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|KR=거신의 침소 |KRName=Chamber of the Colossus
|KR=거신의 침소 |KRName=Bedchamber of the Colossus

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Chamber of the Colossus

Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements
  • Can only enter dungeon at specific times.
Availability Times
South Korea Server North American Server
  • 09:00 ~ 11:00 KST
  • 13:00 ~ 15:00 KST
  • 17:00 ~ 19:00 KST
  • 21:00 ~ 23:00 KST
  • 01:00 ~ 03:00 KST
  • 05:00 ~ 07:00 KST
  • Can enter for free once whenever the dungeon opens.
  • Can enter additional times using Key to the Sleeping Colossus 13-5 Key.png.
  • Up to 6 players can enter (minimum 3 players required to enter)

Demon Realm

  • The El's power does not reach into this realm, Attack and HP will be reduced by 60%.
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Dunno.png Izellon Guarder Type-T - A turret that specializes in aerial bombardments.
  • Sky Beam: Fire a blast into the air which will rain straight down on a designated point. This will be marked by a thin yellow beam.
  • Beam Detonation: Fire a blast which will cause a chain explosion in a line. This will be indicated by a yellow rectangle with a sigil at its center. Being inside the explosion area will force all skills into cooldown, even if the blast was avoided with invincibility frames. The turrets prioritize targetting players near the Izellon Omega, but will target nearby players at times as well.
  • Self-Repair: After being destroyed, they will repair themselves at 10% of their health after a short time. This can be used up to 3 times, after which the turret will remain destroyed and disappear from the map.
Dunno.png Izellon Kai - A generator on the machine's lowest floor, they must be destroyed to activate the portal to the upper floors.
  • Defense Barrier: Generates either a blue or red barrier at the start of the dungeon at random that will remain active until destroyed. The blue barrier drastically reduces magical damage, while the red barrier drastically reduces all physical damage.
  • Barrier Surge: Causes energy to surge through the barrier, shocking players nearby.
Dunno.png Izellon Guarder Type-W - A flying defensive unit that can be summoned to defend the machine.
  • Blade Shot: Fires 3 disk-shaped blasts at a nearby player.
Dunno.png Izellon Guarder Type-R - A combat robot. Destroy it to open the core's weak point.
  • Power Slam: Jump towards a nearby player and slams into the ground under them 3 times, launching them into the air.
  • Wind Barrier: Create a barrier that drastically reduces all damage taken through the use of three Defense Nodes, but the barrier will implode if all Defense Nodes are overloaded. This is only used by the combat robot in the Nature room.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Dunno.png Izellon Omega - The machines's core located at the chamber at its top most point.
Dunno.png Izellon Core - The core of the machine imbued with the power of the elements. Surrounded by 4 elemental nodes that correspond to the Izellon Guarder Type-R in the same colored room.
  • EMP: Emit an electrical discharge that will knock any players nearby away.
  • Elemental Gear: A gear-shaped aura will surround all elemental nodes for as long as their respective Izellon Garder Type-R lives. Nature inflicts poison and Fire inflicts burn. All auras inflict hitstun and deal extremely high damage.
  • Core Spin: Rotates the elemental nodes on its side. This will be used for as long as even 1 node is still surrounded by an Elemental Gear. This deals no damage.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Dunno.png Portal - This portal which will take you to various points on the stage.
Dunno.png Defense Node - Three nodes which react to being hit. While active, they will grant the robot unit incredible defense. Causing all three nodes to have all their indicators lit up will instantly destroy the robot. Hitting the nodes while they are fully lit up will reset their power back to 0. A random amount of indicators will be lit up upon entering the fight.
Pitfall - A far drop to the ground, falling down these pitfalls will result in a percentage loss in HP.
Low Gravity - Against the boss, gravity is decreased, allowing for more floaty jumps.
Dunno.png Raising Platforms - The energy from the portal has disrupted the gravitational field of the area, platforms will raise up into the sky.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Dunno.png Izellon Core - A mass of gears encasing the energy core.
  • Energy Fall: Causes a ball of concentrated energy to fall from the sky, indicated by a red light. The ball will destroy any platforms in its way.
  • EMP: Emit an electrical discharge which will force all skills into cooldown, even if the blast was avoided with invincibility frames.


Boss DropsBGM

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Portable Energy Coil
Portable Energy Coil
Iserlohn Core

Accessory (Support Unit):
+2% Adaptation.
Critical Damage +3%
3 MP Decreased per second






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Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 거신의 침소 Bedchamber of the Colossus

Hunting Fields