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| Teen || [[File:NOIMAGE.png|49px]]
| Teen || [[File:NOIMAGE.png|49px]]
| [[File:GWolfPassive2.png|54px]]
| [[File:GWolfPassive2.png|54px]]
| '''Guardian Soul'''<br>Max MP +5%<br>Physical Attack +2%<br>Magical Attack +2%
| '''Guardian Soul'''<br>Max MP +5%<br>Physical Attack +2%<br>+2% Magical Attack Power
| [[File:NOIMAGE.png|54px]]
| [[File:NOIMAGE.png|54px]]

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GuardianWolf.png Guardian Wolf
Pet Name Guardian Wolf
Starting Form Adult
Pet Inventory 12
Trait Feral Trait.png Feral

How to Obtain

  • Purchasable at the Item Mall for a limited time.
    • KR: June 16, 2016 ~ July 14, 2016
    • NA: June 29, 2016 ~ July 26, 2016
  • Event reward.


Form Energy Attack
Icon Effect Icon Effect
Infant NOIMAGE.png GWolfPassive1.png Mysterious Body
Dark Resistance +50
+1% Plagued effect chance
Teen NOIMAGE.png GWolfPassive2.png Guardian Soul
Max MP +5%
Physical Attack +2%
+2% Magical Attack Power
Adult GWolf.png GWolfPassive3.png Mysterious Night Guardian
Critical +2%
Attack Speed +1%
GWolfAttack.png Starcall Lv.3
Summon a gigantic star that falls from the sky.
Deals 1085% of your average Physical and Magical damage per hit.


Form Damage (Average) Max Hits
Fall Explosion Fall Explosion
Adult ~500% 1085% 1 4

Total Damage

Form Regular 70% Affinity 100% Affinity
Adult 4,840% 5,324% 6,776%


Tips and Details

  • Unlike what the tooltip states, the attack actually deals 1 hit with lesser damage and 4 hits with the corresponding damage.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 가디언 울프 Guardian Wolf
Japanese Flag.png Japan ガーディアンウルフ Guardian Wolf
French Flag.png France Gardien loup Guardian Wolf

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