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For information about this character in the game proper, see Rena.
ALTER CROWN Leader/Vocals
Name Rena
Role Leader/Vocals
Height 170 cm
Hobby SNS, restaurant tour
Favorite Food Cobb salad
Least Favorite Food Any recognizable meat/fish
Specialty Driving, challenging various things
Attention everyone! Let me show you the perfect stage.

~ Words of Resolve


“ALTER CROWN's leader who leads her teammates on the right path with her cheerfulness and level-headed decision-making skills. Senior idol with a firm knowledge of basics, excellent vocal skills, and colorful list of achievements.”

She easily won 1st place on the survival audition program and succeeded in her debut. She worked as a solo singer until she was invited to become an idol. When her idol debut was decided, she confessed in a certain variety show that she was worried about working as a group because she was used to solo activities. But she boasted later that she was enjoying her time together with teammates and how it allowed her to become more passionate about her activities. She doesn't hold back advice and encouragement even towards other group members. This kind nature of hers makes her very popular amongst everyone in the entertainment industry.

Because of her years of stage experience, fan service, and outstanding artistic senses, she was once chosen as the number one idol for "entertainment show PD's most wanted" list. With her wide skill pool including dancing, singing, and entertainment, she is deemed as a textbook example in the idol industry. Rena is a target for admiration for all those aspiring to become an idol. She is also aware of this and said that she will do her best to become a good example for everyone.

She was once seen by fans taking a test for a certain license and this became a big issue at one point. She mentioned that she likes challenging many things. However, she's the type that likes to finish anything she started so most things she starts don't end with just a challenge. Not too long after she was seen taking the test, there was a famous happening where she drove 4 hours in place of her manager who fell because of a stomachache and made it to her scheduled performance in time.


ELSTAR - Star Icon Elesis.png “She's mature, reliable, and has a big sense of responsibility towards the team.”

She's mature, reliable, and has a big sense of responsibility towards the team so I can always depend on her. It sometimes feels like her mind matured too quickly for her age and makes me want to take care of her like a little sister. She doesn't talk about private matters too much except for when talking about her little brother. When I'm listening to her talk about her brother, I think I can understand why she acts so mature.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Ara.png “Gap in her actions is so cute and lovely.”

The gap between her energetic appearance on stage and her usual slightly clumsy self is so cute and lovely. She was even taking memos when I was giving her advice. Watching her made me think I need to work even harder for my juniors. Also, Ara's cat is sooooooo~ cute!

ELSTAR - Star Icon Rose.png “She's always polite and professional”

She's a new member who was brought in for the concept of our new song. She's always polite and professional so I think there's a lot to learn from her. We go on restaurant tours together often because our tastes are similar…..Sigh… unvisited restaurant list is growing because our schedules have been so busy recently.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Laby.png “You can't help but like her absurd but bright and honest attitude”

I saw her when she was a hot topic for discussion on SNS because of her home shopping mukbang! I was shocked to find out that she was going to make her debut. You can't help but like her absurd but bright and honest attitude. Although we can't meet right now because we're both so busy, I'll make sure to recruit her for our restaurant touring crew one day! Umm… that is if our schedules free up….

ELSTAR - Star Icon Add.png “I thought he was a difficult person to get close to, but…”

I gave him advice when I saw him researching dances late into the night all by himself. But he just bluntly replied, "I got it" then left. I thought he was a difficult person to get close to, but on the next day, he murmured something then ran away after giving me a chocolate drink. I think he was trying to say thanks. Haha, how cute~

ELSTAR - Star Icon Ciel.png “He's like a housewife during his personal broadcast.”

I'm an avid fan of Ciel's cooking show! He's so charismatic on stage, but it's entertaining how he's like a housewife on his personal broadcast. When we met on-set, I carefully asked him if he can recommend any good dessert cafes, but then he gifted me his homemade cookies and tea instead! His dessert tasted like true happiness! Hahaha, I knew I had an eye for people.



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