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|KR=낙인의 흔적      |KRName=Trace of Stigma
|KR=낙인의 흔적      |KRName=Trace of Stigma
|JP=烙印の痕跡|JPName=Trace of Stigma

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DBtraceofstigma.png [Passive] Leave an advanced stigma that affects nearby enemies even more. Using Active Skills 3 times will greatly debuff nearby enemies. When there are more than 5 enemies affected, the duration of the debuff will last longer. (20 sec. Cooldown)


Class Level Required
Daybreaker 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Advanced Stigma
Damage Increase Critical Damage Increase Movement Speed Reduction Duration Additional Duration
(With 5 or more enemies)
1 99 20% 25% 20% 10 Seconds 10 Seconds 20 Seconds

Tips and Details

  • This effect cannot stack with the effect of Stigma Shot.
  • The NA tooltip incorrectly states that the Cooldown lasts for 30 seconds instead of 20.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 낙인의 흔적 Trace of Stigma
Japanese Flag.png Japan 烙印の痕跡 Trace of Stigma

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