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==Ice Burner Sets Models ==
==Ice Burner Sets Models ==
== Trivia ==
*For characters before [[Ara]], their Archdevil and Archdevil - Dark Version hair pieces featured completely different styles as opposed to being a palette swap.
*[[Raven]]'s [[Nasod Battle Suit]] primary accent color is blue for no real apparent reason.
**This odd trait is not shared with [[Nasod Battle Suit MK2]] and the thematically similar [[Mechanic General]] sets which both feature blacks or grey as their accent colors with orange as their secondary color, much like Raven himself.
*Due to [[Raven]]'s [[Royal Servant/Maid|Royal Servant]] costume already being primarily monochrome black, unlike other characters, his Reform design is primarily white.
*All of [[Ain]]'s Evil Tracer Ice Burners are based on minibosses. Being based on [[5-3|Wise Dutor]], [[8-2|Dark Wing Okypete]], and [[9-5|Enslaved Demon In]] for [[Evil Tracer]], [[Evil Tracer 2]], and [[Evil Tracer 3]] respectively.
*Due to [[Laby]] following her own dungeon path, all of her Evil Tracer costumes are based on bosses she encounters. Being based on [[L1-1|Zumyu]], [[L2-5|Nenya]], and [[L3-2|Orbis Doppelganger]] respectively.
*In the [[Royal Blood]] set, [[Chung]] is the only male to wear a crown instead of a gold wreath. His crown is bigger than the crown worn by the female characters.
**On the whole, Chung's version features a more regal motif compared to the other male designs.
*In the [[Glacial]] set, [[Chung]] is the only male to wear a physical crown instead of the light crown.
*[[Lu/Ciel|Ciel]]'s [[Evil Tracer 2]] costume is the first to be based on a miniboss for the Evil Tracer series of Ice Burner, being based on [[8-5|Incubus : Incoolord]].
*In the [[Millennium Fox]] set, [[Lu/Ciel|Ciel]] wears his fox mask on his forehead like the females instead of over his eyes like the other males.
*[[Salvatore Gaia]] is the first Ice Burner to change [[Raven]]'s Nasod Arm's design, a trait which has become fairly common in Ice Burners afterward.
*The [[Magical Girl/Warrior|Magical Girl/Magical Warrior]] Ice Burner was a set produced by Elsword JP and only saw release in the Japanese and Taiwanese servers. This set only includes characters up to [[Ara]] and was never updated since.
**Chung's design in this set is modeled after the Magical Girl aspect as opposed to the Magical Warrior motif which [[Elsword]] and [[Raven]] have.

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Ice Burner Sets Models

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