Sweep Rolling

SweepRolling.png [Special Active: Strength] Summon a power triangle. Charges up until the skill key is no longer held down and fires. Super Armor status during charge.
Force Field Skill
  • Skill reacts to Force Fields (Must fire to apply)

Core Activation Skill

  • Successful attack made during Awakening will activate the Core Attack.

Final Enhanced Skill

  • Damage is increased by 1.2 times.


Class Level Required
Code: Electra 15

Skill Information

Mode Triangle Damage (Magical) Max Hits Duration MP Usage Cooldown
Charged Uncharged (Immediate Release)
Normal With Force Field
Before Field Amplify Spectrum Reactive Fusion
Per Triangle Triangle Count Per Triangle Triangle Count
PvE 346% → 898% 24 28 3 26 26 3 N/A 5 Seconds 200 MP 14 Seconds
PvP 67% → 714%
PvE 415% → 1078% 24 28 3 26 26 3 30 30 3 5 Seconds 200 MP 14 Seconds
PvP 80% → 209%

Skill Traits

Critical Sweep Rolling Regenerating (1) Sweep Rolling
Attribute Effect MP Usage Attribute Effect MP Recovery
MP Usage increased to 120%
Skill will ignore 50% defense (25% defense in PvP)
240 MP 50% chance of regaining 50% of the MP Usage 100 MP

Total Damage

Mode Base
Uncharged Charged
Normal Amplify Spectrum Reactive Fusion
Per Triangle Max Per Triangle Max
PvE 16,924% 19,762.2% 8,188.95% 22,076.85% 12,103.65% 6,180.75% 16,052.25% 11,547.73%
PvP 3,272% 3,819.6% 1,582.35% 4,267.05% 2,340.45% 1,194.75% 3,104.25% 2,226.07%

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • Releasing the skill key will release the triangle forward. Foes are continuously pushed and damaged until the triangle's duration is over. If an enemy was not grounded, they will be kept airborne by the triangle.
    • If the triangle's center is too close to the ground, enemies may be grounded by the skill's hits, even if they were held airborne before. This occurs especially frequently when it passes through a force field.
  • While held down, this skill will receive an average damage increase of ~1.406% per hit. The maximum charge attainable this way increases the skills damage by ~29.6%, nowhere near the listed maximum damage, making releasing the skill immediately almost always the better choice, especially with Code: Recovery - Breaker and any field active.
    • When fully held down, the skill will explode in place right after the 23rd hit, dealing 1 additional hit with the same damage.
  • Regardless of being charged fully or released at any point, the 21st hit of the skill will knock enemies down if they are not currently held airborne by the skill. If the skill passes through a force field however, it will instead knock down on the 23rd hit.
    • While being held down, this knockdown hit will occur immediately after the 20th hit, dealing around 0.39% more damage, before the damage increase continues to climb normally.
    • When released, this knockdown hit causes the damage to jump up to maximum charge when it occurs. This is the only way to attain the listed maximum damage, and this interaction is not mentioned anywhere on the skill.
  • When released immediately without a force field active, the skill will deal 21 uncharged hits and 8 maximum charge hits.
    • In Amplify/Spectrum/Reactive/Fusion Mode, the skill will do 3 hits before the force field, 19/57 (19 Per Triangle)/19/57 (19 Per Triangle) uncharged hits after the force field, and 7/21 (7 Per Triangle)/11/33 (11 Per Triangle) maximum charge hits after the force field.
  • While the damage of Reactive and Fusion Mode is substantially lower, the homing properties allow them to much more easily actually deal full damage to a single target, even ones that cannot be moved, so they are often the preferred mode.
  • Eve cannot be hit for a short moment when she releases the triangle.
  • The Super Armor granted while charging the skill grants a 30% damage reduction and immunity to Faint and Flattened, but other effects like   Enemy DebuffFreeze will still cancel it.
  • When used with a Force Field, the Force Field will stick around for quite a decent amount of time after the triangle has passed it, even outlasting the triangle itself making it an excellent option for providing Energy Needles with a field.
  • There is a bug where if an enemy who is being hit by Sweep Rolling while being suspended in the air Mana Breaks, they will be untargetable but the triangle will still pull them with it.
  • If an opponent in PvP attempts to jump into Sweep Rolling from below, they will bounce off it downwards assuming they can receive hitstun.


Date Changes
01/26/2012 04/03/2013
  • Sweep Rolling added.
06/27/2013 11/06/2013
  • Renamed to Sweep Rolling - Over Charge.
11/07/2013 02/12/2014
  • Initial triangle size increased.
  • Initial damage increased.
  • Damage increase over time increased.
04/20/2015 -
  • Hitbox changed to follow the visual effect, so it becomes smaller.
08/20/2015 01/27/2016
  • Renamed to Sweep Rolling.
01/12/2017 01/24/2017
  • Damage increased.
04/27/2017 05/10/2017
  • Damage increased.
  • Damage decreased.
06/29/2017 -
  • Fixed issue where Damage Modifier not work in Reactive Mode.
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage increased.
09/11/2019 09/25/2019
  • Casting speed increased.
  • Hit count increased.
  • Duration decreased.
  • Damage decreased.
  • Absorbing trait changed to Critical.
09/26/2019 10/23/2019
  • Hit that knocks down applied later during the skill.
01/28/2021 02/24/2021
  • Maximum damage increased.
    • Damage increase over time unchanged.
  • Initial damage increased.
  • Initial damage decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
  South Korea 스위프 롤링 Sweep Rolling
  Japan スイープローリング Sweep Rolling
  China (Simplified Chinese) 翻滚扫描 Sweep Rolling
  North America Sweep Rolling - Over Charge (between November 6, 2013 and January 27, 2016)
  Germany Elektronenschraube Electron Screw
  Spain Hélice de electrones Electron Helix
  France Vrille d'électrons Electron Spin
  Italy Vite di Elettroni Electron Spin
  Poland Elektro-Śruba Electro Screw
  Brazil Circuito Giratório Spinning Circuit