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Fedovirs, formerly known as HelloKitty(PH), also formerly known as BlackHeartKnight, was originally founded by Stella Nightray on the game FFSNG in the year 2012. With her permission, Nighterion (now known as Xadrian), established the guild in ElswordPH on 9th of November, 2013. The guild was born to signify the power, potential, embodiment of social life, and triumph in this saga of immortal people. Mostly composed of Bunny Ears Lawyers. Sadly unrelated to HelloKitty NA.

Please have a minute of silence for those who did not survive the migration.

From left to right: Vesser. Tukukuro. RamzaBeoulve. Avion (now Xadrion). Archtus. SerBroccoli. Willow.
Top: SerBroccoli. From left to right: YoakeMae. Senyuu. Ryuseii. GunZaBlazing. Avia (now Xadrian). Elizeo. Arsena. Harime. BabyKOOOOO27.

Main Rules

Elsio Art. 1 Respect: If any insult, disrespect to an officer, such as spam conversation and unrelated topic that may result to conflict, will be given two warnings and will be forgiven; if he/she continues, the Guild Master make the decision to kick him/her out of the guild.

Elsio Art. 2 Abuse: You are chosen as an official, be responsible for the duty that you bear. Taunting a member with a lower rank with your position is inexcusable. Trolling is fine though. Kicking a member out of the guild without a valid reason will not be tolerated. Moreover, kicking a member out of the guild without the permission or awareness of the Guild Master is also considered as an Abuse in Authority. The ranked member will be automatically demoted to a regular member and has no right to be a rank officer again.

Elsio Art. 3 Inactivity: Those who are offline for a maximum of fourteen days will be called as dead member of the guild. The Guild Master has the right to kick you out of the spot. Exception for this rule are those who acquired the rank of an officer or an administrator. However, guild members may ask the Guild Master not to kick them if they know they will be offline for longer than seven days.

Elsio Art. 4 Dishonesty: Scamming will be not tolerated, and so is cheating/hacking. Once you've been found guilty for scamming/cheating, you will be directly reported to any administrators online. The Guild Master has the right to kick you out and has the right to spread your information throughout Elsword and other pages to inform them about your deeds.

Elsio Art. 5 Harassment: Harassing a Guild Administrator, even a Member, is not acceptable. Acts of harassment that may be sexual, racial, personal, and even bullying, are included in this rule. We understand jokes, but even jokes have limitations. Be mindful of what you speak. Only the Administrators and the Guild Master are allowed to give you three (3) warnings. Once you've reached the limit, expulsion will automatically be given to you.

Elsio Art. 6 Mannerism: If you are in a group with players who are not members of the guild, please conduct yourself with respect, dignity and composure. Represent the guild in a way that brings pride to it. Know how to act responsibly in the presence of the other players.

The Guild Master and Admins

  Maedeth (Third Guild Master) - The Loota Bear. Formerly the second Avia of Elsword PH. A looter   at heart. Sometimes too stubborn to heal. Guild Gnosis Skill Point manager.

  Xadrion (Administrator) - The Kinda Bear. Formerly Avion. Never runs out of Awakening Beads in dungeon runs. Currently a Masochist.
  lLPlWrath (Administrator) - The Goldie Bear. Currently semi-hibernating.
  Tukuyomichan (retired Guild Mistress, currently Administrator) - The Trolla Bear.   Current record holder of the most active mounts in Ventus Server. Unsociable if he gets interested in current game events. Trolls any bear, particularly The Kinda Bear. MK1   liked him so much he was given THREE   cores. Entrusted to the Loota Bear until further notice.
  Tukunoichi (Administrator) - Code: Empress of The Trolla Bear.   Entrusted to the Loota Bear until further notice.
  Xadrien (Administrator) - Grand Archer of The Kinda Bear.
  Ryuseii (Administrator) - The Pedo Bear. Awaits the day that most of the guild members will be active again. His lust towards aerodynamic females is proportional to the number of missing Kitties. Currently denies the advances of xRyuseii. "His Chung so handsum very AD much ED. Haha!" - Xadrian  
  Tagbat (Administrator) - The Transie Bear. Always in need of ED. Police.

The Officials

  Willow (Officer) - The Ate' Bear. A Henir runner. Hates underwater reptiles. "Ate Willow" is Ate Willow. - Xadrian  
  Amberfield (Officer) - Has survived the migration. Currently hibernating.
  Harlechan (Officer) - Sakra Devanam of The Trolla Bear. Entrusted to the Loota Bear until further notice.
  lLKlRuin (Officer) - Lord Knight of The Goldie Bear.
  xGenos (Officer) - The Silent Bear. The star of Guild PVP. The lone wielder of a Legendary Perkisas weapon within the guild.

Notable Veterans and Members

  AlmaBeoulve - The Lava Bear. Approach him/her for your Elsword MMD needs. Last seen playing Tree of Savior.
  Eliyon (Veteran) - The Chatty Bear. "Talk to me and you'll never regret it." -   Post migration survival debatable. Currently hibernating.
  Eimy (Veteran) - Sakra Devanam of The Transie Bear. Recent sightings have been reported. Currently wants someone to make her Transcend.
  TyrisxFlare (Veteran) - The Nefie Bear.
  SerBroccoli (Veteran) - The Brocco Bear. Currently hibernating. Loves vegetables.
  lDClGospel (Veteran) - Deadly Chaser of The Goldie Bear.
  Lucaria (Veteran) - A Wala Bear. (Awaiting name change) Currently hibernating.
  Aizula (Veteran) - Blazing Heart of the Chatty Bear. Currently hibernating.

Other Veterans and/or Members please contact either The Trolla Bear, The Loota Bear or The Kinda Bear for entry into the wiki.  


As of February 2015, The Loota Bear is the Boss Bear.
We weep for those who have fallen during the migration.