Statue of Glory

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[Magical] Aisha summons a statue from the ground that launches the enemies once released. After released, a stone statue emerges that prevents enemies from crossing through, and absorbs damage such as arrows when hit. The statue will break either when the HP turns zero, or after a certain time has passed.


Class Master Prerequisite(s) Required for
Skill Tree Skill
Elemental Master Lv5 SP
- -

Skill Information

Skill Level MP Usage Cool Down Damage Duration Statue's HP

40 MP

9 seconds

100% magical damage 7 seconds Summoner Level ×180
2 150% magical damage 8 seconds Summoner Level ×260
3 200% magical damage 9 seconds Summoner Level ×340
4 250% magical damage 10 seconds Summoner Level ×420
5 (MAX) 300% magical damage 11 seconds Summoner Level ×500

Elemental Master Skills
Hyper Active
EM.png Elemental Storm
Special Active
Circle FlameR.png Circle Flame     AishaS6.png Blaze Step     AishaS7.png Cyclone     Lightning Shower.png Lightning Shower     AishaS26.png Chain Burst
Shining Body.png Elemental Body
ElPass8.png Endless Mana     AishaS14.png Elemental Affinity     Elemental Research.png Elemental Research