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the basic translation of the jobs backstory text:

"Though somewhat excited about the new environment, Laby feels discomfort as she follows the trail to the world outside the forest. A sense of unease that she hasn't been able to shake off has affected her in battle, but with the help of Nisha she defeats the enemies, but in the process hurts Bellond. Laby, who feels a sense of guilt after the battle, finds that her wounds won't heal, causing her to realize the sense of discomfort which has plagued her.

Outside of the forest, there was nobody like Laby. She was as out of place as her brightly colored body had been while she was alone in the forest. "Am i... alone here?" Laby, confused, leaned on Nisha, her only sanctuary she had since the Black Forest. "Everyone is different from Laby, but Nisha? Will you listen to my story?"

The voice had dissappeared and Bellond was kind, but disbelief ate away at Laby's heart. The more Laby travelled, the more she remembered of Nisha, who has been with her since she was in the forest. Eventually she relies on Nisha with her mind closed."


Considering Respect turns all three of those skills into Physical damage, it's not really that strange that the vines and black aura do physical damage in this path's skills and commands, just a bit surprising. FlareKyn (talk) 23:02, 31 January 2019 (UTC)