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*Adjusted switching skill text to more clearly reflect Combination Point gain.
*Adjusted switching skill text to more clearly reflect Combination Point gain.
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| 06/04/2020 || 07/01/2020 || colspan=2 align="left" |  
*{{buff|Skill CP gained upon successful hit, regardless of character in play.}}
*{{buff|Skill CP gained upon successful hit, regardless of character in play.}}

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Every character in Elsword has their own unique features that set them apart from other characters.


Being a duo character with a tag-team playstyle, Lu and Ciel do not share mana and also have a special system known as Combination.

  • When either Lu or Ciel is tagged out, the inactive character will rapidly recover 6 MP per second (1 MP in PvP). The amount of mana the other character has can be seen in the third blue gauge in the UI.


  • To compensate for this, Lu and Ciel's skills are low in damage. This is to encourage players to keep switching between the two in order to maximize damage.

Combination Gauge

Lu and Ciel have a fourth resource known as the Combination Gauge. This resource is used exclusively for Combination Skills such as Soul Infest. Combination Skills cost no mana, but can only be used when the Combination Gauge is ready.

The Combination Gauge has room for 10 Combination Points. Combination Points are gained every time the player switches characters through a command attack or skill and successfully lands a hit with the attack.

Switching Skills

Class Skill Name CP Gain Switches to
Demons LuCielSkill5.png Flick Shot 4 Ciel
Demons LuCielSkill2.png Stomp 2 Lu
Demons LuCielSkill6.png Evil Claw 2 Lu
Class Skill Name CP Gain Switches to
Chiliarch LuCielSkill17.png Terror Chain 1 Lu or Ciel
Chiliarch LuCielSkill16.png Ruinous Impact 4 Lu
Chiliarch LuCielSkill15.png Dark Crescent (Force) 2 Ciel
Chiliarch LuCielSkill13.png Dead Hands 2 Lu
Chiliarch LuCielSkill19.png Power of Oriax 4 Lu
Dreadlord Dreadlord07.png Supreme Punishment (Force) 4 Ciel
Dreadlord Dreadlord08.png Summon Darkness (Force) 4 Lu
Dreadlord DarknessCutter.png Darkness Cutter 4 Ciel
Dreadlord Dreadlord10.png Phantom Blade 2 Ciel
Transcendent Dreadlord DLTrans1.png Fear Tomorrow 2 Ciel
Transcendent Dreadlord DLTrans3.png Dead Cross (Force) 4 Lu
Class Skill Name CP Gain Switches to
Royal Guard Royalguard1.png Death Sentence of Marbas 1 Ciel
Royal Guard Royalguard5.png Soul Extortion 2 Ciel
Royal Guard Royalguard7(New).png Demonic Breath (Force) 4 Lu
Royal Guard Royalguard2.png Fantasy Impromptu - 1st Movement 2 Ciel
Noblesse Noblesse09.png Shadow Bolt (Force) 4 Lu
Noblesse Noblesse05.png Twilight Judgment (Force) 4 Ciel
Noblesse Noblesse12.png Swift Smash (Force) 1 Lu
Noblesse DescentSpear1.png Spear's Descent 4 Lu
Noblesse Noblesse11.png Spectral Spear 2 Lu
Transcendent Noblesse NBTrans1.png Soul Entrapment (Force) 2 Lu
Transcendent Noblesse NBTrans3.png Magdonic Cannon (Force) 4 Ciel
Class Skill Name CP Gain Switches to
Diabla DemActive1.png Land Crusher (Force) (Force) 4 Lu
Diabla DiaBoS.png Boomerang Step 2 Ciel
Diabla DemActive2.png Bloodlust (Force) 2 Lu
Diabla DemActive3.png Nightmare 4 Lu
Diabla DemActive16.png Phantom Rush 1 Lu or Ciel
Demonio DemActive17.png Rapid Impact 1 Lu or Ciel
Demonio DemActive8.png Desperado (Force) 4 Ciel
Demonio DemActive9.png Sinister Mind 4 Ciel
Demonio Execution.PNG Execution 4 Lu
Demonio DemActive14.png Garden of Haures (Force) 2 Ciel
Transcendent Demonio NBTrans1.png Abyss Sniper 2 Ciel
Transcendent Demonio DemTrans1.png Demonic Rush (Force) 4 Lu

Combination Skills

Class Skill Name
Demons LuCielSkill9.png Nether Shredder
Demons LuCielSkill8.png Soul Infest
Class Skill Name
Chiliarch LuCielSkill20.png Apollyon
Dreadlord LuCielSkill21.png Oblivion (Force)
Transcendent Dreadlord DLTrans6.png Demonic Cannon
Class Skill Name
Royal Guard Royalguard6.png Eschaton (Force)
Noblesse Royalguard4.png Fantasy Impromptu - 2nd Movement
Transcendent Noblesse NBTrans6.png Rain of Chaos
Class Skill Name
Diabla DemActive22.png Altar of Evil (Force)
Demonio DemActive24.png Transcendence
Transcendent Demonio DemTrans6.png Abyss Extinction

Specialization (Not available anymore)

Character HQ Shop Item 72550.png     Specialization A HQ Shop Item 72560.png     Specialization B
Icon - LuCiel.png
Gain X amount of MP depending on combination point gained. (Max: 5 MP per CP) Increased damage of skills using Combination points by x%. (Max: 40%)

Tips and Details

  • On NA, if you switch between characters before a Switching Skill you used has hit any enemies, it will not gain CP unless you switch again afterwards while the skill is still active. For example, casting [Mod] Magdonic Cannon on Lu switches to Ciel. If you then switch to Lu again before the souls hit anything, even through a skill, you will need to switch back to Ciel while the souls are still active to gain CP.
    • This issue is very noticeable for summon skills like Summon Darkness and Garden of Haures.
    • The tooltip of switching skills was later updated to reflect this behavior, stating that a skill must land a successful hit while the character being switched to by the skill is in play, before the 06/04/2020 KR Patch removed this requirement (and reverted the tooltip to match).


Date Changes
12/18/2014 07/01/2015
  • Combination added.
02/12/2015 -
  • MP recovery for standby character changed from 15 MP to 6 MP
  • MP recovery for standby character changed from 6 MP → 3 MP
02/26/2015 -
  • CP gain for MP2 Tier Skills increased from 3 to 4.
  • CP is now only gained if a combo that switches characters successfully hits the target.
07/09/2015 -
  • Fixed error where combination point was gained even when skill was canceled.
04/21/2016 05/18/2016
  • Passive MP gain on standby character decreased.
  • V switching changed from invincibility to super armor.
  • Fixed issue of MP and Combination Gauge cut penalty while winning in PvP not being applied to standby character.
  • Shares cooldown if use any switching combo/skill besides V button.
06/30/2016 -
  • V switching cooldown when switching from a non V key attack decreased.
03/30/2017 04/12/2017
  • Specialization A max MP decreased from 10 MP to 5 MP.
  • None
  • Standby character PvP MP gain decreased from 1.5 MP to 1 MP per second.
04/27/2017 -
  • Skill CP gained only on successful hit with character being switched to.
04/08/2020 -
  • Adjusted switching skill text to more clearly reflect Combination Point gain.
06/04/2020 07/01/2020
  • Skill CP gained upon successful hit, regardless of character in play.

Character Systems

Way of the Sword

When playing Elsword, there will be an additional bar below the mana gauge called Way of the Sword. This bar has 10 segments that, by default, contain 5 red Destruction slots and 5 blue Vitality slots, and depending on your actions, the bar will lean towards one color or 'aura' (from right to left for Destruction, from left to right for Vitality), replacing the other aura's slots. As long as an aura has at least one slot in the bar filled, you will receive special benefits depending on which aura you currently have active. The "Aura of Destruction" is selected by default, and you can switch between it and the "Aura of Vitality" by using the V key.

Depending on the type of skill you use, the bar will fill towards the right with blue Vitality slots or towards the left with red Destruction slots:

  • Flexibility/Tenacity skill: 1 slot
  • Strength skill: 2 slots
  • Bravery skill: 3 slots

Note that skills fill the slots contrary to their mode: vitality-based skills fill the bars with destruction slots; destruction-based skills fill the bar with vitality slots.

If the bar is filled completely by either aura's slots, the aura for the other mode will deactivate and you will enter a neutral stance with no benefits when it is toggled on, until at least 1 slot is re-gained for that mode. As such, the bar acts as a balancing mechanic so over-using one mode's skills can prevent that mode's aura from being active.

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