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For information about this character in the game proper, see Ara.
Name Ara
Role Dancer
Height 168 cm
Hobby Watching historical drama, cat care
Favorite Food Fast food
Least Favorite Food Beondegi
Specialty Has degrees in various martial arts
I'll complete a wonderful stage for everyone!

~ Words of Resolve


“ALTER CROWN's source of vitality who encourages the group with her unwavering will. An idol with unique contrasting charms who performs perfectly on stage, unlike her usual clumsy self.”

She has a long history with martial arts to the point of possessing various degrees in many of them. She was deeply inspired by an idol performance she saw one day and decided to enter the path of a dancer. There were many initial trials and errors since she's only practiced martial arts all her life, but she put rigorous effort towards improving her dancing skills to match her expectations. After that, she applied for an idol audition in the hopes of standing on the stage that inspired her.

There was some trouble because she placed her camera upside down when she filmed her audition, but this was considered a fun concept and she was accepted. Everyone soon found out during her time as a trainee that the mistake during the audition wasn't a concept, but her debut was decided because her efforts overshadowed her small mistakes.

While participating as a guest in a radio broadcast, her reaction while talking about a family member who ran away from home became a big issue at one point. After she burst into tears saying her older brother dyed his hair one day then started running away from home often, bad remarks about Ara's unknown brother sometimes get posted on the comment section in ALTER CROWN's internet articles.

She has a pet cat she's been raising since school days. There was trouble when the cat that was supposed to be at her family's home followed her to the studio in secret. After this, there seems to have been a compromise between members to let the cat live in their dorm because the cat is often seen in ALTER CROWN's daily photos on SNS. Her odd image became stronger when she was seen addressing the cat in honorifics.


ELSTAR - Star Icon Rena.png “Our respected leader!”

Miss Rena is a leader whom I respect that always leads the team in the right direction! There was a time when our activities were delayed due to my mistake…… I was thankful for how she let me off with a gentle warning. I'll try even harder for Miss Rena's sake!

ELSTAR - Star Icon Elesis.png “She was interested in my martial arts, so we go to the dojo often together…”

Miss Elesis was interested in my martial arts, so we go to the dojo often together. Although she's normally strict, I'm envious of how she becomes so joyful whenever she's talking about her little brother. Will the day come when I can smile while talking about my brother too……?

ELSTAR - Star Icon Rose.png “Cool person who always maintains polite composure!”

It's cool how Miss Rose always maintains polite composure… But it was hard to approach her at first. When I was watching a historical drama not too long ago, I was shocked to realize that she was also watching seriously from beside me. She mentioned first that we might have similar tastes in drama. I think we became a bit closer!

ELSTAR - Star Icon Eve.png “She doesn't seem to reply to my texts whenever I make a spelling error…”

I got to know her during the time when I was worried about my image not fitting with the group's concept. I was so surprised to find out that Miss Eve, who always seems so serious and straight-up, had the same worries as me. After that, we became close enough to exchange text messages, but for some reason, she doesn't seem to reply to my texts whenever I make a spelling error. Could there be a problem with our phones?

ELSTAR - Star Icon Add.png “Scary person who speaks crudely…”

He used to be a scary person because he speaks so crudely. One day, I was giving Miss Eun snacks when I noticed him glaring at me. I didn't know what to do! But all the misunderstanding was cleared when I coincidentally saw Mr. Add giving snacks to Miss Eun in secret. As they say, there's no bad person amongst cat lovers!

ELSTAR - Star Icon Raven.png “He taught me a lot about dances during trainee days.”

Mr. Raven is a good person who taught me a lot about dances during my trainee days! It would have been difficult for me to debut in such a short time if it weren't for him. I thought he would prefer solo activities since he's normally a silent person. I was surprised that he debuted as a group! But how he performs with his group seems to suit him well too. As expected from a professional.



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