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Constructed in another dimension by the Debrians in the distant past, Nasods have advanced far beyond those in Elrios.

Elysion is the main island where the father of Nasods, Adrian Nasod rules.

Having made their way to Elysion through Yuno's sacrifice. The journey continues to discover the truth behind the mysteries of Solace and the El Lady. What could Solace be planning in Elysion...?

Chapter 23: What's Happening in Elysion?

Chapter 23

The Elgang has finally arrived in Elysion in their search for Solace and the El Lady. Eve helped Elsword and the rest of the adventurers in disguising themselves as Atlas troops, just as Solace's message reaches them in a fiery form. As they enter Elysion, Bernard tells them the access to Adrian's Palace had been blocked. While communication with Adrian stopped, the Nasods lost control of the chaos around the city. With Durenda's help, Elsword and the gang rescue Nasod workers outside the city and find out how to locate Solac's Fortress.

StoryInvestigate the Code Response
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Deliver Yuno's Memory story quest
  • Lv. 85

While searching for clues about Solace and the El Lady, you've discovered that the Hernacyds are responding to a special code. Let's go to Celestial Crossroads and investigate the Hernacyds.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: This is the place that Yuno told us about...Elysion.
  • Ara: If Yuno had come with us...
  • Lu: ... He would have been really happy...
  • Rena: ... Now, now! Why's everyone so down?! We're in Elysion! Let's plan out our next steps.
  • Elesis: Yeah! For the sake of Yuno, shouldn't we move forward? He also requested us to do something...
  • Elsword: Yeah.. Solace..! This happened because of that bastard!! I have to find him..!
  • Aisha: Hey, Dummy! Where are you going?
  • Raven: Elsword, Aisha's right. If we go without a plan, we'll just waste our time and put everyone in danger.
  • Elsword: ...Alright. So what are we going to do now?
  • Elesis: (Elsword... Why's he in such a hurry...? Is he having a hard time because of Yuno....?)
  • Eve: Moby and Remy can scout the nearby areas. We'll start moving once we figure out the situation. Moby! Remy! Scou-...... ......Wait.'s a signal from Nasods in the area...? Strange. They semm to be reacting to my code.
  • Add: Hoh... so does this mean the Queen's code is effective in this dimension, too?
  • Elesis: Wow, amazing, isn't it? Let's start investigating instead of standing around! The Nasods that have been reacting to Eve could be nearby.
  • Elsword: Alright, then let's go!
  • Aisha: Gosh, where is he going? Wait for me, Elsword!!!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Eve: ... Scouting finished. How intriguing.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,178,430 HQ Shop Item 109955.png Advance Magic Stone x 10 Dunno.png Intermediate High Spirit Weapon Cube
EXP 7,471,930 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] To Elysion!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Investigate the Code Response story quest
  • Lv. 85
  • Go to Elysion

You're certain that the Hernacyds are reacting to a special code. Enter Heaven's Code disguised as Atlas troops and go to Elysion village.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Eve: All the Nasods in this area are reacting to my code. Compared to Atlas, the technology of this place goes beyond any Nasod technology that exists in Elrios.. It's third generation technology.
  • Aisha: Incredible.. Those Nasods are all reacting to Eve, right?
  • Add: (Kuhahaha! As expected, my eyes haven't deceived me. Eve... you never cease to amaze me!) Then we can use that to our advantage. What if we trick them to think we are one of them?
  • Lu: Hoh, that's a great plan! Excellent!
  • Add: Well... It's, It's nothing.....
  • Eve: ..That's not a bad idea. I'll attempt to access their code. Moby, Remy! Assist me.
  • Chung: Is it over now?
  • Ciel: If there's still time, waiting it out might be the best option...
  • Elsword: Eve! Are you almost done?
  • Ara: El-Elsword! You're going to make things worse if you don't stay quiet...
  • Lu: Shh!! Be quiet. It's too noisy!
  • Chung & Ara: S-... Sorry...
  • Aisha: Elsword, don't you have something to say?
  • Elsword (???): Finally.. The Lady that... protects the El....)
  • Elsword: Huh? What'd you say?
  • Aisha: Ha... never mind. I never should have expected something.
  • Elsword: Ah, that's not what I meant. What was that? I thought I heard something..
  • Eve: ..Access finished. Input has been successful, but let's double check. The Nasods here have given me information on which way to go. This way.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Um... Why are they attacking us? Eve, did you mess something up?
  • Aisha: Does Eve know it's you?
  • Eve: ... There was no error in the operation. But due to this new technology, I might have overlooked something when I analyzed the code. Let me check again.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,127,900 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 6,942,720 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] To Elysion! story quest
  • Lv. 85
  • Celestial Crossroads, "Very Hard"
  • Defeat Hernia Orb (Celestial Crossroads, "Very Hard") 0/1
  • Defeat Hernia Shield (Celestial Crossroads, "Very Hard") 0/1

After defeating the Hernacyds, we arrived at Elysion village's entrance but a fiery form embodied with Solace's message threatens us. Soon after, it imbues the two statues at the entrance and blocks us. Defeat the Hernia Orb and Hernia Shield protecting the entrance.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Rena: Wow, it's huge. Will there be things like that inside too?
  • Eve: The central code will only perform through a specific person's command... All access has been blocked.
  • Raven: Is Solace the one responsible for blocking access..?
  • Elesis: (Solace..? Urg..! After the incident in Lanox.. Whenever I hear that name.. My head starts hurting.. Why...)
  • Elsword: ...What the? This place is...
  • Aisha: What's with you, Elsword? Why are you acting like that?
  • Ara: Are you feeling sick? I'm worried.
  • Elsword: No, not that... I've had a strange feeling since I got here...
  • Ara: Huh? I didn't sense anything...
  • Elesis: (Aahh..! My head..!)
  • Chung: Huh..? That symbol is..? Everyone, look over there!
  • ???: ... I didn't think you'd come all the way here. Elsword...
  • Elsword: Who are you?! This voice.. How did they know my name...?!
  • ???: Should I be congratulating you for getting here..? It's too early for you to step foot in this place. If you give up everything and leave this place I will grant you your life.
  • Elsword: ... You.. No way... Solace?! Tell us where you are! I'm going to beat you down...!!
  • ???: ... How pathetic... Are you still stuck on that childish El Search Party-like fantasy? If you give up, you and your friends can avoid a tragic ending. it all depends on your decision.
  • Elsword: ..What? What are you saying...?!
  • Elesis: I'm sorry, but I'll have to decline. Who put you in charge?
  • ???: ... You really are oblivious. Negotiations have broke down.
  • (Crash)
  • Add: Aaah! What's with this earthquake...?!
  • Aisha: Ahhh! Up... Up there!! That stone statue at the village entrance.... It's moving!?
  • Lu: Everyone, be careful! I sense an unusual power from that statue!!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Lu: Haa... What is going on?! Why is that statue attacking us?!
  • Ciel: Huu... I can't let my guard down.. Relax, Lu.
  • Add: That Nasod.... It's energy was on a different level comparedd to other ones. What's going on?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,178,430 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 7,471,930 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] Elysion's Situation
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Obstacle story quest
  • Lv. 85

We arrived in Elysion village and were able to learn about the situation from Bernard.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Raven: Haa.. is everyone okay?
  • Rena: I think so.. Um, Elsword?
  • Elsword (???): (The El... Only one guardian.. This way..)
  • Elsword: ...?
  • Aisha: Hey, Elsword!
  • Elsword: ... Ah, what did you say?
  • Aisha: What do you mean? You're acting strange, you know that? Ever since we came to Elysion!
  • Elsword: Wh- What!
  • Aisha: What do you mean, what?! You're usually noisy, but you're just mumbling to yourself..!
  • Chung: You two, please calm down! So... Ah! Now that we've come to the village, should we begin investigating Solace...?
  • Rena: Yeah..! That's a good idea! But... Where do we go..?
  • Eve: Based on what these Nasods were saying, there's a Nasod in charge of the whole village. Let's go to it.
  • Elesis: Oh! Nice, Eve! Let's go! This way, right?
  • Elsword: ...
  • Elesis: (Elsword is definitely acting strange... Is he bothered by what Solace said? Ack, me too... After hearing Solace's voice, my headache has been getting worse.... I hope it's nothing...)
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Bernard: Hmm... This is bad. This is really bad. Hmm...
  • Elsword: Hey, Mister! Are you the Nasod in charge of this village?
  • Eve: That's rude, Elsword! Have some manners!
  • Bernard: Hmm...? You guys are...?! Ah, are you part of the Atlus army? I heard about this but I didn't think you guys would get here so soon..!
  • Add: (Hoh, it seems Eve's commands are working in this village.. We're being recognized as Atlas troops.. Keukeuk, how exciting!)
  • Ara: It's not that, I...
  • Rena: (Shh! We're being recognized as Atlas troops thanks to Eve!
  • Ara: (Th-That's right...! I almost made a mistake!)
  • Bernard: Yeah.. Thanks for coming at a time like this! I'm relieved... I am Bernard, the one who oversees this Elysion village.
  • Chung: Bernard, can you tell us what the situation is?
  • Bernard: Yeah, you guys should know... All of this happened at the same time communication was cut off from Adrian's Palace.
  • Eve: Adrian? No way... Adrian, the father of Nasods, is here...?
  • Bernard: That's right. That place over there in the far's our creator Adrian's Palace. All schedules in our village are decided based on orders from the Palace, but... All orders have suddenly stopped. At first I thought it was a temorary error... but after some time, communication has ceased.
  • Raven: Does that mean something happend at the Palace?
  • Bernard: I think's not only around the Palace. Even the guards nearby have been powered up... It's highly possible something happened at the Palace. And... Although I can't be sure..Nasod Scouts have also gone missing.
  • Lu: You mean you haven't even done anything yet?
  • Bernard: The Nasods of this village are not allowed to move without orders from the Palace. I have no choice but to wait here... Ahh.. Of course, this village will be safe. It's been fine here..but strange incidents have been occuring...
  • Elsword: Forget that, we're looking for Solace. Do you happen to know where he is?
  • Bernard: Solace? Who is that? I've never heard such a name...
  • Elsword: You don't..? But at the entrance..
  • Eve: Stay calm, Elsword. We need information on this place.

  • Bernard: Hmmm... I can't help but be worried... Not being able to communicate with Adrian's Palace.
  • Ciel: Does anything come to mind?
  • Bernard: Right now there's a first class defense system activated near this village. If the defense system had stored memory from the time it was until now, we can easily figure out what happened but... Like I said before, we can't move unless we're ordered to. Unless we receive a separate order, we'll have to stay put and protect this village.
  • Lu: They really know how to obey orders. Right, Ciel?
  • Ciel: ... Lu, what are your intentions behind calling me?
  • Lu: Ohohoho! It's nothing! Let's go get that defense system's memory from that Nasod!
  • Ciel: Don't change the subjects, Lu.
  • Rena: Sometimes those two are a comedy duo.
  • Chung: R-.... Really...?

  • Elsword: Mister! Here, this is the memory, right?
  • Bernard: Ohhh! Okay, this is right. You guys are amazing..!
  • Eve: This memory... I think I can read it.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 1,388,550 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] Main Culprit Behind the Incident
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Elysion's Situation story quest
  • Lv. 85

After checking the collected memory, we were able to find out about Solace and the situation of Adrian's Palace. After realizing that the disappearance of the Elysion citizens were related to the Herncyds, Bernard asks that we deliver this message to the village chief, Durenda.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Eve: I never thought something like this would have happened...
  • Elsword: Why? What is it?
  • Eve: Currently, Adrian's Palace is blocked from any outside contact because of a barrier.
  • Bernard: A barrier... Adrian... What happened to Adrian?!
  • Eve: We won't know what to expect based on the documented information. The energy waves from teh barrier.. It matches the energy responsible for moving the statue at the entrance.
  • Raven: It seems like Solace is responsible for creating a barrier around the Palace..
  • Bernard: How could this be... The Palace...
  • Eve: One more thing, the Nasod guards have been abducting the Nasod scouts.
  • Bernard: I can't believe it... Is this what's been happening outside the village?
  • Aisha: Exactly! Couldn't you have still put together a group to scout the area?
  • Bernard: That's impossible... Without the Palace's orders, our code forces us to stay here. Hmmm... We can rescue the captured Nasods and gather information from them. First... we'll have to send this information to the Nasod troops stationed in the village and Hernacyd's officer in command, Durenda. They might be able to figure something out.
  • Eve: I see, I'll start searching immediately.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Aisha: Are you, Durenda?
  • Durenda: What's going on?
  • Aisha: (Ugh, This tone... It reminds me of someone.)
  • Ara: (I think I recalled the same person, like Aisha.)

  • Add: Tsk! Stop whispering.. That lady, she heard about the Nasod scouts being abducted, right?
  • Durenda: Yes, I heard.
  • Elsword: ... That's it?
  • Durenda: ...? I was asked a question so I answered. Is there anything else you have to say?
  • Chung: Hmm.. From what we've investigated, the ones that have been abducting the Nasod scouts were the Nasod guards.. So..
  • Elsword: We came here because Bernard told us to deliver a message. Do you know anything about it?
  • Durenda: Bernard? Sigh, I was wondering who you guys were.. The Atlas army, was it? How pathetic of him, asking for help.. Initially I was going to send Nasod Guards under my orders, however that would only increase the tension between our allies. I sent Nasod Scouts instead. You think I'm the one who gave them those orders? Why would I order my units to capture other Nasods?
  • Add: Haa.. You really are bothersome! Eve, show the memory to this Nasod!
  • Eve: Don't order me around, Add.
  • Add: ... Ack.

  • Add: You saw it clearly, right?
  • Durenda: Outrageous...
  • Elsword: Anything would be great. What do you think?
  • Durenda: Tsk..! But there is one thing. Ever since we lost communication with Adrian's Palace, the Palace guards have turned on us. Maybe it's because of that... If something bad were to happen at the Palace, it's defensive systems will activate. Perhaps that code had activated..which could explain why the Palace guards are acting that way.
  • Rena: That means...
  • Durenda: You probably deemed that dangerous, but if a direct command was given to them, then my orders wouldn't go through.
  • Elsword: That...?
  • Durenda: If you're done, then I'd like for you to leave. It's almost time for Phobos to rest.
  • Ara: Phobos? Is there someone else here? I can't see him?
  • Aisha: Ahh.. Ara, don't say anything bad!
  • Eve: I tried to access the code of those Nasod guards, but as expected, access has been restricted.
  • Raven: We'll have to go up against the Nasod guards then.

  • Nasod Worker: Beep.
  • Eve: These are... the imprisoned Nasods. Poor things... Their bodies have been slightly damaged.
  • Rena: That's terrible... How sad...
  • Add: Hmph, Nasods are just lumps of scrap metal..easily replaced..
  • Eve: (Zap)
  • Add: ......Hmm!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 HQ Shop Item 109955.png Advanced Magic Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,388,550 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryOperation 'Rescue Nasod'
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Main Culprit Behind the Incident story quest
  • Lv. 86

While battling the Hernacyds and rescuing the imprisoned citizens, we discovered that there are more imprisoned citizens left. Among the memories of the rescued citizens, information about Solace's Fortress was discovered! But due to a fatal error, more was unable to be extracted. To carry out Bernard's request and save the imprisoned citizens, we decided to return to Celestial Crossroads to find a citizens with a Solid Memory.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Nasod Worker: Beep, Beep-
  • Eve: Is there something you want to tell me? Memory... You stored all the information in your memory? I'm really good. It seems that... there are a lot more captured Nasods than we though. This Nasod is asking us to save them.
  • Elesis: Do you have any other information?
  • Eve: ... This... isn't the Palace. It's an extremely dark place... Isn't this a diceon cube? These stolen diceon cubes are from seems they're being used as an energy source.
  • Lu: A device nearby? Can you explain in more detail?
  • Eve: ...It's memory has been damaged...It's data cannot be recovered. Moby, Remy... Repair this Nasod.
  • Elsword: For now, I think there's only one thing we can do.
  • Chung: Yeah, we need to go save our Nasod friends!
  • Ciel: If we're lucky, one of his friends might hold solid memories.
  • Elsword: Yeah, wait here! I'll save your friends!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elesis: Hey, they're your friends...I tried to save as many as I could..
  • Nasod Worker: Beep!
  • Eve: This Nasod... is displaying his thanks to everyone.
  • Elesis: Haha, what a cute guy! I only did what I had to do!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,178,430 HQ Shop Item 077200.png [Cobo] Stamina Potion x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 7,471,930 HQ Shop Item 109955.png Advanced Magic Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] Solace's Fortress Area
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Operation 'Rescue Nasod' story quest
  • Lv. 86

Most of the data of the rescued citizens were erased or unable to be read due to an error, but thankfully we were able to piece together the bits of data to figure out that Solace's Fortress was under Adrian's Palace. The area was inaccessible, though. Bernard said that Herbaon or Adrian might know a method, so we decide to go to Adrian's Palace to find a method to get to Solace's Fortress.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Bernard: I heard you guys rescued the captured Nasods. Is it okay that we're receiving such big help from you? I'm grateful...
  • Elsword: It's nothing... (This guy is really timid...)
  • Aisha: You made it sound like you did everything on your own.
  • Elsword: Wh- When did I do such a thing!
  • Rena: Sigh... Not again... Stop it!
  • Lu: Have you read the remaining memories, Eve?
  • Eve: There's barely any data left undamaged. I've discovered something after piecing together the information I found.
  • Ara: What is it?
  • Eve: Solace's Fortress... is located below Adrian's Palace.
  • Bernard: No..... Under the Palace?? Hmmm... That's the first time I've heard of it. No one has been under the Palace before.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Bernard: To think that person was there..
  • Add: Keukeuk, even if it's underground, any place inside Elysion, your code can probably access it. Have you tried?
  • Eve: Of course, but access is impossible. It's as if a huge barrier is blocking the way...
  • Ara: By any chance.. Is it related to the barrier around Adrian's Palace?
  • Bernard: Hmmm... maybe. Yeah, Adrian or Herbaon might know..
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 1,388,550 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 24: Find Solace's Fortress

Chapter 24 & 25

To arrive at Solace's Fortress, the El Search Party must enter Adrian's Palace and find the way through Herbaon and Adrian. With Hugo's help, they are able to destroy the barrier surrounding the palace. Once inside Adrian's Palace, Elsword and the gang deal with Herbaon's PooPangs and solve her puzzles through Hugo's code expertise. They reach Adrian safely, but Herbaon, who is protecting Adrian, mistakes them for intruders. After battling Herbaon and clearing up the misunderstanding, they awaken Adrian, who tells them everything that has happened to Solace.

StoryPast the Barrier
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Solace's Fortress Area story quest
  • Lv. 86

To meet Herbaon and Adrian, we passed through the barrier surrounding Adrian's Palace and go inside.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: Her..baon?
  • Eve: Who is Herbaon?
  • Bernard: Ah.. Herbaon has been filling in for Adrian. He's Elysion's key code that is in charge of all construction and management. You can look at it this way...He's the one currently in charge of Elysion.
  • Eve: (Herbaon... The new key code made by Yuno...)
  • Add: ... To find out how to get to Solace's Fortress we need to meet Adrian or Herbaon eventually.
  • Bernard: Yeah. They said Solace's Fortress is under the Palace, but don't know how to get there.
  • Chung: Hmm.. Weill we be able to bypass the Palace's barrier?
  • Bernard: That... is going to be hard, but... No one here knows anything about this barrier either... As you all know, we're...
  • Aisha: So you're saying you can't move unless you have orders, right?
  • Bernard: ..I'm sorry we can't be of more help..
  • Aisha: So you're saying you can't move unless you have orders, right?
  • Raven: Guess this means we'll have to go there ourselves.
  • Bernard: ..Ah! Now that I think about it, there's something I haven't told you guys yet. There's something strange that I noticed. I searched through the memory of the defense system you guys brought me last time....
  • Chung: Do you have any new information?
  • Bernard: I discovered a source near the could be the one responsible for creating it..
  • Ciel: Who? Do you know this person?
  • Bernard: No, I know everything about the Nasods in this area but I have never seen that individual before.
  • Rena: So.. If we stop the person who created the barrier, the barrier will disappear right?
  • Elesis: Then there's no reason to wait. Let's go!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: Such... Power...
  • Aisha: Running around alone, of course you're tired! Dummy!
  • Eve: ... As expected... the barrier surrounding the Palace... is the same energy found inside the statue at the village entrance.
  • Add: That strange power I sensed earlier.. Was that Solace..?
  • Rena: Yeah... So this is one of Solace's evil plans.
  • Elesis: I don't understand what he's trying to do... but for sure Adrian's trying to disrupt his plans.
  • Ara: Umm... Sorry for interrupting you, but I think a guest has arrived...
  • Durenda: There you are. I heard you were able to get past the barrier. Is this true?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,356,350 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 8,399,070 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] How do Deal with Emperacyd
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Past the Barrier story quest
  • Lv. 86

We retreated due to the violent attacks to the Emperacyds. To request help, we went to find Durenda. Durenda gave a detailed explanation about the place of Adrian and the Emperacyds, and suggested that Hugo might know a method to go against the Emperacyds.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Durenda: How's the situation beyond the barrier? Tell me.
  • Elsword: Sigh.. I couldn't look around with all the Nasods attacking me.
  • Durenda: Hm, so that's what happened. It seems he was in a hurry seeing he wasn't able to notice you guys. Perhaps they haven't heard of him yet, seeing as how it's in a state of isolation.
  • Add: Nasod. Didn't you come here for something?
  • Durenda: Ah, that's right. At first I thought you were simply Nasod soldiers, but you guys are stronger than I thought. I acknowledge your abilities, and so will Phobos.
  • Aisha: (Phobos?! Who is that?)
  • Ara: Don't pinch me, Aisha!
  • Durenda: The ones that attacked you are the Palace guards. They received orders from someone. That's why a warning was sent out, resulting in them attacking you.
  • Eve: Is this the one you spoke of before?
  • Durenda: Yeah, that's right. Herbaon. I have no choice.
  • Elsword: About what Bernard told us...
  • Lu: If it's your underlings, do something about those Nasods. We can't move ahead!
  • Ciel: Relax Lu. You said you wouldn't listen to their orders.
  • Durenda: You seem to know it well. They aren't listening to my commands still but there is a way. Nasod Hugo... In this village, he knows the most information. With him, he'll be able to find a way to bypass the Nasod Guards. We'll, that's only if you can understand what he's saying.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Chung: Excuse me. Is anyone there?
  • Rena: Hmm? Seems like there's something here... Aaaahh?!
  • Hugo: S-, Sorry. I didn't meant to. I thought there was something wrong with the device and accidently dropped a part. What I looked all over...but I don't see it. I was thinking and looking at the ground at the same time. So I thought, hey, I should utilize the power of my Nasod arm to get it out! But! I had lent it to a friend who is a scout, and I was here wondering what to do, and at that moment, you guys showed up!
  • Ara: Ahh... I don't understand what you're saying.
  • Lu: Uuuuu.. My head hurts, Ciel. Go find out what they are saying.
  • Ciel: ... There's a problem with the device... Hmm... Something was done to it...
  • Add: Chh...not being able to understand something this simple. Move. Hey, you know a lot about battle Nasods, right? Do you know about the Nasods inside the Palace, too?
  • Hugo: Ah! If it's about that, then I know! Yessiree. There's nothing I don't know about this place. I heard Adrian requested help, and then, um... So what I'm saying is, through those Nasods... Ah, no, so the...
  • Add: That... W-Wait, let me summarize...
  • Hugo: That... W-Wait, let me summarize...
  • Aisha: (Wow, it's gotten quiet. Such a strange talent.)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 1,543,990 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryDestroy the Barrier
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] How do Deal with Emperacyd story quest
  • Lv. 86

Hugo informed us about the Emperacyds' components and a method to easily destroy them. The method was to destroy the barrier surrounding Adrian's Palace. He said that getting rid of the threat will make high alert emergency be lifted. To destroy the barrier, we entered Adrian's Palace and came across the one who create it, Dekal.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Hugo: It's not hard, nope nope! It's a simple principle! So in short, right now we're in a high alert situation, so battle Nasods have positioned themselves in and out of the Palace.
  • Add: No need to explain. I'm pretty sure I just asked for the main points.
  • Hugo: Ah, I might be able to remember... Why didn't I ask them... What was the reason...? If I knew, it would have been easier to handle...
  • Add: You sure are talkative. As a matter of fact, I'm interested in these Nasods. I guess I'll take you apart fir-...
  • Eve: I will not forgive those actions.
  • Add: ... Just saying.
  • Hugo: Barrier... The barrier surrounding the Palace. You have to break it. The barrier, that is! If you break it... the threat level will weaken.. It should be released. Herbaon's emergency alert will stop and the Nasods will weaken in their attacks..
  • Add: ... So if the Palace barrier is broken... the pests will vanish..
  • Aisha: Argh!!! Everyone knows that! We didn't waste our time just to hear something obvious!
  • Hugo: No-no-no-nope, not matter how amazing the mage is... it's not easy to maintain power of this magnitude. There will be! Certainly, certainly! Something that is maintaining the barrier! An emergency source or a battery, or... or something!
  • Raven: Hmm, I see... To maintain a barrier around the Palace isn't easy. If only we can find the power source...
  • Eve: Moby, Remy. Lend me your power. We need to find out what's powering this barrier.

  • Dekal: These persistent rascals... They're on their own path to hell! Kuehehehehe!!
  • Elsword: Stop right there, Dekal! Demn it!
  • Eve: Dekal's new Nasod chair... It seems to be the energy source.
  • Elesis: To think that Dekal was responsible for creating that Palace barrier... What exactly is that guy planning to do..?
  • Elsword: We shouldn't have let him escape...
  • Rena: Since the barrier is gone, the emergency alert should have been lifted, too.
  • Chung: Seems it's easier to get into the Palace.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: This place is... the heart of Elysion, Adrian's Palace...?
  • Elesis: Now we can finally get inside the Palace.
  • Eve: A lot of supplies have been left in Adrian's palace. Adrian wanted to distance himself from the way of the world. He only longed to gather Debrians and create as many Nasods as he could...
  • Add: Hmm... Adrian...
  • Elsword: This is where Yuno used to be.
  • Ara: ... That's unfortunate. He would have liked it...
  • Rena: ... Everyone, cheer up, and let's look inside. Stopping Solace was also Yuno's request.

  • Ara: There are a lot of small, cute Nasod dolls!
  • Elesis: ... The problem are those cut Nasods! They're attacking us!...
  • Eve: Those Nasods answer to their commander, Herbaon... Similar to the royal guards.
  • Raven: Not only that, but there's a lot of tricky puzzles delaying us...
  • Lu: Haa... What a mess.

  • Aisha: Urgh, I really don't want to go back there, but... I guess I'll need the help of that loud and annoying Nasod...
  • Lu: Huhu, don't be like that. We have a skilled translator called Add, right?
  • Add: Treating me like a translator...!
  • Elesis: Haha. Add is quite reliable, no?
  • Add: ... Che.
  • Hugo: Ohhh, I heard it's been released. That Palace barrier! Amazing, really! I was of great help, right?
  • Add: Aside from the Nasods we encountered, there's a new type of Nasod. Have you heard anything about them?
  • Hugo: Ah, I know them! Herbaon created them. It's a hobby of his.
  • Ciel: It's a bit aggressive to be a hobby...
  • Hugo: Hmm... I don't think so. So it's not just a mere hobby. There was a puzzle, right? Those Nasods are guarding them. Because they have to protect them, Herbaon, and Adrian...
  • Add: We need to meet Adrian. We can utilize the Nasods protecting the puzzle to our advantage.
  • Hugo: There's a way, of course! Herbaon's puzzle is tiresome, but it's not as hard as you think. Oh, yes-yes. It's come to me. A magnificent idea! Can you bring it to me? The chip inside the Nasod dolls? I'll create a magnificent device for you!

  • Elsword: Is this enough?
  • Hugo: Let's see... That's fine. This is fine! It's enough! Now, let's start!!!

  • Chung: I- I hear a lot of noise...?
  • Elesis: Oooh, I'm looking forward to it.
  • Hugo: It's done. Look, look! How is it? Do you sense it? You sense it, yes?
  • Ara: I still don't understand...
  • Add: What do you want me to do with this?
  • Hugo: It's simple, really! If you insert it into a Nasod doll, then ta-dah! Their system breaks down! Then there will be a malfunction allowing you guys to pass through to where Adrian is! Simple!
  • Elsword: Urgh... Can I trust you?
  • Aisha: There's no other way, we'll have to head out first.

  • Elsword: Everyone, run!!
  • Rena: Ah... What... Is this... It became.. Even more... Tiring...!
  • Aisha: Haa, it's broken for sure. It's ignoring the puzzle and attacking anything in sight...
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,356,350 HQ Shop Item 109955.png Advanced Magic Stone x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 8,399,070 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] Malfunctioning Dolls
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Destroy the Barrier story quest
  • Lv. 87
  • Talk to Hugo

As Hugo predicted, the PooPangs began malfunctioning. But Herbaon's puzzle became violent and began attacking everything in sight. We deliver this message to Hugo and he asks that we bring him the PooPang Attack Code. Let's go to Adrian's Palace and defeat the PooPang to get the PooPang Attack Code.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Hugo: Th-Th-That can't be... But I was perfect? Where did the error occur...?
  • Add: How pathetic, we shouldn't have trusted someone like this!
  • Hugo: Th-Th-Th-That's right! I promise this time! Bring i to me again!! This time it'll be perfect! I modified the formula...
  • Ara: I'll have to go once more.
  • Lu: Haa, Ciel. I'm going to have to trest here, collect even harder for my sake.
  • Ara: Lu! Lu! Still...
  • Lu: My legs are aching! Can't you? Pleeease?
  • Ciel: Keuk... Don't look at me like that... Fine, rest.
  • Elesis: Haha, what are you saying? We have to go together. Come here.
  • Lu: Aaaah, let go! What are you doing, Ciel?! Stop that coward!
  • Rena: Yeah... Acting immature might work with Ciel, bu there's no way it'll work on Elesis.

  • Elsword: It'll really work this time for sure, right?
  • Hugo: It is! Please trust me! I modified a lot of the formulas. Now if you put this Ver. 2 chip... You'll be recognized as one of them! As a Nasod doll! Doesn't that make everything better?
  • Raven: Yeah, that's if the operation goes right...
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Hugo: Ah, I almost forgot! There's something I needed to tell you guys. Something really important! Because I put you guys through so much... I created special a special function for you. Will you accept it? Here, this!
  • Eve: What... is this? Isn't this the same chip?
  • Hugo: It's a little different! Read the codes inside! An exceptional Nasod like you won't have a problem analyzing it.
  • Eve: ... That's useful information. How interesting.. Nasods that poses the same configuration chip can be controlled.
  • Add: (Hoh... this chip has that kind of function? Kuekeuk, I better keep at least one as research material.)

  • Rena: ... Now that I think about it, you've grown a lot.
  • Ara: I know. Surprisingly, that Nasod knows a lot.
  • Rena: No, that's not what I meant... Even without Add, you can understand what those Nasods are saying, right?
  • Ara: Ah...! Which reminds me... a person's ability to adapt it truly amazing.
  • Eve: Looks like it's working. I will try issuing a command.
  • Nasod Doll: Bee- Beep-
  • Elsword: Wh- What the? They've begun solving the puzzle!
  • Aisha: It looks like it's working now.
  • Eve: These Nasods... are guiding the way. Let's follow them. We're not far from where Adrian rests.
  • Elsword: Finally I can meet Adrian... I'll be able to figure out where Solace is!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,543,990 HQ Shop Item 077200.png [Cobo] Stamina Potion x 1 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryProtector of Adrian
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Malfunctioning Dolls story quest
  • Lv. 87

Hugo's PooPang Attack Code operated correctly. As commanded, the PooPangs solved the puzzles and guided us to where Adrian was. We were able to reach Adrian safely, but Herbaon, who was protecting Adrian, mistaken us for intruders. Win the battle against Herbaon in Adrian's Palace and resolve the misunderstanding.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Eve: This is... Adrian's room.
  • Elsword: Where's Adrian?
  • Aisha: Maybe... that guy named Herbaon is guarding it.
  • Herbaon: ... Who are you guys? How did you get all the way here?
  • Elsword: Huh?!! That's...?
  • Aisha: Could it be..? He looks a lot like someone I know...?
  • Herbaon: ... Atlas troops...? Lies... You guys aren't Nasods! Who are you guys?!
  • Ara: He's really small like Yuno! They look similar, too. Is that Herbaon?
  • Herbaon: Yuno...? Someone similar to me... Do you mean Herjuno? My father told me he betrayed Elysion.
  • Elsword: That's not true! For Elysion and Adrian, Yuno he...
  • Herbaon: Stop it! I get it now.. To have passed through the barrier... You guys are under Solace's command, aren't you? Isolating us with a mysterious barrier... Trying to control Elysion'c central power...! Solace, that coward!! Now matter what, I will protect my father! Go back now!!
  • Eve: Herbaon, calm down and listen to our story. We...
  • Herbaon: It-... It can't be... Eve... You're... Eve, right...? Father had always talked about you... How did Solace get to Eve... You guys changed all of Eve's data, didn't you?
  • Chung: No! Herbaon, what...?!
  • Herbaon: Wait for me, Eve. I'll defeat these bastards and return you back to normal. Father will be happy!
  • Chung: He's... not listening to me...
  • Elesis: We have no choice. Let's take that one down.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Herbaon: Ah... Ahhh... Father... I'm sorry... I couldn't stop them...
  • Elsword: Listen, Herbaon. We're not on Solace's side...
  • Herbaon: Sh- Shut up! Don't come near! I said, don't come near me! Father....! I.... Aahh..
  • Eve: Herbaon, I don't know if you'll believe anything I say, but just keep this in mind... I acted on my own will with these people. I don't know if I made the right choice... but... I believe that at least these people... No... my companions, had reached out to me as my friend. At first they weren't realiable, but after traveling together and analyzing the data I've collected... I've concluded that... Even if humans of the world were to become my enemies, I would be able to trust only them.
  • Herbaon: ... I'm still...
  • Elsword: Herbaon! Let us explain why we came here...
  • Herbaon: ... Okay. In exchange, tell me where you're from. Don't come any closer.
  • Elsword: Okay, alright!

  • Elsword: ... That's why we came to meet Adrian.
  • Herbaon: ... Alright. I understand what you guys are trying to say. Herjuno, that guy... Did he know it would end like this..? Even while I was by father's side... I wasn't able to stop them....
  • Elesis: It's not your fault. You woke up after Solace had left.
  • Herbaon: ... But I...
  • Eve: It's okay. We can still fix it now.
  • Herbaon: Eve... Okay, I'll make it so Elysion's Nasods won't attack you guys. I will... help you.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,356,350 NOIMAGE.png N/A Dunno.png Intermediate High Spirit Armor Cube
EXP 8,399,070 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] What's Happened So Far
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Protector of Adrian story quest
  • Lv. 88
  • Go to Elysion

After resolving the misunderstanding, we decide to wake up Adrian to find out about Solace. With the help of Herbaon, we are able to wake him up. We tell Adrian about Yuno and the El Lady, and Adrian enlightens us about all that has happened regarding Solace.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Herbaon: I want to help, but there's a problem. Father is in a state of hibernation. I have not way of waking him up.
  • Elsword: In a state of hibernation?
  • Herbaon: Father wants to create Nasods for all eternity, but his body is human after all. Time has passed, and father's body had become weaker... He wakes up from time to time, but it's going to take a while for him to wake up this time. But it's not entirely impossible.
  • Elesis: What do we need to do?
  • Herbaon: We can alter the hibernation device's code in order to wake him up faster. For the sake of the situation... Eve, I need your help.
  • Eve: What is it... that I should do?
  • Herbaon: When we try to access the central core of the hibernation device, the vaccines will activate and try to attack us. I'll block those vaccines. During that time, you modify the code.
  • Eve: ... Okay. I will start right away.

  • Chung: How's the situation?
  • Elsword: Let's trust them. Eve and Herbaon will be able to do it!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rena: Ah, look over there! Eve and Herbaon... They've open their eyes!
  • Eve: It is... a success?

  • Herbaon: Father...?
  • Adrian: ... Is it already time to wake up? It seems a bit early... Hm..? You are...
  • Elsword: That person is... Adrian?
  • Adrian: Eve... You're Eve, aren't you? I though you were destroyed during the war, but you're alive...!!
  • Eve: Adrian...
  • Adrian: Herbaon... I'll have to hear what he has to say about who these strangers are... and how Eve is alive and right before my eyes..
  • Herbaon: Father... They are...
  • Eve: I'll explain. I need your help, Adrian.

  • Adrian: ... My selfishness has eventually transformed into anger... Herjuno, I've done something horrible.
  • Elsword: For... Yuno?
  • Adrian: When the child warned us about Solace, I was blinded by greed and refused to listen..
  • Eve: And why is that...?
  • Adrian: The El Lady... Solace suddenly appeared in Elysion with the heir. I... with the power of science thought I could overcome the strength of the El. I thought it would be possible to overcome the strength of humans who relied on the power of the El Lady... But after coming into contact with her, I felt it in by bones... This was something that was beyond human capabilities... The moment I felt it, I wanted to learn more about the El Lady and the power she possessed. I thought If I could interperet that power... I could use it to make Elysion a complete perfect place... a place for Debrians and Nasods to coexist together.
  • Eve: ......
  • Elsword: What did... Solace say?
  • Adrian: For saving us from that meteor shower... he wanted a place to store the El Lady's body. I wanted to help them, so I provided them with our body preserving capsule and techniques... as well as a place to stay underneath the Palace. I knew Solace's goal wasn't just to preserve the El Lady... but I had no idea he was using diceon for his plans.
  • Elsword: As expected..!! What in the world are you planning? On top of that, you created a barrier around the Palace!
  • Adrian: ... I have no words to say for my actions... With what's been happening, I can't hid the truth any longer.
  • Herbaon: Father?
  • Adrian: While concealing my own plans at the same time of giving into his wishes... I secretly implemented a device into the El Lady's hibernation capsule. It enabled me to hack into the control system of the hibernation capsule... Pathetic...
  • Herbaon: How could you...
  • Adrian: Solace discovered what I had done and he soon became enraged. Because the El Lady's hibernation capsule became unstable and fragile, he cast a barrier around the Palace to stop the device.. He even took control of Elysion's power to aid his plans..
  • Elsword: What, then... What's Solace trying to do...?!
  • Adrian: Unfortunately I don't know the whole plan. But if he's using that much of Elysion's central power... it could be enough to affect the whole continent..
  • Herbaon: Sorry, father... If only I had handled the situaiton better...
  • Adrian: You probalby weren't able to do much without knowing the true story..
  • Eve: You're not bad. The problem is...
  • Adrian: Yes.. this all started because my own selfish greed... I had no idea it would come to this... Herbaon... my child. I'm sorry. You've sacrificed a lot.
  • Herbaon: Fa-... ther...
  • Eve: Herbaon... is as good of a Nasod as Herjuno, Adrian.
  • Adrian: ... Yes......... Of course... I feel ashamed saying this, but I think you're the only ones who can stop him. Solace... will become the greatest threat of this world.
  • Elsword: No...!!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,283,450 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,543,990 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 25: The Dark Flame Sun

Elsword and the gang finally manage to infiltrate Solace's Fortress and secure its entrance with Adrian and Herbaon's help. However, they still have no clue what Solace is planning with the El Lady. Meanwhile, Elesis's headache spells continue to get worse and the voices calling out to Elsword gets clearer as they get closer to Solace. What discovery awaits the El Search Party?

StoryFortress Entry
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] What's Happened So Far story quest

Adrian explains to the El Search Party about Solace's Fortress. Afterwards, he leaves Herbaon in command in order to go back to slumber. The Party continues on their way into Solace's Fortress with Elysion allies.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: We have to hurry... We're wasting time while Solace is...! Tell me, how do I get to Solace's Fortress?
  • Adrian: There's a secret entrance. One that Solace knows nothing about.. He probably still thinks I'm asleep... so he wouldn't be expecting me to tell you about this passage.
  • Add: That's good to hear.
  • Adrian: You know that Solace is gathering and bringing Diceon, right? Be careful. His army is strong because it's using Diceon energy. It won't be easy to reach the El Lady.
  • Eve: I don't think he gathered Diceon to simply increase his army. There must have been another motive.
  • Adrian: Yes, although he never revealed it to me.. I'm certain his plan involves the El Lady.
  • Herbaon: Father! I, too, for Elsword and Eve.. Allow me to help them!
  • Adrian: Yes, you should. I will enter hibernation again soon. Herbaon, help in attacking the fortress. I hereby entrust the command of all Nasods in Elysion to assist you. Please help me atone for my mistakes.
  • Herbaon: Yes, father! This time I will be of help... for father... and Elysion!
  • Elsword: Are you guys ready? Now, finally... We'll be heading to Solace's Fortress.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elesis: Aaah..! This is Solace's army...
  • Elsword: Such overwhelming power...!
  • Eve: Continuing to fight here will only make it worse. It'd be best to retreat.
  • Elesis: ...
  • Elsword: Sis? You okay? You don't look so well..
  • Elesis: Ah, yeah. I'm okay, Elsword. (Ack, my headaches have gotten worse since I've been in the Fortress.. And on top of that, my memories... are hazy. What's going on?)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 3,232,400 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 9,474,520 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] Secure Passage
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Fortress Entry story quest
  • Talk to Durenda

Solace's army made of Diceon had shown a different level of attack power than previous enemies. The El Search Party purposely attack place where Solace's army is less concentrated in order to break through for allies to pass. However, things aren't going as they planned, so the Party visit back to come up with effective battle strategies.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Eve: Sure enough.. The combined strength of Diceon energy and Solace's power is beyond one's imagination.
  • Add: If I use use the strength of Diceon... the efficiency will increase that much? Kugh.. Amazing!
  • Raven: To utilize Herbaon's Nasod army, we need to push through the front lines and take control of the battle.
  • Chung: So our objective has been decided. We'll target all firepower towards the entrance of the Fortress and secure entry!
  • Rena: Everyone, let's go! Solace is up ahead!
  • Chung: Entry has been secure... but based on the overwhelming strength of Solace's army, they could recapture it.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Durenda: Is that why you visited me? You're lucky. Phobos..
  • Aisha: Kyaaaaah!!!!
  • Durenda: All of a sudden this yelling! How careless..!
  • Ara: I'm sorry..! So... about Phobos... Who exactly are you talking about?
  • Durenda: Ha? He's right before your eyes! Can't you see this beautiful noble appearance? Sigh... you guys don't know how to recognize magnificence.
  • Ciel: They were talking about the sword... in their hand...
  • Durenda: What did you say? This isn't just a sword. It's Phobos, the God of Victory.
  • Lu: Aw... Okay, what did Phobos say?
  • Durenda: How generous, he's asked to help you guys.

  • Durenda: Securing entry was a wise choice. Our army needs to secure passage to the battlefield before we do anything.
  • Raven: Chung, your cannon really helped! Nice work!
  • Chung: I- I'm flattered!
  • Durenda: Good, let's occupy the area inside the Fortress one by one.. Don't be careless. An underground Fortress means there will be traps and surprises.
  • Add: Hmph, and your highness appears.

  • Elsword: Kugh... What's with these guys...?!
  • Raven: (Pant)... (Pant)... I don't know, I've never seen those guys before.
  • Eve: It's an uninterpretable code. It's a Nasod, but... it's a completely different type of existence.
  • Aisha: The Nasods just stopped working... What in the El is going on?!
  • Ara: Now... What should we do..?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 1,709,040 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] Lost Birds
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Unit Relocation story quest
  • Talk to Theodore

After a fierce battle, the Party succeed in advancing further, but cannot continue to withstand Solace's attacks. The village's accessory merchant approaches the group and says there is a suspicious device inside the fortress. He asks the Party to find his Nasod birds in exchange for the exact location of the device. The group finds Nasod birds fallen inside the fortress and bring them to the accessory merchant. The merchant explains about the location and details of the Diceon energy device.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: ... How are we supposed to right these guys...
  • Theodore: Worrying about it won't solve the problem. It's okay, don't rush into it.
  • Ara: Who... are you?
  • Theodore: Haha, have you guys guys explored the village yet? I've been watching you guys this whole time.
  • Elsword: You've been watching us..?
  • Theodore: Yeah, I was thinking on making a deal with you all!
  • Aisha: Do we look like we have the time to make a deal in this situation?
  • Theodore: Listen, I can send these Nasod Birds to collect information and stories. I've gathered a lot of information. I'm probably the first one to know about your arrival and the fight you had with the village entrance statues.
  • Ara: You're right! How did you know?
  • Theodore: The Nasod Birds I send off... I'm able to hear and see everything through them. So what I'm trying to say is... I need you guys to find the lost Nasod Birds inside Solace's Fortress.
  • Add: Hoh...? .... Alight, be we have one condition, too.
  • Chung: (Add?! We shouldn't be wasting time, right?)
  • Add: (Be quiet, fool. If we can just use him to our advantage.)
  • Theodore: I wasn't going to ask for you to do it for free, anyways. What is it that you want?
  • Add: It seems the Nasod Birds were sent into the Fortress... He must know something, right?
  • Theodore: Haha, you're sharp. I can share information. Inside the Fortress... there's a strange device consisting of Diceon. Strangely, whenever my Nasod birds get close, all communication stops... as if it's absorbing their Nasod energy.
  • Elsword: A device... that absorbs the energy of Nasods?
  • Raven: Is it possible because of that device that Herbaon's army has stopped working.
  • Theodore: There are birds inside the Fortress. I'll get them to find the location of the device if you bring them back safely.
  • Add: That's easy. Alright, that concludes the deal!
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ara: These aren't all the Nasod birds, but I hope we have enough.
  • Theodore: It's not all of them, but these are enough. You've gone through a lot finding them.
  • Eve: Has the location of the device been identified?
  • Theodore: Of course. I'll tell you the exact location. And this device... just know it's no ordinary device. I think it's best you visit Hugo and ask him about it.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 HQ Shop Item 109955.png Advanced Magic Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,709,040 Dunno.png Star Fruit Cookie x5 NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] Why They Are Strong
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Lost Birds story quest
  • Talk to Hugo

The El Search Party goes to an alchemist to find out more about this device. The alchemist listens to their story and explains to them that Solace's army gets their power from this device. He asks the group to destroy this device.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Hugo: Ah, we're acquaintances, right? It's nice to see you again! Okay-okay, what's the occasion? A fantastic invention... of mine... or perhaps you just want to see me? Haha, stop it! It's embarrassing.
  • Add: As usual, your babbling and gibberish. I came to ask something.
  • Hugo: Which... one?
  • Add: It's about the Diceon device found inside Solace's Fortress. Nasods using energy absorbed from Diceon.. There has to be more to it...
  • Hugo: Is... that true? Really? These situations happened as expected. I think I'm beginning to understand. How should I explain... That core...
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Raven: Core? What is it being used for?
  • Hugo: I'm not entirely sure... but those monsters... the ones that use Diceon energy... are probably receiving energy from the core. Did you know? What Diceon is? It's amazing. To be able to store such an energy source... and as much as they wanted..! And the Diceon energy can be remotely supplied. It makes them revive after getting attacked, attacked, and attacked. Endlessly.
  • Add: What is that...?!
  • Elsword: Then... We can attack the core first once we locate it! We need to cut off their energy supply!
  • Hugo: Keep that in mind! For sure! The core should be shut down first to stop Solace's soldiers...
  • Elsword: Alright.. Everybody remembers the location, right? Let's go!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 0 Dunno.png Star Fruit Juice x5 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 1,709,040 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StorySub-core Destruction
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the [Village] Why They Are Strong story quest

Let's go to the location that the accessory merchant told us, where the sub-core of the Diceon energy device should be. (Elsword feels something familiar) The party breaks two devices but the attacks don't seem to be weakening. The Party discovers there are other hidden devices, thus they ask for help form the accessory merchant again.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chung: Haa.. Even though their energy source was destroyed, they don't seem to be stopping.
  • Ciel: Is there a hidden core somewhere?
  • Elsword (???): (Guardian of... the El... do you hear me?)
  • Elsword: ..?!
  • Elesis: Elsword, what's wrong?
  • Elsword: Something... Feels familiar... Ah, it's nothing.
  • Elesis: (Right now... something's strange. Elsword... is okay, right...?)

  • Theodore: Ah~ There you are. So, have you destroyed the core?
  • Elsword: Yea, we did. But Solace's army is still on the offensive, what's going on?
  • Theodore: Hm.. really? I'm certain that device was the source of energy powering the soldiers... Does that mean there is an unknown core somewhere?
  • Elesis: That's why I need your help.
  • Theodore: Okay. I believe you need my help. I'll need to prepare something, will you wait here for me?

  • Elsword: (Strange.. The closer I get to Solace.. the clearer the voices are.. What was that?)
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Rena: Um, over there.. I think Theodore has returned.
  • Theodore: Did I take too long? I have good news. Two more cores were discovered in the vicinity of the opposite end.
  • Ara: Two? Two of them?
  • Theodore: However don't be shocked, I also have some bad news. The previous two cores and the new ones we found are all connected to the center of the fortress. It's all very suspicious so I'll have to look into it more. There seems to be a large central core. Starting from the sub cores, they're all receiving an immense amount of energy.
  • Eve: The central core... Is it gathering Diceon energy?
  • Theodore: You think so? Minus the energy used to supply power to the fortress and soldiers.. there seems to be another unknown source of energy... I was able to feel it indirectly through my Nasod birds... That energy was similar to the power of the large El...
  • Elsword: The great... Strength of El...
  • Theodore: The situation doesn't look good. I can't tell what Solace is really trying to do...
  • Elsword: The strength of El... Solace...
  • Theodore: Are you heading out to destroy the remaining cores?
  • Elsword: Yup, of course.
  • Theodore: ... The central core. It's good to take note of it. Even though stopping Solace is the most urgent matter. The energy that the core emits... You can't ignore it.
  • Elesis: Shall we go destroy the remaining cores? Let's go, Elsword!
  • Elsword: Sis, are you sure you're okay?
  • Elesis: ...
  • Aisha: (What the... Those two...? What are they doing?)

  • Chung: I sense something different this time! Their attacks are weakening!
  • Raven: I see. Are we close to capturing the fortress?
  • Ciel: It's too early to come to a conclusion. Anything can happen at this point.
  • Elsword (???): (... Elsword, help them.)
  • Elsword: (What do you mean, help?! Who are you?!)
  • Elesis: .. Elsword! Elsword!
  • Elsword: Huh, Sis? Ah...
  • Aisha: Um... You guys don't have to be embarrassed about something like that, just tell the truth.
  • Elsword: What? What do you mean?
  • Rena: Yeah. Elsword... Elesis, you guys have been acting weird ever since we've gotten to Elysion. Are you guys really okay?
  • Ara: It's also been bothering me.
  • Elsword: N, no. Seriously...
  • Eve: Wait...! Everyone, stop.
  • Lu: ... I feel a slight vibration.
  • Add: ... I don't think it's too far.
  • Eve: The source of the vibration... is that way. Follow me.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 3,232,400 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 9,474,520 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryFinal Battle
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Sub-core Destruction story quest

As he gets nearer to the central core, Elsword once again feels something familiar. It's a familiar feeling, like the one you've know for a long time, but there's something else about it. When the Party arrive at at the central core, the surroundings change all of a sudden with huge tremors. Finally the shaking stops, and the Party sees a woman in front of them, sleeping in a capsule. Instantly noticing that the woman is the El Lady, Elesis suffers from a serious headache once more. Solace stares at Elesis, feeling sorry for her, and hands a sword to Elsword. Elesis and Elsword barely recover their senses, and the rest of the Party engages in a battle with Solace. When the battle comes to an end, the Party collapses by the force of Solace, and it was only Elsword who struggles to his feet. Upon looking at Elsword standing, Solace says that the time has come and starts the device. At the same time, the light beams through the device, and Solace and Elsword disappear into the light.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Chung: Have we arrived?
  • Ara: I think so...
  • Elsword: (That's really strange... Have I been here before? No, it can't be... But what is this feeling? Something feels familiar... And I feel a longing... This power... I'm sure I've felt it somewhere...)

  • Chung: This place. I feel massive energy...!
  • Add: That's right..! There's no doubt about it. This is..!
  • Eve: .. Central core!
  • Rena: Solace did that to create this..?
  • Eve: It probably is. This is... made up of massive Diceon. And... I sense a great power... That's beyond this world.
  • Elsword: It can't be.... This strength.. El?.. It's the El.. From the past..
  • Eve: Yes. It's showing similar wave forms like that of the previous El before it exploded. But, Elsword.. How did you?
  • Elsword: Huh..? Did I just...
  • Raven: Solace... He needed Diceon to recreate a power similar to the Large El from the past?
  • Elesis: A large El like the one from a long time ago...?
  • Aisha: What exactly is the plan for all this energy?
  • Rena: Probably with the El Lady... Ah...!
  • Raven: Everyone, be careful! The ground is shaking again!

  • Elsword: Urgh... This place is... Is everyone okay?
  • Aisha: Give me a break... Uh?
  • Lu: Aaah... Getting surprises like this is tiring!
  • Ciel: Lu, are you okay? This area is a lot different than before...
  • Aisha: Up there..!
  • Rena: Then that means... The person inside...
  • Elsword: The El Lady...?
  • Elesis: ... Ughhh...!!
  • Elsword: S- Sis!
  • Elesis: My head...
  • Solace: There was no choice. The El Lady is near, she's being naturally selected as the heir.
  • Elsword: Who are you?!
  • Solace: You've made it all the way here, Elsword... and the El Search Party.
  • Elsword: This voice is.. Are you... Solace?
  • Elesis: Aahhh..! My head... feels like it's splitting..!
  • Elsword: Elesis!!! Solace!! What did you do to my sister...?!
  • Solace: I already told you, didn't I? She has been chosen as the El Lady's heir, so naturally she's reacting to the El Lady's power. Elsword, I told you. Everything falls upon your decision. Is this the result of what you have accomplished this whole time? All you've done only slightly delayed the inevitable. Was the El Search Party fun? Let's end it now. This is the final test. How will you resist this power?
  • Elsword: What?
  • Solace: Show me the justice you speak of, and the true strength of you and your friends... Otherwise, you and your friends will... End your lives here.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Elsword: (Is this place...?... I don't see anything... What happened to everybody...? Solace... How did he... My body feels heavy.. It's hard to move...... The light... I see the light up ahead... Let's follow it.)

  • Elsword: (This place is...? I can't see anything... What happened to everyone...? Solace... How did he... My body feel heavy.. It's hard to move... A light... I see a light up ahead... I'll go there.)

  • The voice of Sigmund and his brothers: (Get lost, you bastard. You monster... You only possess abilities due to your bloodline. If it wasn't for you..!!)
  • Fenriart: (... Stop...!! How long are you going to torment me? I didn't choose to be born like this...... This isn't a problem I can't solve. I don't want to think about mother... and the village people I couldn't save.)
  • Hernia: Sniff... Sniff...
  • Fenriart: What's that? (That kid... the girl that entered Solace's family a few days ago... Was her name Hernia? She was discovered on the battlefield and is said to possess a great El ability...) You, what are you doing here?
  • Hernia: Ah...! It's nothing. I-...
  • Fenriart: ... I don't know what's going on, but no one here is going to care that you're crying.
  • Hernia: No... I was just...
  • Fenriart: (She has scars all over her body.) That pendant is damaged. Where's the gem, and why's only the string left?
  • Hernia: ... This is just... I think I lost it when I fell down...! I have to hurry... and find it, sniff...
  • Fenriart: (These aren't scars from accidents... It looks like traces of torture..... There aren't many who would do this. It has to be them.)
  • Hernia: I'm, I'm okay! Thanks for worrying about me...
  • Fenriart: ... Wait. I think I know who did this.
  • Hernia: Ah..! W-Wait...!

  • Solace's Soldier: Kh...
  • Fenriart: Now you steal things from a little girl? Not only that, you even bullied her?
  • Solace's Soldier: We... We were just ordered..
  • Fenriart: I know. Go and tell my brothers that Fenriart is at it again.
  • Solace's Soldier: Kugh...! Yes, sir.
  • Fenriart: ......
  • Hernia: Ah! Thank you.. But won't Fenriart get in trouble...?
  • Fenriart: Don't worry about it. I never really liked those guys. And no need to call me Fenriart. I don't want to be treated like your brothers.
  • Hernia: ... O-... Okay, sorry. And... thanks.

  • Fenriart: Hernia! Hernia!! Is she not here? Were can she be...?
  • Hernia: Sniff....
  • Fenriart: ... Hernia?
  • Hernia: F-Fenriart...
  • Fenriart: What are you doing here? Also, what's with that scar...
  • Hernia: It's, it's nothing! The thing is... I was playing with the m-maids and... I fell!
  • Fenriart: Did my brother do this?
  • Hernia: No, this is..!
  • Fenriart: Don't beat around the bush. Those scars... You can't get those from simply falling down..!
  • Hernia: ... Fenriart, I'm fine.
  • Fenriart: Wait, I'll wrap it with this.
  • Hernia: I don't want you to get in trouble with Sigmund because of me.
  • Fenriart: I'm not being scolded because of you.
  • Hernia: But...!
  • Fenriart: ... That will do. Ask the maid to disinfect it. You don't want it to scar...
  • Hernia: Okay... Fenriart, promise me. Promise me you won't fight with Sigmund.
  • Fenriart: ... Alright. You can go.
  • Hernia: ...
  • Fenriart: ... If you don't trust me, I'll swear on this necklace. It's something my mother gave me before she passed away.
  • Hernia: .. Mother's?
  • Fenriart: Yeah, it's important to me. Do you trust me?
  • Hernia: Okay. I'll trust you, Fenriart! Don't fight, okay?
  • Fenriart: Alright, alright.. Get going.
  • Hernia: Okay.
  • Fenriart: (... Sorry, Hernia.)

  • Sigmund: Wh-, What are you doing?! Guard!!!! Guard!!!!!
  • Fenriart: I'll make my brother pay for what he did to you.
  • Sigmund: How dare you point your knife at me...?! You think you can get away with this?! Let go! Aaaahhh!!!!
  • Fenriart: ... Next time, it won't end like this.
  • Sigmund: You... You..!
  • Fenriart: The one my brother really hates is me. Leave Hernia alone!
  • Sigmund: Kugh...
  • Fenriart: Yeah, come find me anytime. Then...
  • Sigmund: Kuhahah, letting your guard down like that, how stupid!!
  • Fenriart: ?!!
  • Hernia: Fenriart!!
  • (Flash!!) (Hernia's El power strikes Sigmund.)
  • Fenriart: Hernia?!!
  • Sigmund: What is this? This light?!! Aaaah!!!
  • (Thump!!)
  • Sigmund: Eu... uuuk... You brat... You, you won't get away with this...!!
  • Hernia: Fenriart, are you okay?
  • Fenriart: Uh, yes...
  • (Shine...!!)
  • Hernia: Is this...?
  • Fenriart: Huh?
  • Hernia: My necklace and Fenriart's necklace... are shining... at the same time...
  • Fenriart: What...?
  • Fenriart's Mother: (Fenriart... This necklace is the Rubenian Resonance Stone. It is a magic stone that resonates with our El ability. It is a special stone that our ancestors wore to remember each other by... as they were spread throughout the continent...)
  • Fenriart: (Hernia... Were you a Rubenian like me...? The same as my mother and those villagers I couldn't protect...?!)
  • Hernia: Fenri... art?
  • Fenriart: No, it's nothing... It's late. Go and get some rest.
  • Hernia: ... You're always getting hurt because of me... I'm sorry...
  • Fenriart: You can stop apologizing now.
  • Hernia: ... Okay.
  • Fenriart: (I will protect you...!)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 3,232,400 HQ Shop Item 109955.png Advanced Magic Stone x 10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 9,474,520 Dunno.png Star Fruit Cookie x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A

Chapter 26: The Past and the Future

Chapter 26

Elsword is transported to Solace's distant past and the truth slowly unfolds before our hero's eyes. The tragic series of events eventually leads back to our hero, Elsword. What choice will Elsword make for the people of Elrios? Continue the journey to find out!

StoryNight of Ishmael
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Final Battle story quest
  • Halted Sun's Memory, "Hard of Higher"
  • Defeat Knight, Soldier, Spearman, and Magician of Solace's Family ('Halted Sun's Memory', "Hard of Higher") 0/20

Sigmund tires to hurt Hernia to take her El energy away, and Hernia desperately calls for Fenriart in a faint consciousness. Fenriart intuitively feels Hernia is in danger and saves her from Sigmund. Realizing Hernia can no longer be safe around his family, Fenriart suggests she should leave with him on the Night of Ishmael, when the successor of the El Lady is chosen.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Hernia: ... Fenriart is really amazing... Your El ability became stronger is just a short time.... Whew, how long has it been since it's been this peaceful? I wish everyday was like this!
  • (Rustle)
  • Hernia: ... Huh? What's going on... Sigmund...? Ah...?!
  • Sigmund: Keuhehehehe...!! Hernia, if only I could steal the El energy you possess, I'd be able to get rid of that good for nothing Fenriart...!!!
  • Hernia: I... can't breathe... S-Stop....
  • Sigmund: Bastard, do you think you can become the Master of the Sun? Stop kidding yourself... It belongs to me!!!!
  • Hernia: Fen.... Fenriar.... t....!

  • Solace: ... Hernia.. I hope she's safe. Always being depressed... I worry for her.
  • Hernia: (Help... me, Fenriart...)
  • Solace: (... Hernia?)
  • Hernia: (Fenri... art...)
  • Solace: Hernia!!

  • Solace: Hernia!!!
  • Sigmund: Who is that?!
  • Solace: Brother... What have you done..?
  • Sigmund: Kuek, you... Why are you here... Keukhuhu, it doesn't matter! If I could just get this brat's El energy... I could become the Master!!
  • Solace: Stop!!
  • Sigmund: Shut up!!

  • Solace: Kugh!
  • Sigmund: I am the first of the Solace family and a being of the El! I can easily get rid of someone like you!!
  • Solace: Ke... euk, Le... t go... of Hernia!!
  • Sigmund: I can't do that. Once I take this brat's El energy, then I will become the world's greatest El being!! Keuhahaha!!
  • Solace: Stop!!
  • (Flash!!) (The El power of Fenriart pierces through Sigmund.)
  • Sigmund: Kugh...!! Cough... F... Fenriart... how dare you...
  • (Thump)
  • Solace: ... H, Hernia... Hernia!!!
  • Hernia: Fenri... art...?
  • Solace: Are you okay? Are you hurt?
  • Hernia: Run away, Fenriart! Sigmund won't let you get away!
  • Solace: ......
  • Hernia: Is that Sigmund? It can't be... Is he dead...?
  • Solace: ... If Sigmund took your El energy, you would have died... This place isn't safe for you. Many want to become Masters and would do anything in their power... Sigmund did try to take your El energy.
  • Hernia: Then... what do we do..?
  • Solace: Let's leave this place.
  • Hernia: ?!
  • Solace: It's the only solution. Staying here will put your life in danger.
  • Hernia: Fenriart... but...
  • Solace: The Night of Ishmael is when the next heir of the El Lady is chosen... Pack lightly and meet me in the backyard where we used to meet. I'll see you there, Hernia.
  • Hernia: ... Okay, alight. I'll do it.
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Solace: (Hernia's not here yet...? Then again... the night watch will make it difficult to get away... If Hernia can't get out... I'll have to go and get her.... She's late.... I hope nothing is wrong.. Hernia's room is... that way... Huh...? What's that light...?)

  • Solace: It's... It's bright...! What's happening...? That's definitely Hernia's room...!

  • Passerby: (Is this the house of the next El Lady?)
  • Passerby: (It is! I'm sure of it!)
  • Solace: Hernia! Hernia, what happened?!
  • Envoy of High Priest: Do not come closer. Hernia Solace has become the new successor to the El Lady on the Night of Ishmale.
  • Solace: What? What do you mean?! Move aside! Hernia! Hernia!!
  • Envoy of High Priest: What is the meaning of this?! Guard! Get this fool off the carriage this instant!
  • Solace: Where are you going, Hernia... Together... We were supposed to leave together...!
  • Envoy of High Priest: If you keep this up, I will have no choice but to use force. Get away from the carriage! Now, go!
  • Solace: Hernia... Her... ne... How... How could this happen?
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 3,259,610 Dunno.png Star Fruit Cookie x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 10,723,110 Blessed Enhacment Stone.png Blessed Enhancement Stone x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryTo Become a Master
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Night of Ishmael story quest
  • Halted Sun's Memory, "Very Hard"
  • Defeat El's Guard Envoy ('Halted Sun's Memory', "Very Hard") 0/5

Fenriart becomes shocked and saddened by Hernia's departure. Believing he cannot live a life without Hernia, he goes on to train to become a Master, only with the goal of getting back with Hernia.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Solace: (Why... why?! Why was it Hernia of all people....?! The El Lady... The fate of having to watch the El forever.. giving up being human... Her... nia... I can't give up like this...! I'll... bring her back....!! Now I remember this voice..! Master... I'll become the Master of the Sun no matter what!!)
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • High Priest: ... Good, everyone agrees. As we gather here for the ritual of the Master of the Sun, the new successor has been chosen.
  • Solace: ...
  • High Priest: The successor will be Fenriart Solace, step forward.
  • Solace: Yes.
  • High Priest: As the Master of the Sun that oversees the power of the sun, do you vow to dedicate the rest of your life for the El Lady and the El?
  • Solace: Yes, I swear.
  • High Priest: You, as the Master of the Sun...
  • Solace: (Where is Hernia?)
  • High Priest: Lastly, we will announce the new Master of the Sun to the El Lady to receive her blessings.
  • Solace: (Finally... Hernia!)
  • (Step... Step...)
  • El Lady: Raise your head, Fenriart Solace, the new Master of the Sun.
  • Solace: ......! (Hernia, finally...!!)
  • El Lady: Under the name of the goddess Ishmael, I announce you as the new Master.
  • Solace: (Hernia, why are you holding such a cold expression...?)
  • El Lady: Carry with you the blessing of the El...
  • Solace: (Hernia...!!)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 3,259,610 Dunno.png Star Fruit Cookie x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 10,723,110 Dunno.png Star Fruit Juice x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
StoryHarmony Festival
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the To Become a Master story quest

Fenriart, appointed as the Sun Master, knows what sad life the El Lady is destined to have only to be a slave to the El. He grows a deep hatred of the El, the El Lady and the Master System. He only wishes to run away with Hernia and starts to make a plan. Solace falls in anguish when the preparation came to an end. He still hasn't made up his mind when the Harmony Festival is drawing near.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Solace: (... Hernia... did she decide to forget me and fully live her life as the El Lady...? Then should I respect her decision? I want to return to the old days with Hernia... Am I being so selfish? But...!!)
  • Ebalon: Solace, did you know about the Illuminous Phenomenon...?
  • Solace: Illuminous..? What do you mean?
  • Ebalon: Illuminous.. The fate of the one that becomes the El Lady. Those chosen to be the El Lady not only dedicate their life... but they slowly begin to lose their sense of reality as a human and eventually become a slave to the El.
  • Solace: ......!!
  • Ebalon: We Masters must dedicate our lives to the El as well, but the weight we bear is different... How tragic..

  • Solace: El Lady, it's just the two of us...
  • El Lady: ... What's... wrong, Master Solace?
  • Solace: ... Hernia...
  • El Lady: ... I see...
  • Solace: I know I shouldn't say this. But for me.. time has stopped since the night we decided to leave the family and the day you were chosen as the El Lady. It's not too late. Let's leave together.
  • El Lady: ... I understand...
  • Solace: Hernia... If you continue to exist as the El Lady, your original self will begin to disappear. I don't want that..!
  • El Lady: ... Fenriart. I'm no longer the young cry baby from the past. I'm now responsible for supporting all of Elrios with the El.
  • Solace: But...!
  • El Lady: I cannot put the whole world in danger for the sake of my own happiness. This... could be your path, too, Fenriart.
  • Solace: But Hernia!
  • El Lady: It's an earnest request. If you really are doing this for me, help me... so I can fulfill my responsibilities.
  • Solace: ... Hernia...

  • Solace: Denif! What's going on here?
  • Denif: Was that Solace...? I feel as if the events from one hundred years ago is happening again. Thankfully nothing big happened to the El Lady today. One hundred years ago, Henir fanatics attacked the El Lady, and the large El became unstable. The whole continent was on the brink of ruins..
  • Solace: Henir fanatics? What kind of people are they... to do such a thing...?!
  • Denif: Those fanatics worshiped Henir. They believed that everything that exists outside the universe of Henir should be destroyed. They wanted to be destroyed everything created by the ancient gods Elia and Ishmael. They've been after the El Lady and the El for quite a long time...
  • Solace: It can't be... Does that mean the current El Lady is at risk of being attacked?
  • Denif: As of now, we need to protect the El Lady at all costs..

  • Solace: (I can't have Hernia become an accessory to the El. No matter what... I must find a way to stabilize the large El without the El Lady.. If that's possible... Hernia will reconsider..!!)

  • Solace: (The preparation is done... At the Harmony Festival.. On the final day..!)
  • El Lady: ... Fenriart.. I can't leave with you... Don't push me in this situation..
  • Solace: It's okay, Hernia. Everything is ready. The El will hold together even without your sacrifice. Let's really leave together this time. There's nothing that will stop us.
  • El Lady: Fenriart... Everything since that day has ceased to exist.... But I... The truth is... I can't really remember our times together in the past... My memories are a blur... Even if you were to take me away... We still wouldn't be able to share our memories... You'd be left with an empty shell of my former self...
  • Solace: No.. Hernia... For you, I will definitely..!
  • El Lady: The festival... Please take care of it...
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Solace: (Today is the final day of the Harmony Festival... What... am I supposed to do? I can't leave Hernia like this... She's dying with her eyes open. But is it okay for me to ignore her will and take her for my own selfish reasons? Hernia might be right. Perhaps I haven't moved on from that day everything was taken from me.... I... let my own selfishness take over. I had a hard time accepting how much Hernia has grown... I almost threw her into more despair... Okay... Hernia... I'll... swear to dedicate my life to you forever as the Master of the Sun...)
  • (Boom...!!)
  • Denif: ?!!! What's going on?!!
  • (Chhng.... pshhh!!)
  • Denif: What in the world is going on?! What's wrong with the El?
  • Solace: !!!!! Why all of a sudden...?! (This phenomenon occurs when El Energy is divided! This is the first step in escaping with Hernia..!! How..? I didn't power it up but the plan is being carried out!!!!)
  • Denif: Everyone, calm down! The Priestesses and El Lady are inside the tower! Trust these people and secure the area!!
  • Solace: (No! According to my plan, the division should've been slower so the large El and the El Lady can be separated. This type of abnormal speed will make the El and El Lady unstable! Then... Hernia will...!! No!!)
  • Denif: Solace?! What are you doing?!
  • Solace: Hernia... Hernia..!
  • Denif: Stop! I can't let you enter the tower!
  • Solace: Move! Hernia is in danger!
  • Denif: What are you doing?! Everyone!! Stop him!
  • Solace: Don't block me... Get out of the way!!!

  • Solace: Hernia!!!!
  • El Lady: ......
  • Solace: Hernia!! Please open your eyes!! (No... At the Harmony Festival the El and the large El will manifest energy while being connected mentally. In this state, Hernia's consciousness is attached to the large El!) Please...! If only there were a way I could reach Hernia...!!
  • (Shine...!!)
  • Solace: !! Mother's necklace... The Resonance Stone!!
  • Fenriart's Mother: ... The Rubenian Resonance Stone has the power to resonate for all eternity... allowing you to find others with the same...
  • Solace: With this!!
  • (Flash!!)
  • Solace: Hernia!! Hernia, answer me!! (Focus... let's focus. Hernia's necklace will react to the waves of the Resonance Stone...! Please... Hernia!!)
  • (Shine...!!)
  • Solace: There!!
  • Hernia: ... Hart!
  • Solace: That's...?
  • Hernia: Fenriart, this way! Ahahaha!!
  • Fenriart: Hernia! Don't go too far!!
  • Solace: What... is this?
  • Hernia: You know, Fenriart. I don't get sad anymore when Signmund's soldiers bother me. Because when I look at this necklace.. and see it shine so brightly... I feel as if Fenriart is always next to me.. protecting me.
  • Fenriart: Hernia...
  • Hernia: No matter what I'm going through... You'll protect me, right...?
  • Fenriart: ... Yeah, whatever harsh situation Hernia is in... I... I will protect her as long as this necklace shines.
  • Hernia: Okay... that's a promise!!
  • Fenriart: Yes, I promise...!!
  • Solace: Hernia.. You didn't remember any of the past... Even in this situation like this... You didn't forget our promise..... Hernia! If you hear my voice... If you hear this resonance, show yourself! I will no longer bother you over my own selfish needs. You're already suffering, I don't want to cause you any more pain... This time... I will protect you...!!
  • El Lady: Fenri... art?
  • Solace: Let's... leave this place together...!!
  • (Flash!!)
  • Solace: Did we... escape?
  • El Lady: ... What... How did this happen...?
  • (Crash... Boom...!!!)
  • Solace: Oh no, the large El is starting to overflow!
  • El Lady: No... how did the El get to this point... I... What will I do now...
  • Solace: ... Hernia.. Hernia..? Where are you trying to go..?!
  • El Lady: The El.. The El is calling for me... I have to go..!
  • Solace: No... it's too late! You shouldn't go any closer!!
  • (Boom!!)
  • El Lady: Aaaaahh!!!!
  • Solace: Hernia!!!
  • (Flash!!) (The two disappear with the light.)
  • ???: Huhu... not a bad ending.
  • (Boooooom!!)
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 3,259,610 Dunno.png Star Fruit Cookie x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 10,723,110 Dunno.png Star Fruit Juice x10 NOIMAGE.png N/A
Story[Village] The Moment of Choice
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives Description
  • Complete the Harmony Festival story quest
  • Reach Lv. 97

Elsword sees a faint light before his eyes once more. The surrounding areas become light then get dark and black again. Solace stands in front of Elsword's eyes. Elsword, finally determined, goes forward past Solace, and the faces of his friends flit through his mind. Finally Elsword reaches his hand and chooses the future of Elrios.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • Elsword: (... Wh- What did I just see...?)

  • Elsword: ... This place is...
  • Solace: ... Did you all see that?
  • Elsword: ... Yeah.
  • Solace: I'll say no more. You know very well what happened after.
  • Elsword: ... The El exploded, and the shattered pieces spread throughout the continent. Only Ruben's El Shard... and the six protected by the Masters and Priestesses survived..
  • El Lady: (Ishmael... your power... I wasn't able to protect it!!)
  • Elsword: Kugh, illusions again..
  • Solace: ......
  • Elsword: You... What exactly were you trying to do? What were yo trying to achieve by crossing over to this dimension?
  • Solace: ... What did you feel after experiencing my memories?
  • Elsword: That's...
  • Solace: Hernia fell into hibernation from the shock of the El exploding. It wasn't her fault... but she blamed herself for not protecting the El... The El... Why must we depend on its existence? I looked all over to find a place to conserve Hernia's body... after awhile I came upon Elysion. How did we end up become so dependent of the El...?
  • Elsword: We can't survive without the El! That's why I want to find the El Lady and restore peace to this world. And we've all had to make sacrifices to get here!
  • Solace: No, it's not like that. Now you know. That's the reason why we had to do this. Hernia imprisoned herself with guilt after the El Explosion. She won't wake up until the El is reconstructed and this world returns to how it was.. But the El if the El is reconstructed, Hernia will resume being victim to the El as the El Lady. Elsword, do you think this is what I wanted? Even after seeing what happened?
  • Elsword: Were you showing me all of this to educate me?
  • Solace: Yes indeed, your existence is important. You hold the strength to change this world and build a new future.
  • Elsword: What?
  • Solace: I have no doubt that Elsword is the one who holds the strength to change the future of Elrios.
  • Elsword: What... Are you talking about?
  • Solace: A power that resonates with El... And the pure desire to restore the El. I've been watching you. Your existence touches the deep roots of the El.
  • Elsword: It can't be... The visions I've been having... were delivered by the El?
  • Solace: Those visions that torment you are proof. Our beliefs you are the one that will change the world were not wrong.
  • Elsword: No, it can't be... I have memories of my sister, friends, and everyone I've met until now. My memories with them are there. Even if there is a part of me that I know nothing about... It doesn't mean I exist solely for the El!
  • Solace: ......
  • Elsword: I've walked this path with the help of others... for those who supported me... I promise to restore the El and bring peace to Elrios no matter what!
  • Solace: ... It was expected that you wished to recover the El. But if the El is reconstructed through your unconditional desire, history will repeat itself.
  • Elsword: Kugh......
  • Solace: The El Lady, Masters, Priestesses, and I have existed for the El. We do not wish for any more sacrifices. A world without one absolute El... That's the future I desire for Elrios, and for this I have prepared for. All lifeforms are sharing the strength of the combined energy of Ruben's El Shard and the six attributes to live. With this we can create an Elrios which does not depend on the El.
  • Elsword: That's foolish... I can't believe it! Elrios will collapse without the El...!
  • Solace: ... If this is against your wishes, you can defeat me.. but in turn you will become the guardian of the El. If this is what you wish, sacrifices will be made. Starting with your sister... who is the heir...
  • Elsword: ... Elesis...!!
  • Solace: Elsword... You must have felt something while fighting alongside your friends... You guys are strong and were able to withstand a demon army. But do you think you were able to win those battles due to strength alone? No... it was the result of all the people that helped you along the way. You can't change the world alone... To maintain the world and change it... you must be aware of all lifeforms that exist.
  • Elsword: I already know that! I know what kinds of sacrifices it took to get here. I'm only here because of all the sacrifices everyone had made... I don't want to put anyone through this again.
  • Solace: ... Now, the time has come for the chosen one... the one who holds the world's fate in their hands... to decide. What path will you take to protect Elrios?
  • Elsword: The path... to protect Elrios.
  • Solace: Choose the future you desire, Elsword.
Quest Completion Dialogue

Elysion Clear Video

  • Solace: Choose the future you desire, Elsword.
  • Elsword: Choice... I...
  • Lu: What are you waiting for, go!
  • Ciel: That's right. I'll make you gourmet cookies when you get back.
  • Add: Hey, cub. Don't think too hard.
  • Ara: I trust you, Elsword!
  • Chung: Elsword can do it! Have faith!
  • Eve: I'll follow your decision. You are my... f... friend.
  • Raven: Elsword, you're doing fine.
  • Rena: Yeah! We've always done well, right?

  • Zero: Rose!
  • Rose: Shh!

  • Aisha: Hmph, since when did you worry about things like this? Just be yourself. Whatever your choice is, it's yours.
  • Elesis: Elsword. You've grown a lot. I'm proud of your, brother. You know I'll always be by your side, right? Now, go!
  • Elsword: Yes, everyone... Solace! My choice is..

  • Elsword: And this was the start of everything..
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 3,131,400 Tear of Fenriart.png Tears of Fenriart NOIMAGE.png N/A
EXP 9,421,410 NOIMAGE.png N/A NOIMAGE.png N/A

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