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For information about this character in the game proper, see Elesis.
Name Elesis
Role Rapper
Height 163 cm
Hobby Dancing rhythm game
Favorite Food Spicy food, milk
Least Favorite Food Anything too sweet
Specialty Kendo
Are you ready? Let's create the best stage together!

~ Words of Resolve


“ALTER CROWN's command center who captures everyone's attention on the stage using her unique leadership and charisma. Although she might seem reckless, her decisions are most objective and level-headed, making her the icon of victory.”

She got the casting offer when she was seen by the producer while playing a dancing mini-game in an arcade. It's unknown why a promising kendo prodigy like her accepted to become an idol trainee. Either due to her hard-working nature or her natural talents, she quickly finished the training course and succeeded in her debut. Her skills improved so quickly that there was a debate over picking her as the leader instead of Rena, who is a veteran idol.

The biggest reason she got the casting was because of her dancing so she prepared for her debut with dance as the main focus, but after becoming a team, she changed her direction towards rapper after examining her compatibility with Ara. This was because she admitted Ara's skills and prioritized the harmony of the entire team instead of showing off her own talents.

As seen from this example, she tends to remain objective towards both herself and others. But because of her fiery and easy-going nature, there are many fans that feel close to her. How she can handle everything from light talk shows and jobs that require action reminds her fans of an all-purpose entertainer.

She seems to care for her little brother, who debuted around the same time as her, very much. They are often seen shopping together for food with red labels or going to the game center together.


ELSTAR - Star Icon Rena.png “Is this the confidence of a veteran?”

She's a good comrade and leader. No matter how much effort I put in, it's impossible to bridge the gap in experience so it was correct for Rena to become our leader. I think so even now. When I told her that I might change my mind once I become used to working as an idol, she replied that challenge is always welcome. So, this is the confidence of a veteran idol.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Ara.png “I hope her brother comes to his senses soon…”

Her skills are magnificent! Ah, her dancing skills are amazing too…. But I'm interested in martial arts that she has mastered. We go to the dojo together on our days off. I was worried about her at first since she looked fragile, but her heart is stronger than anyone else. I hope her brother comes to his senses soon to ease the burden on her heart.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Rose.png “Strange person who argues with her navigation system.”

Although temporary, she's a comrade we're working together with! She was being overly polite with careful gestures, so I thought she was nervous. But after spending a few days with her, I think that's her original personality. There was a time when she drove me to my destination. She was arguing with her navigation system… Hmm, she's a bit strange after all.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Aisha.png “New idol I've been keeping an eye on.”

She's a new idol I've been keeping an eye on. It's amazing how she can so boldly handle any situation in such a wise manner. I talked about this with her in the waiting room, and ever since then, she gifts me sweets through Rena. I'm not good with sweet stuff so they've been piling up… But I'm trying to eat through them bit by bit. Keep this a secret from her though. She might feel disheartened.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Elsword.png “I'm really proud and thankful of him.”

When we both received the casting offer, I thought that this could be our new chance and turning point. This could be a way for Elsword to overcome his slump and for us siblings to recover our relationship that has grown distant from living away from each other for a long time. He started the idol work because I half forced it on him, so I'm proud and thankful of him whenever I see him seriously putting effort into improving himself.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Ain.png “To my brother…”

He often gives advice to my brother. He seems like an average person except for his unique way of talking. But something feels off because he's too average… Sigh, even I don't know what I'm trying to say. After we met as the same team during a variety show, he's been calling me "Miss Captain". I like this nickname quite a lot so I've been thinking if I should call Ain by some nickname too.



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