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Set List

Set Effects

Type Effects
2 Piece Effect
  • Additional Damage +6%
4 Piece Effect
  • +2% Physical Attack Power
  • +2% Magical Attack Power
  • +2% Physical Defense
  • +2% Magical Defense
5 Piece Effect


Equipment Sets
Secret Dungeon (S5) Mechanized MK-5 SetGrendized Mechanized MK-5 SetEnhanced Mechanized MK-5 SetDragonic-Fear SetGrendized Dragonic-Fear SetEnhanced Dragonic-Fear SetAlterasia Type-S SetGrendized Alterasia Type-S SetEnhanced Alterasia Type-S SetGlitter Warlord SetGrendized Glitter Warlord SetEnhanced Glitter Warlord SetAncient Noble Guardian SetGrendized Ancient Noble Guardian SetEnhanced Ancient Noble Guardian SetSand Tempest SetGrendized Sand Tempest SetEnhanced Sand Tempest SetDark Force Slayer SetGrendized Dark Force Slayer SetEnhanced Dark Force Slayer Set