Spiritual Enhancement

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Noblesse04.png [Passive] Enhances the [Soul Eruption] skill


Class Level Required
Noblesse 35

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Soul Eruption Strengthening Tracking Demon Spear
Damage Increase Size Increase Damage (Magical) Amount
1 35 2% 8% 50% 1 x Gathered Souls Spent
2 51 5% 20% 59%
3 56 8% 32% 68%
4 94 11% 44% 77%

Related Skills

Royalguard3.png Soul Collector

Tips and Details

  • The tracking spears fire per soul used, not the amount of souls you currently have available. As such, since Soul Eruption can only use two souls, the passive will only fire up to 2 spears.
  • Currently, the passive is glitched and the Tracking Demon Spears do absolutely no damage when using Soul Eruption as Lu.
    • As Ciel, the spears still do damage, but they deal much less than they should, only about 56% Magical Damage instead of 77%.


Date Changes
10/13/2016 -
  • Damage error fixed.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 혼령 강화 Spirit Enhance
Japanese Flag.png Japan 霊魂強化 Soul Enhancement
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 魂灵强化 Soul Enhancement
German Flag.png Germany Seelenverstärkung Soul Enhancement
Spanish Flag.png Spain Refuerzo de Espíritu Soul Enchancement
French Flag.png France Renforcement de l'âme Soul Enhancement
Polish Flag.png Poland Wzmocnienie Duszy Soul Enhancement
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Fortalecer Espírito Spirit Enhance

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