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Set List

Set Effects

Type Effects
2 Piece Effect
  • Moving Speed +2%
  • Maximize +2%
3 Piece Effect
  • All Skill Damage +2%


Equipment Sets
Accessories 2013 Wyvern's Accessory Set2017 Winter Casual AccessoryAngelic Legion SetAwakened Power of HenirBlack Dragon's SetCorrupt EnergyCorrupted Soul SetDarkness SetDeath Slayer SetEl Lord Divine LightEl Lord's LightEl Turbine Mechanic SetElegant Classic Accessory SetElrios Kindergarten Accessory SetEltrion's Bright Energy SetEltrion's Dark Energy SetElysion's ProsperityErosion of Netherworld SetFallen Angel's Dark RestraintGloomy NeonGloomy Night Accessory SetGolden Days SetHamsterHeavenly Accessory MK-3 SetIt's Freezing!Lepus SetLonely Wolf B&W AccessoryLove ComboManifested TopiaryMarionette's RestraintMonster Card CollectorsMysterious El Lord Power SetPower of Fire SetPrimal Gold SetShining SnowSinister Intent Control SetSnow White BunnySophisticated Classic Accessory SetSpace Moon Rabbit SetSparkling Milky WayStar Angel's Accessory SetStrength of AnubisSummer Getaway AccessorySummer Splash Swimwear AccessorySWAT Accessory SetSweet Star CandySweetie CottonTenacious Warrior's Accessory SetThe Shark HunterWarm Rabbit Stable SetWarrior's Jewelry SetWilliam Phoru SetWinter Fairy's Gift SetWyvern's Accessory Set‎