Harmony Road

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Clock Tower Square Harmony Road Port Lurensia


Harmony Road
Harmony Road.png
Mini Boss
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Uno and the Girls

Epithet Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Boss Image Boss Description
Lanos.jpg Lanos - What Lanos lack in brain size, he makes up for in muscular hands bigger than his head. He fights side by side with Shinee and Moonstar.
Moonstar.jpg Moonstar - If there weren't anyone else to fight, she and Shinee would be shooting arrows at each other!
Shinee.jpg Shinee - A dark elf lady who may have a rivalry with Moonstar, but she sets it aside during battle.

Dark Soldiers

Boss Image Boss Description
Glitter Troops Red.png Glitter Troops: Red - The bullheaded member of the Dark Soldiers: Glitter Troops is an effective mid-ranged fighter.
Glitter Troops Pink.png Glitter Troops: Pink - The Dark Soldiers: Glitter Troops count on this guy to take their enemies down from afar.
Glitter Troops Black.png Glitter Troops: Black - The Dark Soldiers: Glitter Troops mob boasts of this monster that moves like a ninja.
Glitter Troops Yellow.png Glitter Troops: Yellow - A giant hammer allows this monster to crush rivals into the ground. He appears among a group named Dark Soldiers: Glitter Troops.
Glitter Troops Blue.png Glitter Troops: Blue - The defender of the Dark Soldiers: Glitter Troops, this monster is tough to catch unawares.


Harmony Road - field_velder003
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea ? Harmony Road
Flag-tw.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 共存之道 Road of Coexistence
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 和平之路 Road of Coexistence
German Flag.png Germany Straße der Koexistenz Street of Coexistence
Spanish Flag.png Spain Vía de la Coexistencia Way of Coexistence
French Flag.png France Rue de la coexistence Road of Coexistence
Italian Flag.png Italy Strada della Coesistenza Road of Coexistence
English Flag.png United Kingdom Street of Coexistence
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