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Lord Knight

Combo Description
Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngRZ.png [repeat] or DR.pngZ.pngZ.pngZ.png before repeat
Slashing and Piercing

A very basic stabbing combo for Lord Knight.

X.pngX.pngX.pngX.pngX.png ElSkill3.png
Double Stab!!!
Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngX.png ElSkill3.png Armageddon Blade Combo

At first the combo seems to be "nooby", but when you use Armageddon Blade, the opponent will be surprised.Warning:requires MP 250 or more to be used.

  • Need a attack speed of: 20%+

The combo rarely works due to the launch tends to be longer than expected.

ElSkill4.png DR.pngU.png ( X.png or Z.pngZ.png ) ElSkill12.png (Optional) Counter Kick
Start with a Counterattack then reducing the KD counter with Kick then start with another combo
Z.pngZ.pngZ.png ElSkill5i.png X.pngX.pngX.png ElSkill12.png X.pngX.pngX.png ElSkill3i.png
[SKILL] or Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngRZ.png [repeat]
Armor Smash
An advanced combo for Lord Knight deal big damage.
or instead of Double Slash, Add another X.png then ElSkill3.png
Deadly Raid
Use heavy attacks then Break their armor to leave them defenseless and vulnerable to Double Slash or continue with your combo using Armageddon Blade and repeat the combo and end it with Double slash.
  • In PvP, this combo is only possible in Vitality mode and switching the last XXX with ZZ (if you are going to use Double Slash).
    • This combo requires a Magic Necklace to perform overall.
  • Works well for PvE.
DR.png[hold] Z.pngZ.pngZ.png, L.png(turn back the other direction and continue attack)
Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngRZ.png ElSkill7i.png ElSkill12.png Z.pngZ.pngZ.pngRZ.png ElSkill3i.png
Backfire Burst Hole
A slightly difficult combo to do, while doing a great heavy damage. It requires 100 MP from Sonic Blade,10+ MP from Kick and 50 MP from Rolling Smash. At the part the you have to turn back over the enemy, be very quick and careful, one second late, and the combo fails, so it requires good timing. With an element in the weapon, this combo will inflict the effect easily.