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|KR=영혼의 기억 |KRName=Soul Memory
|KR=영혼의 기억 |KRName=Soul Memory
|BR=Memória da Alma |BRName=Soul Memory
|BR=Memória da Alma |BRName=Soul Memory
|JP=魂の記憶|JPName=Memory of the Soul

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Twilight - Passive 2.png [Passive] Use Erendil to its full potential with knowledge from your predecessors. Enhance Erendil with Erendil Enhance Skills. Enhanced Erendil becomes longer and also might shoot Erendil energy at a certain rate. Additional Attack when landing a successful attack with Erendil when using Erendil Skills.


Class Level Required
Twilight 99

Skill Information


Skill Level Level Required [Erendil Enhance] Erendil Additional Attack (Physical)
Erendil Energy Fire Rate Physical Attack Increase Erendil Energy (Physical) Duration
1 99 30% 5% 200% 20 Seconds 400%


Skill Level Level Required [Erendil Enhance] Erendil Additional Attack (Physical)
Erendil Energy (Physical)
1 99 80% 160%

Tips and Details

  • The Erendil Additional Attack triggers on each of Furious Engage's Consecutive Slashes, effectively increasing its damage by 1,200% when used with at least 2 NF bars (as it will consume 1 NF on use naturally).
  • Despite using Erendil, the slashes of Call of Ruin, Evoke, Eldrasil's Fury, Innocent, and the Final Hit of Furious Engage are not affected by this passive.


Appearance of Erendil while enhanced.
  • While the buff is active, Erendil will be engulfed in a shimmering blue/green glow.


  • 02/22/2018 KR
    • Physical Attack Increase effect added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 영혼의 기억 Soul Memory
Japanese Flag.png Japan 魂の記憶 Memory of the Soul
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Memória da Alma Soul Memory

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