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| Ice Burner Season Buff
| Ice Burner Season Buff
Physical Defense +10%'''<font color=red> (Dungeon)</font>'''<br>
+10% Physical Defense'''<font color=red> (Dungeon)</font>'''<br>
Magical Defense +10%'''<font color=red> (Dungeon)</font>'''<br>
+10% Magical Defense'''<font color=red> (Dungeon)</font>'''<br>
Movement Speed +10%'''<font color=red> (Dungeon)</font>'''<br>
Movement Speed +10%'''<font color=red> (Dungeon)</font>'''<br>
Quick Slot items Cooldown decreases to 5 seconds'''<font color=red> (Dungeon)</font>''' (Works alternatively with the normal Cooldown, Cooldown: 60 Seconds)
Quick Slot items Cooldown decreases to 5 seconds'''<font color=red> (Dungeon)</font>''' (Works alternatively with the normal Cooldown, Cooldown: 60 Seconds)

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Ice Burner Guide

What are Ice Burners?
Ice Burners are the gacha system in Elsword, which gives you a chance to get rare items. Among these are Ice Burner Sets, Titles, and other valuable items. Ice Burners are always available at any given time, however the Ice Burner sets contained within them varies, and changes out once every few months. In some cases, multiple Ice Burners may be available at once, each containing a unique set.

Where can I get Ice Burners?
Ice burners can be purchased from the Item Mall for 100 K-Ching each, or by trading them with other players. They are also occasionally given out during events.

How do I use Ice Burners?
Once you've acquired an Ice Burner, you simply right-click it to open it.

What are Ice Burner Sets?
Ice Burner sets are incredibly rare sets and are considered to be the most valuable item in the Ice Burners. Pieces of Ice Burner sets must be obtained individually, and will be assigned to the character you used to open them (e.g. Receiving an Ice Burner set piece on Aisha, would make it an Aisha-exclusive piece). Ice Burner weapons and accessories will be given in their actual form, while hair, top, bottom, gloves, and shoes will be granted in cube form. These cubes can be freely traded, and opened to give the respective piece to the character that opened it. As of the 11/14/2018 KR patch, weapons and accessories will now be given in cube form as well, starting with the Crescent Lullaby set.

What is so valuable about these sets?
Ice Burner sets are Costume items, meaning that they are equipped in the Costume slots over top of your equipment. However, the difference between Item Mall costumes and Ice Burner costumes, is that Ice Burner sets offer significantly higher stats, as well as unique abilities in some cases. In addition, Ice Burner weapons have two socket slots, making them highly desirable for maximizing your stats.

How do I know if it's the right set for me?
During each Ice Burner season, you can purchase a Trial Package from the Item Mall for 100 K-Ching. The package comes with a normal Ice Burner that you can open, along with a Trial Cube containing a 1-Day version of the respective Ice Burner set. This allows you to fully test out the set for 24 hours before investing in a permanent set. Trial Packages can only be purchased once per account during each Ice Burner season.

Ice Sculpture Key (CN Only)

Ice Sculpture Key (Elpheus)

After the 06/28/2017 patch, players in the China server have to buy an item called Ice Sculpture Key from the Item Mall, and then exchange it for Ice Burners at Ariel.

Obtainable Items

(Source: Nexon's Official Website)

Please note that if the current Ice Burner Set possesses more than 2 Accessories, the probability of obtaining an Ice Burner costume piece will be adjusted while all other probabilities will remain the same.

Please also note that the probabilities are based on the values provided by the Korean server and may not accurately represent the chances of other servers.

Item Rating Total Rarity Item List
Item Rarity Item Rarity
S grade 7.7% Ice Burner Weapon 0.3% Ice Burner Hair 0.6%
Ice Burner Top Piece 0.6% Ice Burner Bottom Piece 0.6%
Ice Burner Gloves 1.1% Ice Burner Shoes 1.1%
Ice Burner Accessory 1 0.35% Ice Burner Accessory 2 0.35%
Magic Amulet Lv.7 2% Magic Amulet Lv.8 0.4899%
Magic Amulet Lv.9 0.01% Magic Amulet Lv.10 0.0001%
Undying Fighting Spirit Title 0.099% Berserker Title 0.001%
Trinity Force Title 0.099% Sacrifice Title 0.001%
A grade 11.5% Orichalcum Weapon Accessory Cube 2% Promotional Costume Cube (7 Days) 2%
Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (6%) 0.7% Special Damage Reduction Magic Stone (6%) 0.7%
Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (7%) 0.4% Special Damage Reduction Magic Stone (7%) 0.4%
Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (8%) 0.15% Special Damage Reduction Magic Stone (8%) 0.15%
Special Critical Magic Stone (6%) 0.7% Special Maximize Magic Stone (6%) 0.7%
Special Critical Magic Stone (7%) 0.4% Special Maximize Magic Stone (7%) 0.4%
Special Critical Magic Stone (8%) 0.15% Special Maximize Magic Stone (8%) 0.15%
Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (6%) 0.7% Special HP Magic Stone (6%) 0.7%
Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (7%) 0.4% Special HP Magic Stone (7%) 0.4%
Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (8%) 0.15% Special HP Magic Stone (8%) 0.15%
B grade 29.2% Epic NPC Card 'Lowe' 1.6% Epic NPC Card 'Penensio' 1.6%
Epic NPC Card 'Noah' 1.6% Epic NPC Card 'Speka' 1.6%
Epic NPC Card 'Lime' 1.7% Epic NPC Card 'Amelia' 1.7%
Epic NPC Card 'Edan' 1.2% Epic NPC Card 'Valak' 1.2%
Epic NPC Card 'Code: Q-Proto_00' 1.2% Epic NPC Card 'Apple' 1.8%
Cube of 100 Complete Recovery Potion 10% Cube of 50 Complete Recovery Potion 4%
C grade 51.6% 30 El Shard (Mystery) 3.5%
30 El Shard (Fire) 4% 30 El Shard (Wind) 3%
30 El Shard (Water) 2.8% 30 El Shard (Light) 4%
30 El Shard (Nature) 4% 30 El Shard (Dark) 1.8%
Cube of 250 Fire Orbs 2% Cube of 250 Wind Orbs 2%
Cube of 250 Water Orbs 2% Cube of 250 Light Orbs 2%
Cube of 250 Nature Orbs 2% Cube of 250 Dark Orbs 2%
Ruben Boss Cube 1.7% Elder Boss Cube 1.7%
Bethma Boss Cube 1.7% Altera Boss Cube 1.7%
Feita Boss Cube 1.7% Velder Boss Cube 1.6%
Hamel Boss Cube 1.6% Sander Boss Cube 1.6%
Lanox Boss Cube 1.6% Elysion Boss Cube 1.6%

Additional Items

Additional Items are guaranteed loot that is obtained every time you open an Ice Burner. They are used to craft accessories that are not obtained from the Ice Burners themselves. These items can be traded, however they are deleted once the respective Ice Burner set is no longer in season, so it is advised to use or sell them as soon as possible to avoid them going to waste.

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect/Uses
HQ Shop Item 91610.png Ice Crystalline (차가운 크리스탈) Automatically obtained after using an Ice Burner not in its season Material required to craft:

Ice Burner Season Buff

When equipping more than 3 pieces of the current Ice Burner set in its season, you'll receive the Ice Burner Season Buff.

Icon Effect Name Description Current Season
Status 337.png
Ice Burner Season Buff

+10% Physical Defense (Dungeon)
+10% Magical Defense (Dungeon)
Movement Speed +10% (Dungeon)
Quick Slot items Cooldown decreases to 5 seconds (Dungeon) (Works alternatively with the normal Cooldown, Cooldown: 60 Seconds)

Flag-us.png MGIB.png Mechanic General

Korean Flag.png IB - Brilliant Knight.png Brillant Knight

List of Ice Burner Costume Sets


  • When Ice Burners were first introduced, the available costume pieces would be included in waves until the full set was added, rather than offering the complete set from the start as they later would.
    • The first wave would add Weapon, Gloves, and Shoes. The second would add Hair, Top Piece, and Bottom Piece. The third would add accessories.
  • When the Ice Burner Skill Cut-ins were released, new art was made for Lu and Rose due to neither of them having been used for prior Ice Burner promotional art. Lu was given a design wearing Dusk Sovereign: Endent to match Ciel who had Dawn Sovereign: Begint. Rose was given a design wearing Nereid.

Ice Burners

AAIB.png Archangel
EOIB.png El Search Party Officer
NBSIB.png Nasod Battle Suit
ADIB.png Archdevil
SSIB.png Salvatore Solace
VIGIB.png Velder Imperial Guard
RSMIB.png Royal Servant/Royal Maid
ETIB.png Evil Tracer
SDIB.png Salvatore Denif
SIIB.png Shadow Incubus/Grace Fairy
DYIB.png Diamond Yaksha

RBIB.png Royal Blood
DKIB.png Dragon Knight
HUIB.png Holy Unicorn
DSIB.png Dark Shadows
SEIB.png Salvatore Ebalon
GlIB.png Glacial
GFIB.png Gold Falcon
NBS2IB.png Nasod Battle Suit MK2
SVIB.png Salvatore Ventus
ICIB.png Ignition Caligo
ET2IB.png Evil Tracer 2

HNOIB.png Hamel Navy Officer
ThIB.png Thanatos - Death Instinct
MAIB.png Miracle Alchemist
MFIB.png Millennium Fox
SGIB.png Salvatore Gaia
VAKIB.png Velder Academy Knights
MasIB.png Masquerade
HenIB.png Henir - Lord of Time and Space
PerIB.png Perkisas - Guise of Greed
APIB.png Archpriest
CMIB.png Celestial Master

SRIB.png Salvatore Rosso
EPIB.png Elpheus
ET3IB.png Evil Tracer 3
SerIB.png White Dragon: Servius
MRIB.png Mariposa Requiem
DDRIB.png Dusk and Dawn Sovereign
CAIB.png Chess - Arena
RFIB.png Radiant Flower
BMIB.png Black Mass
CLIB.png Crescent Lullaby
STIB.png Shaviana Truffles

MGIB.png Mechanic General
NerIB.png Nereid
IB - Brilliant Knight.png Brilliant Knight
IB - Power of the Seven Worlds.png Divinity of Seven Realms
IB - Lapis Arbiter.png Lapis Arbiter
IB - Darkness Sculpture.png Darkness Sculpture
NOIMAGE.png Magical Warrior/Magical Girl

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