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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
<gallery widths=150px heights=150px>
<gallery widths=150px heights=150px>
File:Aegirp Soul Fragment.png|Fragment of Aegirp's Soul.
File:Aegirp Spirit.png|'''Aegirp''''s spirit.
File:Aegirp Soul Fragment.png|Fragment of '''Aegirp''''s Soul.
File:13-2Story3.png|Aegirp in [[Abandoned Deep-Sea Tunnel]]'s story quest.
File:13-2Story3.png|Aegirp in [[Abandoned Deep-Sea Tunnel]]'s story quest.
File:15-2 Story 3.png|Aegirp in [[Old Town Site]]'s story quest.
File:15-2 Story 3.png|Aegirp in [[Old Town Site]]'s story quest.

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White-Ghost King
Name Aegirp
Race Garen
Role White-Ghost King



One of the Demon Realm's four most powerful lords and leader of the White-Ghost Army.


Rise to Power

In the northwestern corner of the Demon Realm was a barren land with limited resources. Two races of beasts existed and clashed against one another, the physically strong Garen and the mentally superior Nous. They waged war until Aegirp stepped in and offered a hand to both sides and established some form of peace between the two races. It is by the hand of Aegirp that the two races unified under a single allegiance and founded the White-Ghost Army. An idealist, Aegirp believed in the hope that they could permanently escape the cycle of war, the two races had been locked in and she acted as a symbol of hope.

Demon King's Rule

One day, the Demon King appeared before Aegirp. She Demon King saw her as a worthy asset to his quest for unification and extended his hand with promises of ending the cycle of conflict and hatred. She agreed to serve under him and became one of the Four Demon Lords. Aegirp and her White-Ghost Army pushed the Demon's King's ambitions and aided in his unification of the entire Demon Realm. Of the four Demon Lords, the White-Ghost Army became known for their pacifist ideology, only choosing to wage war when absolutely necessary, never embroiling themselves in unnecessary conflicts.

Though one day, the Demon King mysteriously disappeared. His disappearance left Aegirp and the other demons factions in much confusions. Worse off, the conditions in Aegirp's territory grew worse, forcing her army to relocate eastward.

Peace Between Humans and Demons

During her migration eastward, she had discovered an abandoned laboratory underneath her land. In it, the White-Ghost Army discovered data about portal technology, using the research they found, the White-Ghost Army began to excel specifically in the field of interdimensional portal technology. This discovery soon followed an acquisition of resource through trade with Elrios and paved the wave for Aegirp's ambition to create peaceful relations between the Demon Realm and Elrios. She also believed that she could bring prosperity to her people through trade with humans.

During her reign, she led campaigns to try and form villages where both humans and demons could live and trade in harmony in North Fluone. Calonne, Deborah, and Gunther were among the demons who were sent to lead this campaign of peace. The army's primary export into Elrios were the Mystic Stones which could not be found in Elrios, in exchange they gained essential resources which were imported back to the Demon Realm to aid the struggling homeland.

Collapse of Power

A large amount of infighting began throughout the Demon Realm between and within the jurisdiction of the Four Demon Lords. Anticipating the tragedy, Aegirp devised a plan to preserve her soul even if her body were to be mortally injured, she scattered her soul into multiple pieces that she hoped her minions could piece together. Aegirp was caught off guard when she was betrayed by her subordinate Berthe who rebelled with the help of Barkat and many of the Garen once under her rule. Aegirp's loyal servants in the demon realm, mainly consisting of the Nous race, were persecuted and were forced into hiding, taking refuge in the undersea region of Rigomor. Her physical body has been killed but her soul scattered in pieces, due to most of how powerful subordinates having betrayed her, her loyal subjects lack the means of collecting the fragments of the Lord.



  • While Aegirp dawns the title of White-Ghost King, her voice appears feminine and the English translation uses exclusively female pronouns when referring to her.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아에기르프 Aegirp
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 阿耶吉尔普 Aegirp
French Flag.png France Aegirph

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