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"Quick Voice" is a feature that allows characters to deliver a voiced message to other players with a single command. These messages can only be used in dungeons, fields, and in PvP.

The keys that activate these messages are F5, F6, F7, and F8, which corresponds to a compliment, thanks, apology, or bragging, respectively. When these messages are triggered, they will appear in the chat with orange text and speech bubble. Each character will have special lines that correspond with their personality.


Character F5 (Compliments) F6 (Thanks) F7 (Apologies) F8 (Brag)
Elsword That's it! That! Hmm! This is enough! Uwahh?! Sorry. How does that taste!!
Aisha What~ I'll admit you did well~ Despite not getting aid... It turned out alright~ Uhhh- Sorry~ Hm~ Well~? It hurts doesn't it!
Rena Very cool! Ho ho ho~ Thank you~ Huhuhu~ F-Forgive me Ah ha~ Looks great!
Raven Alright~ I'll say you did fine... Too obvious. That was a mistake. Now it's my turn!
Eve If this is it- You did fine~ Hmmm, for this level... You won't be impressed Codes are normal, Ah... The... The mistakes were not your fault! Target Terminated. Analyzing.
Chung It was really cool, you're really something! Thank you- I'm sorry... Hehe, I did it!
Ara Amazing! Thanks~ I apologize... We won!
Elesis You're the best! Thanks a bunch! Ah! How embarrassing! Hum, we'll go this far for today~!
Add Ho ho! Nice! Why not thank me Ah... (Sigh) Ha... Sorry Don't be too long
Lu Oh ho, great! Mm Hmm~ Why thank you! I'm... I'm sorry... Don't get too tired.
Ciel Oh ho, everything is fine... Hmm, what was that? Ah, sorry! Hm, good work.
Rose Exceptional skills! Thank you very much~ My mistake, I apologize! Bye bye~
Ain Good, good, you are doing fine. Wow, it's great. I was wrong, please stop being angry. Bye, see you later!
(Lofty: Executor)
(Pay attention!) This is my territory. It's not too late. Be gone in the name of sacred light!


  • After Ain advances to Lofty: Executor, he'll receive a new set of lines, where he shows a more aggressive personality.

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