[Mod] Impact Detonation

[Special Active: Tenacity]
[Mod] Shoot a portal that deals continuous damage forward.
Cannonball Consumption
  • Uses 1 to 3 cannonballs


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Centurion 99 [Force] Impact Detonation (A)

Skill Information

Mode Damage Max Hits Cannonball Consumption MP Usage Cooldown
Cannon Strike (Physical) Portal Strike (Magical) Cannon Strike Portal Strike
PvE 151% 291% 1 13 1 ~ 3 100 MP 9 Seconds
PvP 59% 116%

Skill Traits

Heavy Impact Detonation Light Impact Detonation
Attribute Effect Details Attribute Effect Details
Cooldown MP Usage
Damage increased to 144%
Cooldown increased to 120%
10.8 Seconds MP Usage decreased to 70% 70 MP

Extra Information

Total Damage

Mode Base Modified Warhead/Mobile Shelling 1~3 Enhanced Cannonballs
Normal Heavy Normal Heavy
PvE 3,934% 5,664.96% 4,815.22% 6,933.91%
PvP 1,567% 2,256.48% 1,918.01% 2,761.93%

Difference from Original

Original Skill [Mod] Change
  • Fire missiles from the Destroyer.
  • Summon 3 Disforzen portals in front that trap and damage enemies.

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • The portals will always hit 13 times, regardless of the number of cannonballs used. Instead of a decreased number of hits, having less ammo will produce fewer portals, with 1 ammo producing a single portal right in front of you that hits 13 times.
  • The hitbox between each portal is unified. Firing more than one portal on a large boss will still only deal 13 hits.
  • When used on sloped surfaces, the portals generated will be parallel to the sloped surface you're standing on.
  • [Mod] Impact Detonation's large hitbox is capable of hitting opponents suspended in the air with Kinetic Bombardment if they were lifted off of the ground.
  • Unlike normal Impact Detonation, [Mod] Impact Detonation does not slow down or pause the opponent's Mana Break charge.
  • The portals produced by this skill inflict hitstun until they disappear. This along with the larger hitbox and lingering hitbox make this skill an excellent catching tool.
  • This skill can refund a large chunk of its cost with Commander's Mark and Pulse Shield active if you manage to get a lot of hits. However, be aware that in PvP, this skill feeds about 70 MP, which is about 2.5 times as much MP as normal Impact Detonation.
  • While consuming Enhanced Cannonballs, [Mod] Impact Detonation will only receive a 2% increase in power regardless of the number of Enhanced Cannonballs consumed.


Date Changes
05/17/2018 06/14/2018
  • [Mod] Impact Detonation added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
  South Korea 임팩트 디토네이션 Impact Detonation
  Japan インパクトディトネイション Impact Detonation
  China (Simplified Chinese) 超强乱射加农炮 Super Snapshot Cannon
  Germany Einschlagsexplosion Impact Explosion
  Spain Explosión de impacto Impact Explosion
  France Impact
  Poland Eksplozja Uderzenia Impact Explosion
  United Kingdom Impact Explosion
  Brazil Detonação à Distancia Remote Detonation