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FOR PAST VERSIONS OF Gates of Darkness.


Gates of Darkness (Season 4)

Recommended Level
?? - 99
Appropriate Item Level
Entry Requirements
  • Can enter three times a day.

A picture of the field that you will be fighting in

In this field, you are unable to use your own potions and food. Instead, it will be replaced with monster summoning icons.
As in the picture shown,

  • Buttons: 1, 2, and 3 will summon basic units from your base. The monsters have 3 stages and will change into a higher level set once a new ally boss is spawned.
    (Example: Lv1 Boss will spawn Lv1 monsters set. When Lv2 boss is spawned, the set will change to the Lv2 monsters set. The same applies to Lv3 monsters.) All three buttons share the same cooldown of 15 seconds, so choose the units that fit the situation at hand.
  • Button 4 can be one of two things, depending on your gear. If you are not wearing a(n Ancient) Wyvern's Claw it will be a limitless supply of Advanced Mana Potions (Recover 150 MP, cooldown 60 seconds, increased MP recovery based on the guild skill Alchemy Specialist or the passive skill Metabolism Boost). If you are wearing one of the Claws, it will be a special monster that is much stronger than the regular units available from buttons 1, 2, and 3. This monster also has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

After some time into the game, your Tower will also summon some boss monsters to aid you in battle. Likewise, the demon's Tower will also spawn regular and boss monsters.
In case your party is incomplete, meaning only having 1/2/3 people in the party, Epic NPC's will spawn to aid you against the demons.


As in Season 3, your objective in the Gates of Darkness is to break down the demon's Tower. The demon's Tower have a lifespan of 20 Health bars and the structure of the Tower will break down after every 7 bars of Health taken away. The stage is completed when the Tower is totally destroyed.
Note that when you reach a certain range near the demon tower, you will receive a debuff which will rapidly deplete your hp and mp (281 hp and 20 mp per second). Your character will be covered in purple(similar to curse debuff) when you receive the scythe debuff. It is recommended to stay away from the demon tower until the last boss.

For bosses there are 3 types of bosses: Lv1, Lv2 and Lv3.

The sequence the bosses will spawn is after a Lv1 boss is defeated, a random Lv2 boss will spawn from the tower. This applies to both allies and demons bosses.
Each Lv has a different new attack that is different from regular dungeon bosses.
When your character is near allies bosses, you will be able to regenerate HP. (Roughly 1% per second)

Monster Image Monster Name Special Attacks Normal Attack Damage Special Attack Damage
Mage1.png Giant Kira-Kira Lv1
(NA: Illusion Magician)
Able to call forth a focused blizzard shower. Will inflict frostbite. 5175 2070
Mage2.png Giant Kira-Kira Lv2
(NA: Miracle Magician)
Able to call forth a large shard of ice. Will freeze enemies. 7762 23287
Mage3.png Giant Kira-Kira Lv3
(NA: Legendary Magician)
Able to call forth a focused meteor shower. Will inflict burn. 12107 12107
Phoro1.png Ancient Phoru Lv1
(NA: Mysterious Ancient Phoru)
Able to breathe fire that has very long range. Will inflict burn. 5175 5175
Phoro2.png Ancient Phoru Lv2
(NA: Blazing Ancient Phoru)
Able to breathe green fire that has very long range. Will inflict poison. 7762 9315
Phoro3.png Ancient Phoru Lv3
(NA: Frenzied Ancient Phoru)
Able to breathe green fire that has significant range. Will inflict poison. 12107 16950
Travash1.png Taranvash Lv1
(NA: Light Taranvash)
Able to call forth a blast of lightning in one spot. Will stun foes. 5175 5175
Travash2.png Taranvash Lv2
(NA: Flash Taranvash)
Able to call forth four strikes of lightning. Will stun foes. 7762 15525
Travash3.png Taranvash Lv3
(NA: Luminant Taranvash)
Able to call forth a lightning shower. Will stun foes. 12107 24215
Ally Summons
  • These are the possible summons while in Gates of Darkness assigned to buttons 1, 2, and 3
  • No two monsters of the same role can be in one set of three.
  • The 'Defense' stat determines the amount of HP. None of the summons or monsters have defense.
  • Special Summons are available for only those who have a(n Ancient) Wyvern Claw equipped.

Image Names Attacks Role Stats Attack Damage Max Hits
HQ Shop Item 78846.png Lv.1 Rolling Mong Pounds the ground causing a shockwave that will damage nearby targets. Attacker Attack Power: High
Defense Power: High
Attack Range: Short
8625 1
HQ Shop Item 78847.png Lv.2 Wild Mong 12075
HQ Shop Item 78848.png Lv.3 Enraged Mong 18626
HQ Shop Item 78849.png Lv.1 Baby Sprout Tree Knight Uses a sword to make a horizontal slash. Attacker Attack Power: High
Defense Power: High
Attack Range: Short
8625 1
HQ Shop Item 78850.png Lv.2 Grass Tree Knight 12075
HQ Shop Item 78851.png Lv.3 Elite Tree Knight 18626
HQ Shop Item 78843.png Lv.1 Grass Watcher Attacks by punching. Defender Attack Power: Medium
Defense Power: High
Attack Range: Short
4830 1
HQ Shop Item 78844.png Lv.2 Enraged Watcher 6900
HQ Shop Item 78845.png Lv.3 Furious Maple Leaf Watcher 10579
HQ Shop Item 78840.png Lv.1 Mossy Giant Crab Attacks by bringing its claws down on targets. Defender Attack Power: Medium
Defense Power: High
Attack Range: Short
4830 1
HQ Shop Item 78841.png Lv.2 Bushy Giant Crab 6900
HQ Shop Item 78842.png Lv.3 Jungle Giant Crab 10579
HQ Shop Item 78852.png Lv.1 Copper Armor Scout Shoots an arrow using a crossbow. Will hit up to only one target. Archer Attack Power: Medium
Defense Power: Medium
Attack Range: Long
25875 1
HQ Shop Item 78853.png Lv.2 Black Steel Scout 36225
HQ Shop Item 78854.png Lv.3 Metal Armor Scout 55878
HQ Shop Item 78855.png Lv.1 Needleleaf Cactus Shoots a thorn. Will hit up to only one target. Archer Attack Power: Medium
Defense Power: Medium
Attack Range: Long
25875 1
HQ Shop Item 78856.png Lv.2 Prickly Cactus 36225
HQ Shop Item 78857.png Lv.3 Nettle Cactus 55878
HQ Shop Item 78858.png Lv.1 Dynamite Bombermong Throws a bomb that will explode
after a set duration with a large area of effect.
Mage Attack Power: Medium
Defense Power: Low
Attack Range: Long
14893 (11410)* 1
HQ Shop Item 78859.png Lv.2 Gunpowder Bombermong 20851 (15974)*
HQ Shop Item 78860.png Lv.3 Explosive Bombermong 32163 (24640)*
HQ Shop Item 78861.png Lv.1 Forest Magician Casts a green sphere that will travel forward and
then explode with a large area of effect.
Mage Attack Power: Medium
Defense Power: Low
Attack Range: Long
14893 (11410)* 1
HQ Shop Item 78862.png Lv.2 Lightning Magician Casts a ball of lightning that will roll forward and
will cause damage on touch.
10425 (7987)* -
HQ Shop Item 78863.png Lv.3 Meteor Magician Casts several meteors down upon target.
Will also damage nearby targets.
16081 (12320)* 2

* Damage in ( ) will be done on monsters that have long range, fly, or self-destruct

Special Drops

The following items can only be obtained from playing in this dungeon. -



Dungeon Entry Quotes
  • Elsword: Ugh, is this the portal? Good! You demons, we will defeat you once and for all!
  • Aisha: Is this the portal? The portal where the demons are crawling out of?! If there are more portals like this, we're in big trouble!
  • Rena: The portals have opened up to the base of the demons! Let's go and stop the demons from evading Elrios!
  • Raven: There is an ominous feeling... is this really the portal leading to the demons..? There is no time to waste. Let's go and destroy every one of them!
  • Eve: The portal is the path where demons pass to invade other lands. There is no question about it. We are ready to close off the portal.
  • Chung: These... dark spirits... I'm enraged with merciless anger! Now is the time! Let's jump into the portal and finish those demons off!
  • Ara: There is an evil spirit surrounding us. We need to show the demons justice and that there is no mercy for invading our peaceful land.
  • Elesis: I feel something dark lurking around... I won't forgive the demons that are tainting beautiful Elrios!
  • Add: The dark portal, a portal where demons transport using dark El's energy..! I'm bound to find information on dark El? Kek.
  • Lu: A dark portal… I plan to have my revenge… But now is not the right time.
  • Ciel: This one is surrounded with an endless wave of dark energy. Is this how I am, Lu?
  • Rose: This is the dark portal... Fine, I'll fight the malicious demons 'til the end!
  • Ain: The Dark Portal... I don't want to step foot inside that thing... But it is my duty to rid the world of Demons... I cannot let that exist.
Gate of Darkness (S4) - music059_stage
  • Unlike season 3, which spawned at the end of a dungeon at random, this dungeon is accessed through the Special dungeon section. This is also the only difference between the two in terms of gameplay.

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