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! scope="row" | [[:Category:Equipment|Equipment]] & [[:Category:Accessories|Accessories]]
! scope="row" | [[:Category:Equipment|Equipment]] & [[:Category:Accessories|Accessories]]
| ▪ [[Arena Sets (S4)]] ▪ [[Boss Drops]] ▪ [[Legend Equipment]] ▪ [[Regional Equipment]] ▪ [[Unique Equipment]] ([[Amethystine Prophecy Equipment]] ▪ [[Elrianode Equipment]] ▪ [[Secret Dungeon Equipment]])
| ▪ [[Arena Sets (S4)]] ▪ [[Boss Drops]] ▪ [[Equipment Sets]] ▪ [[Legend Equipment]] ▪ [[Regional Equipment]] ▪ [[Unique Equipment]] ([[Amethystine Prophecy Equipment]] ▪ [[Elrianode Equipment]] ▪ [[Secret Dungeon Equipment]])
! scope="row" | Equipment Functions
! scope="row" | Equipment Functions

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