Self Realization

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DaydreamerPassive3.png [Passive] It became possible to exert force unconsciously.
Maximize and Critical stats will be permanently increased, and critical damage will be increased during awakening.


Class Level Required
Daydreamer 60

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Maximize, Critical Chance
Critical Damage Increase
(During Awakening)
1 60 3% 15%
2 ?? 6%
3 ?? 9%
4 99 12%

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 자아 발현 Self-Expression

Daydreamer Skills
Hyper Active
DaydreamerHyper.png Labyrinth Daydream
Special Active
DaydreamerSkill1.png This Will Sting     DaydreamerSkill3.png Wooki...!     DaydreamerSkill4.png Fantasy     DaydreamerSkill6.png Mirror Shield     DaydreamerSkill7.png Zumyu...!
DaydreamerSkill2.png Time to Wake Up     DaydreamerSkill5.png Pretty Flower
DaydreamerPassive1.png Dream Star     DaydreamerPassive2.png Help, Nisha!     DaydreamerPassive3.png Self Realization     DaydreamerPassive4.png Not Alone