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|KR=세틀라이트 드랍    |KRName=Satellite Drop
|KR=세틀라이트 드랍    |KRName=Satellite Drop
|JP=サテライトドロップ|JPName=Satellite Drop

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Prime Operator - Hyperactive.png
[Hyper Active] 공중에서 위성을 떨어뜨려 전방의 적들을 공격한다.
Requires 1 El's Essence (Item)
  • Uses one when Hyper Active skill is used. (Cannot be used without it)
  • Right-click on identified El Shards to obtain El's Essence.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Prime Operator 99 Ultimate Skill II Quest

Skill Information


Level Required Damage (Magical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown Item Usage
99 3258% 16 300 MP 180 seconds ElWater.png x1


Level Required Damage (Magical)
99 781%

Tips and Details

  • Satellite Drop can deal a total of 52,128% (12,496% in PvP) Magical Damage.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 세틀라이트 드랍 Satellite Drop
Japanese Flag.png Japan サテライトドロップ Satellite Drop

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