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Road to Lord's Keep

Road to Lord's Keep. Short cut to Lord's Keep. It's a narrow path next to a cliff where dokkaebis appear.
Short cut to Lord's Keep. It's a narrow path next to a cliff where dokkaebis appear.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Dunno.png Wood Hammer Dokkaebi - A spirit wielding a small wooden mallet.
  • Whack: Hit targets with their wooden hammer.


  • This monster will have no collision while they're standing still or moving.
  • They will have collision when attacking or being attacked.
Dunno.png Twiggy Dokkaebi - A spirit wearing a straw hat and cape.
  • Roll: Roll forwards doing continuous damage in complete super armor.
  • Flash: The spirit can surround itself in a burst of light which stuns players.
Dunno.png Lord's Keep Spearman - A soldier who wields a spear and shield.
  • Block: The soldier are able defend against oncoming attack with their shield.
  • Charge Stab: Charge forwards then stab. The charge will not deal damage and the stab does multiple hits.
  • Triple Stab: Stab three times.
Dunno.png Lord's Keep Crossbowmen - A soldier who wields a crossbow.
  • Double Shot: Ready his crossbow and fire two arrows.
  • Power Shot: Ready his crossbow and charge one powerful arrow.
Dunno.png Lord's Keep Swordsman - A large soldier wielding a large sword.
  • Slash: Perform an overhead slash.
  • Power Slash: Raise their sword in the air and perform a more powerful slash.
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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Pitfalls - A gaping hole in the ground, falling down one of these will result in a percent loss in HP.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Dunno.png Lord's Keep Guard Captain - The captain of the lord's guard and defender of the gate. He fights using his flail.
  • Strike: The captain will smash the area in front of him with his flail.
  • Flail Spin: Spin his flail while he walks forwards.
  • Black Hole Vortex: Stand in place and swing his flail creating a rift in space. Players will be sucked in while he does continuous damage. At the end he'll perform a horizontal swing which will span across one of the two elevations.


  • Guard Captain: You cannot enter without permission from the lord. Leave!





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Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 성으로 향하는 길 Road to the Castle
French Flag.png France Sentier du palais Palace Path

Hunting Fields