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<center><gallery widths=200px heights=300px perrow=6>
<center><gallery widths=200px heights=300px perrow=6>
Rena's Champion.jpg|[[Champion of Elrios Set]]
Rena's Champion.jpg|[[Champion of Elrios Set]]
Dragon Priest ALL OUTFITS.jpg|[[Dragon Priest's Prayer Set]]
Dragon Priest ALL OUTFITS.jpg|[[Dragon Priest Prayer Set]]
RenaElswordinWonderland.png|[[Elrios in Wonderland Set]]
RenaElswordinWonderland.png|[[Elrios in Wonderland Set]]
Rena's Warrior Blue.png|[[Champion of Elrios Set|Warrior Set]]
Rena's Warrior Blue.png|[[Champion of Elrios Set|Warrior Set]]

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Rena Alternative Version.png

Costumes marked with flags denote that they are exclusive to that specific server:

  • Korean Flag.png - KR Exclusive
  • Chinese Flag.png - CN Exclusive
  • Flag-us.png - NA Exclusive
  • Japanese Flag.png - JP Exclusive

Basic Information

Costume sets are special outfits that can be worn over top of your current gear, allowing you to customize your look. They also have their own socket slots, and in many cases, offer additional stats and set effects, in order further increase your stats. The following costumes are exclusively worn by Rena.

Cash Shop Icon.png Item Mall Sets

Limited Edition Sets

These are sets that were distributed during events for a limited period of time.

Costume Contest Design Sets

These are winning sets that have been designed by players through an official costume design contest in their respective country. Despite different servers having their own unique costume contests, the designs often get distributed internationally after some time.

Korean Flag.png KR Designs

Chinese Flag.png CN Designs

Flag-us.png NA Designs

Japanese Flag.png JP Designs

Costume Suits

These are one-piece costume suits that are worn in the Costume Suit slot. They will appear over top of your currently worn costumes and equipment.

Ice Burner Sets

Main Article: Ice Burner Sets Models

Bingo Sets

Main Article: Bingo Sets Models

Item Mall
     ElswordNEW.png Elsword Costume
     AishaNEW.png Aisha Costume
     RenaNEW.png Rena Costume
     RavenNEW.png Raven Costume
     EveNEW.png Eve Costume
     ChungNEW.png Chung Costume
     AraNEW.png Ara Costume
     ElesisNEW.png Elesis Costume
     AddNEW.png Add Costume
     LuCielNEW.png Lu Costume/Ciel Costume
     RoseNEW.png Rose Costume
     AinNEW.png Ain Costume
     Icon - Laby.png Laby Costume
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