Elesis. Recommended to use until you know how to do the actual Spring Step.
(DR.pngHold) U.png D.pngU.pngD.pngU.png .... Spring Step
A difficult technique used to increase the movement speed and jump speed of the character. Eve's Spring Step is much more difficult and is used differently compared to other characters due to her gliding mechanics(But Eve's step can actually be easy,by just sliding your finger from up arrow to down arrow repeatedly), and Chung's Spring Step is also difficult due to his ground stomping. Aisha's is the hardest, and is nearly impossible due to her floating mechanic and lack of mobility. The best way to remember how to do this is pressing Up as soon as you touch the ground (thus why Chung's stomping makes the timing awkward for the landing, while Eve's flight makes the landing time take a bit longer, so it's easier to mess up). Rena's spring step is by far the easiest spring step since, rather than the other characters, you have to press Up AFTER you land (jumping midair will make a double jump, and Rena doesn't have the pause that the other characters do).
High Jump
Helps you gain greater heights with the jump. Despite Rena's double-jump and Aisha's levitation, this will still work for all characters.
DL.pngR.png but has a slight pause.
DR.pngL.pngR.png is smoother, but harder to perform.
Cancel your Combo's but only some parts of the combos you can do it.
Z.png [Skill] Quick Skill
Allows you to activate a skill without any delay. It is great for flashy intentions and for certain skills/actives.
DRU.pngD.pngDL.pngU.pngD.png[Repeat] The V-Step
Advanced movement tech for all, hardest to do on Aisha where you must have perfect timing on dashing out of D.png
DR.png[Hold]U.pngD.pngLZ.pngU.pngDZ.png OR DL.pngU.pngRZ.pngU.pngDZ.png
Fast-Fall Catching
These are the bread and butter jumping attacks used to catch opponents in PvP. Keyboard ghosting may interfere, making an extra R.png before attacking required for the forward fall. U.pngDZ.png alone has a slight pause when used consecutively, making it harder to spam; mixing it up overcomes this.
DR.pngDZ.pngR.pngDZ.png[Repeat] Platform Sweeping
Perform rapid dash-jump attacks consecutively while atop of a platform. By dropping instead of jumping, the character's attack animation brings them back above the platform with no wasted movement and keeps their dash momentum going for an instant. As a result, you no longer have to double tap the directional key to repeat the action again.
[Launch] U.pngDX.pngZ.png[continue combo] X-Drop
A technique that resets KD by quickly catching after the character's U.pngX.png. The timing may require some practice. Tip for beginners: Stay below the target! If you jump above them, they'll fall before you can catch and screw up the combo. X-Drop can be done with most upward launching skills/combos, and the higher the attack launches, the easier it'll be to X-Drop.