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Every party has its end therefore cherish every moment you have with them

About the Guild

Just a typical guild that just wanna have fun and troll.

The guild members and officials are kind namely, Arasune, lLay and everyone else. They're a nice bunch with a good attitudes, most of them are funny like Paralized, RenEnju and Seraphiela. Some members are quiet but when you try to talk to them, they're surprisingly nice and talkative, it's just that some of them are kinda feeling left alone and that's why we're doing what we can to make them happy by helping other members' at their quests, needs and many more! I hope that this guild is going to be fun and active, that's why if someone is interested to join the guild, please chat with our officials that are online. I hope that our guild is going to last forever, well, as if right XD?

Well thank you. And for all members, thank you for making this the best guild, especially the GM's and Admins' of the Guild.


Well, for the actual history of this guild, it all started when lLay decided to leave his previous guild, OnePunchMoon, and make a new guild. His friend thought it was a joke but he was serious. His friend then agreed but said that lLay should lead, but lLay declined his offer since his friend basically knows a lot of people and roams around, so his friend became the Guild Leader and lLay became an Admin. After they made the guild, they tried to contact their other friend, arasune, to invite him to the guild but said that he'll join after the raid which in latter we agreed on, so it was only lLay and his friend. lLay recruited some peeps to level up the guild, some of them stayed, some of them left. The guild was growing as time progresses and that's thanks to his friend and lLay's efforts. His friend gave lLay the Guild Leader Title since he really didn't want to lead, so up to now, lLay is the current Guild Master .

Guild Master

Rank Class IGN Role Description Image
Icon - Rune Master.pngIcon - Knight Emperor.png lLay / lLaz Guild Master

Current Guildmembers

Rank Class IGN Role Description
Icon - Rune Master.pngxIcon - Knight Emperor.png lLay / lLaz Guild Master lLay - Sama, Guild Founder, and a nice person also seeking war at times, mostly focused on PvE for now, but he used to be a PvP player also a troll.
xxxxIcon - Code Ultimate.png Niflh Administrator in need of stfu meds
xxxxVCTransNEW.png Keruo Administrator -
xxxxDLTransNEW.png RenEnju Administrator Bored to the core, boring to be with, boring to talk with, boring to deal with, known as the God of Boredom
RankSS.png xxxxIcon - Rage Hearts.png lDragonHeart Administrator Someone wanna stalk someone; a lolicon also= w= > A > < A < but nice
RankD.png xxxxIcon - Mad Paradox.png DrugGod Administrator 420
xxxxIcon - Oz Sorcerer.png TiteKubo Administrator Yokai
Icon - Code Sariel.pngxIcon - Aether Sage.png ForgottenHay/ShatteredHay Administrator Psychological observant
RankSSS.png Icon - Furious Blade.pngxIcon - Mad Paradox.png KeiMoriuchi/ShatteredKei None None
xxxxIcon - Aether Sage.png Sephirens Administrator Love enthusiast, anime freak & Sped
xxxxIcon - Aether Sage.png TaoFeiLin Administrator -
RankStar.png xxxxIcon - Rage Hearts.png TaoFeiLong Administrator RH-Red Horse
RankSS.png xxxxIcon - Rage Hearts.png TaoFeiTek Officer Beware Salty As Fck
xxxxVCTransNEW.png TaoFeiLaw Officer -
RankStar.png xxxxIcon - Rage Hearts.png Ranthrave Officer Cancer
RankStar.png xxxxIcon - Richter.png Uraltugo Officer No Cat No Life
RankStar.png xxxxIcon - Black Massacre.png CancerCR Officer Cancer
RankSS.png xxxxIcon - Code Ultimate.png HazelYuu Officer Female Kpopper/Koreaboo
xxxxDCTransNEW.png Ziede Officer -
RankStar.png xxxxIcon - Flame Lord.png IroiSaku Officer ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ Deal with it
xxxxCBSTransNEW.png Lystelle Officer Nice and friendly drug user
xxxxIcon - Dominator.png Addtsundere Officer -
RankSSS.png xxxxVPTransNEW.pngxxxxxxxxxxxxx Castertype Officer Frail Little VP


Rank Class IGN Role Description Guild
RankSS.png BHTransNEW.png Elesisdesu Friend An Elesis pretending to be an Ara; a nice person Ara
RankSSS.png CNTransNEW.png MichiruNeko Friend Nilfhs sparmate and friend; a good person; also stayed in the guild for quite some time HentaiVN
FYTransNEW.png xMelon Friend Fashionable Rose that likes collecting hair; also a nice person like Nilfh; just waiting for a game RewriteEx
RankS.png YRTransNEW.png Xhiamei Friend A nice talkative person that used to be in the guild Exoduz
MMTransNEW.png Flakes Friend A nice and friendly player Esoterica
DETransNEW.png Speissefield Friend Nice person that likes sending people into his spaceship, he's also pro and sometimes we call him preys but now it's frills Field
Icon - Tactical Trooper (Trans).png PikaChungEx Friend A milk-man Hydra
RankS.png DKforfun.png Shaneus Troll Refuses to transcend his Elesis / "Dank Knight" / Also editing parts of this page / I've reached my limits, as of the 01/03/2017 patch.. KantaiCollection
RankS.png CEmTransNEW.png Yodela Friend A girl that calls herself a Boring shit D:< and sometimes can be profound and give deep advice Aztecs
ASTransNEW.png lFeli Friend Person who annoys people he likes annoying the shit out of everyone airheaded at times loves wasting money on job change FanaticDeviation


  • Before Harakiri was created, there was Adamantine. The people in this guild were extremely nice and a lot of them shared various experiences, further making the members closer to each other. Some were funny, some were energetic, but overall, everyone was having a great time there. Since migration, however, Adamantine lost a majority of its members due to technical complications in the process, and only a few were left. After making a tough decision, the guild disbanded.
  • The guild is composed of different people from other countries.
  • lLay managed to win in a Guild War 1v3 back then in PH days.
  • lLay and Arasune likes speed build and has insane amount of speed in their sets; they even wedged their spar sets to further bump up their speed.
  • lLay, before maining RS, first mained Chung [IP](One of the best IP I've seen in PH back then). Then he switched to BM, where he mostly did PvP, but ever since migration happened, he went on to main PvE these days. Some peeps call him "lLay SAMAAAAAAAAA"
  • lLay also likes to taunt his enemies in sparring, mostly spamming "/cry"
  • Arasune, or more known back in PH as shirokitsu/Horns. Why Horns? Because he got Taranvash's Horns and some other horns (LOL)
  • Arasune also was mistaken as a girl by lLay (LOL); lLay x Arasune
  • Arasune is also known to like cats and cakes.
  • Nilfh often stalks michiru
  • Itsunami is extremely shy and just silently observes the guild.
  • Tohr "Loli is love, Loli is life, Loli is everything I like"
  • "Tohr is also a pedo that likes kindergarten children" -Nilfh
  • "I only target lolis within my age bracket." -Tohr
  • There are a lot of lolicons in the guild but the most notable ones is Tohr
  • "I did not check off members ,/," -nilfh
  • Don't show Tohr some loli pics, he easily gets turned on.
  • "no i don't D:" -Tohr

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