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|KR=죽음의 이매지네이션    |KRName=Imagination of Death
|KR=죽음의 이매지네이션    |KRName=Imagination of Death
|JP=デスイマジネーション|JPName=Death Imagination

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FPImagination of Death.png [Passive] When your HP is below 60%, enter Berserk mode every time you awaken. Magic Attack Power increase while in Berserk mode.

Special Actives skills will ignore certain amount of defense against enemies with [Phantom's Mark, Hunter's Mark].


Class Level Required
Fatal Phantom 99

Skill Information


Skill Level Level Required Imagination of Death Berserk Mode Special Actives on targets with
Phantom's Mark/Hunter's Mark
If HP is Below Auto Berserk Chance Magical Attack Increase Defense Ignore
1 99 60% 100% +20% 35%


Skill Level Level Required Berserk Mode Special Actives on targets with
Phantom's Mark/Hunter's Mark
Magical Attack Increase Defense Ignore
1 99 +14% 17.5%

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 죽음의 이매지네이션 Imagination of Death
Japanese Flag.png Japan デスイマジネーション Death Imagination

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