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|- style="background-color: {{ColorSel|Village|SP}};" class="textfloat"
|- style="background-color: {{ColorSel|Village|SP}};" class="textfloat"
! South Korean Server !! North American Server
! South Korean Server !! North American Server
| [[File:Williamdimselect.png]]
| [[William's Time and Space]]
| -
| N/A
| [[File:HenirDimensionselect.png]]
| [[File:HenirDimensionselect.png]]

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Henir's Time and Space

Henir's Time and Space is a boss rush dungeon where players will be put up against a back to back gauntlet of boss battles with some battles featuring multiple bosses. For more information on each version of Henir's Time and Space, use the table below to find the version you are seeking.

Select Icon Dungeon Name Time of Availability
South Korean Server North American Server
Williamdimselect.png William's Time and Space - N/A
HenirDimensionselect.png Henir's Time and Space (Version 1) ??? ~ August 11, 2016 ??? ~ November 9, 2016
HenirDimensionselect.png Henir's Time and Space (Version 2) August 11, 2016 ~ January 17, 2019 Current Dungeon as of November 9, 2016
DunnoDungeon.png Henir's Time and Space (Version 3) Current Dungeon as of January 17, 2019 N/A

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 헤니르의 시공 Henir's Time and Space
Flag-tw.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 赫尼爾時空 Henir's Time and Space
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 赫尼尔时空 Henir's Time and Space
German Flag.png Germany Henirs Raumzeit Henir's Space-Time
Spanish Flag.png Spain Espacio-tiempo de Henir Henir's Space-Time
French Flag.png France Espace-temps d'Henir Henir's Space-Time
Italian Flag.png Italy Spazio Tempo di Henir Henir's Space-Time
Polish Flag.png Poland Czasoprzestrzeń Henir'a Henir's Time-Space
English Flag.png United Kingdom Henir's Time-Space Continuum
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Tempo e Espaço de Henir Henir's Time and Space

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