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|KR=기력 발산  |KRName=Energy Emanation
|KR=기력 발산  |KRName=Energy Emanation
|JP=気力発散              |JPName=Energy Divergence

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BSPasssive1.png [Passive] Use chi freely, enhancing your stance moves.


Class Level Required
Devi 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Chi Release
(Upon using Secret Wolf Art : Killing Howl or Secret Rakshasa Art : Purgatory)
Fear of Wolves
(Upon hit with Secret Wolf Art : Killing Howl)
Terror of Rakshasa
(Upon hit with Secret Rakshasa Art : Purgatory)
Additional Secret Art Effects
Damage Increase Applicable Skills Duration Critical Damage Increase Guard Ignore Duration Defense Decrease Elemental Resistance Decrease Duration Secret Wolf Art : Killing Howl Secret Rakshasa Art : Purgatory
HP Burn Per Bleed Stack Max HP Burn Activation Chance
1 99 20% Wolf Stance 2 : Wind Wedge
Wolf Stance 3 : Wolf Claw
Wolf Stance 4 : Wolf Fang
Rakshasa Stance 3 : Spear Prison
Bind: Energy
15 Seconds 20% 100% 15 Seconds 30% 100 15 Seconds Inflicts Bleed for 20 seconds 2% 6% 50%

Tips and Details

  • The chance of Purgatory's additional effect to activate is 50% for each hit, not for each use.
    • The HP burned is scaled from an enemy's current HP, not its max HP.
    • The bleed stacks are removed for the Rakshasa Art's additional effect.
  • The Terror of Rakshasa debuff has no icon or visible effect, so it can be hard to tell if an enemy is still suffering from its effects.
  • The Critical damage increase of the Fear of Wolves buff is multiplicative, not additive. In addition, the effect is only applied to the original 150% Critical damage multiplier and no other Critical damage increase. As a result, this passive will increase Critical damage by 30%. (150% × 20% = 30%)

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 기력 발산 Energy Emanation
Japanese Flag.png Japan 気力発散 Energy Divergence

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