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For information about this character in the game proper, see Rose.
ALTER CROWN Sub-Vocalist
Name Rose
Role Sub-Vocalist
Height 182 cm
Hobby Tea ceremony, exploring different cultures
Favorite Food Mild Korean food
Least Favorite Food Nothing in particular
Specialty Shooting, routine activities
I'm prepared for debut! Time to conquer the stage perfectly.

~ Words of Resolve


“ALTER CROWN's guest member who shows a strong performance using her powerful voice and charming aura. Elite idol who supports her members using her colorful experience and unchanging attitude.”

Foreign veteran who graduated from bodyguard course. She received an initial offer from ALTER CROWN to join as a regular member, but she refused, saying she had other work to do. Therefore, she ended up joining as a guest member. Although it was an urgent join request, she adjusted quickly by strict research and succeeded in supporting the group's debut. What she said about having other work seems to be true because she doesn't show herself often aside from official performances.

She's famous for always following rules and being overly polite. Her straight attitude reminds people of a well-trained soldier. But even she has a hobby and that's watching drama and experiencing different cultures like eating traditional foods. On her days off work, she is often seen buying street foods or hanging out in tourist destinations.

She was given an AI while working in a research lab off seas, which she's still using to this day. She introduces the AI differently each time, saying it's either navigator or secretary application and such, but it's an all-purpose AI called Zero. When she's seen talking to herself, it's because she's talking to her AI. It seems unlike her usual polite behavior; she treats the AI quite harshly.


ELSTAR - Star Icon Rena.png “She cares a lot for me like avoiding difficult topics and inviting to go eat together.”

Even though there's a lot of questions she probably wanted to ask when I decided to participate as a guest member, she cares a lot for me like avoiding difficult topics and inviting me to go eat outside together. It's because of her that I could adjust to the group quickly. It seems we have a similar taste in food so I should find a good restaurant and treat her to dinner as thanks next time.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Elesis.png “She was looking at Zero with a strange gaze.”

I'm used to Miss Elesis' charisma. Should I say it's similar to the place I was in. There was a time when I drove her to her destination but embarrassed myself because Zero made a mistake. I wished her to forget about this but she stares at Zero strangely after that.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Ara.png “She calls me to watch historical drama together.”

She has the biggest gap amongst us between appearances on and off stage. It's almost as if they are different people. But she's very kind normally. There's a drama she never misses and ever since she found out I was interested in it too, she invites me to watch it together with her. It was a drama I've watched back in my country, but it feels different to watch it on time.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Lu.png “Finishing an entire roll cake like that was…”

I saw her filming in a studio when I was going to take my profile picture after my participation in the group was confirmed. I thought she had the aura of a professional from her acting. Not only that but how she finished an entire roll cake that her manager brought… left a big impression.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Chung.png “I didn't think I'd see him here again.”

I knew about the cello prodigy Prince Seiker. He's famous after all. Was his idol name… Chung? I really liked listening to him play so I was disappointed when I heard he stopped playing all of a sudden. I didn't think I'd see him here again. I'm glad that he's been continuing his performance through a new path.

ELSTAR - Star Icon Raven.png “Thankful person who coached me.”

I had many worries before debut because my dancing skills were lacking, but he volunteered to coach me then. Sir Raven's teaching methods are very compatible with me. Was it because I'm used to how he explains things? Each lesson felt like a training session.



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