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TiTTiny.png Time Tracer
Name Edward Grenore (Add)
Class TiTTiny.png Time Tracer
Weapon Dynamos, Nasod Armor, Space-Time Distortion
Age 18
Height 176 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Weight 56 kg (123 lb)
Class Tree {{
Icon - Add.png Arrowright.png Icon - Time Tracer.png Arrowright.png Icon - Diabolic Esper.png Arrowright.png Icon - Mad Paradox.png
Release Date Korean Flag.png 4 September 2014
Japanese Flag.png 18 March 2015
Chinese Flag.png 18 March 2015
American Flag.png 18 March 2015
European Union Flag.png 18 March 2015
Taiwanese Flag.png 19 March 2015
Bresil Flag.png 15 April 2015
Speed: Slow Average Fast UI - Magical Class.png
Attack Range: Short Medium Long
Difficulty: Easy Normal Hard Magical
Kukukuk!! Now, I'll take back everything!! Kuhahak!!

Icon - Time Tracer.png Time Tracer

[A manipulator of dimensions]
Destroys dimensions and teleports through them to overwhelm enemies in battle.

 [Dynamo Configuration - Space Breach]
Distort space to easily attack distant enemies. You can hold the skill key to deal additional hits while approaching the enemy.
 [Gravity Buster]
Use this skill to inflict damage and debuff on enemies in a large area. Using Dynamo Mutation Points will slow down enemies.
 [Reverse Circle]
Use this skill to teleport and attack an enemy, and teleport back again. If someone is after you, you can use this skill to attack them instead.
 [Stardust Shower]
You can move right away after using the skill. You can move around while numerous energy projectile attacks your enemies.


The temporally displaced Add tries to find a way back to his own time, with the hope of changing the events that led to his misery.

"Finally.. It's finally complete!!

With great effort, he finally figures out the time travel equation. To implement it on his Dynamos, he only needs the right material—a unique mineral he manages to steal from the Ponggos in Altera.

"Ah! You can't take that pong! That's important research material pong!!

Now the "Time Tracer," capable of moving through time and space, Add directs his attention to finding an energy source that will let him make more accurate time-space calculations for his ultimate journey home.

First Class Advancement

Add can decide between advancing as a Psychic Tracer, an Arc Tracer, or a Time Tracer.
Time Tracer can also be obtained by using the Cash Shop item: Time Harddisk  

Time Tracer

  1. Talk to Echo in Elder.
  2. Collect Lock of Banthus's Hair from Banthus in Underground Waterway.
  3. Collect a Nasod Safety Device from Wally No. 8 in Wally's Castle.

Upon reaching Lv. 35, a Time Tracer can advance into a Diabolic Esper.

Skill Tree

Skills Passives Locked
          Level 15
          Level 25
Level 30
          Level 35
          Level 40
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 40.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 2nd job class.

Additional Combos

  : Applicable only when Add is in Dynamo Configuration Mode, and will be activated after   or  .
  : Nasod Armor combo damage is calculated without Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit nor Awakening and is based on average physical and magical attack.
  : All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1.05x multiplier during 1st job.
Image Description Damage
    Spatial Sparks

After   activates, create spatial cracks in front of you and rush in, finishing by warping the space around you.

  470% Phy. Damage
  361% Damage
  223% Damage x2
  361% Damage x2
  83% Damage x3~6 + 97% Damage

    Spatial Blitz

After   activates, knock enemies into the air and catch them by warping the space around your hands.

  470% Phy. Damage
  361% Damage
  389% Damage
60% Damage x6~11
+ 458% Damage

  Spatial Pull

After doing    , creates a time hole and pulls in targets from a distance. While in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening), the time hole is replaced and instead, you will kick forward a space orb that explodes and launches enemies backward.

  249% Mag. Damage (2 MP)
  281% Mag. Damage (2 MP)
  225% Mag. Damage (2 MP)
  316% Mag. Damage

  Spatial Acceleration

After doing    , rush forward in super armor with a spatial orb to damage enemies. When used in Configuration Mode (Awakening), you will fire the orb instead of rushing forward.

  249% Mag. Damage (2 MP)
  281% Mag. Damage (2 MP)
  225% Mag. Damage (2 MP)
  217% Mag. Damage

  Spatial Break

After doing the standard   , dash forward in super armor, punch and create a spatial crack.

  56% Phy. Damage x4
  245% Phy. Damage

  Spatial Sphere

After doing either    or    , warp yourself to the platform below and fire a spatial orb which explodes upon contact. Enemies are launched diagonally upwards in the direction you are looking after the orb explodes.

  186 Mag. Damage (3 MP)
  186 Mag. Damage (3 MP)
  117% Mag. Damage x3 (8 MP)


Date Changes
09/24/2015 03/03/2016
07/18/2019 08/14/2019
  • Movement delay after all Nasod Armor commands vastly reduced.


Special Active

  Gravity Buster
  Reverse Circle
  Dark Matter Explosion
  Stardust Shower


  Dynamo Configuration - Space Breach


  Seal of Time
   Camilla's Secret Manual (Intermediate) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Intermediate Training Skill Quest or Item Mall.


  Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit
  Time Control



Full Gallery: Add/Gallery



Tips and Details

  • The 3rd   in the      and      commands still launches the enemy and the final   or   will trigger Spatial Movement instead of pulling them or rushing forward if you have at least 1 Dynamo Mutation Point while in Dissolution Mode (Non-Awakening). While in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening),Nasod Armor combo will be triggered if you input either   or   after the 3rd  .
    • After advancing to Diabolic Esper, the 3rd   won't launch the enemy anymore and the final   and   will no longer trigger Spatial Movement. While in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening), the final   and   can be inputted normally.


  • Whilst doing the class change quest for Time Tracer, the Korean dialogue between characters seems to imply that Add was poisoned during his travels through time and space, though this has yet to be confirmed.
    • This could be the cause of the visible purple veins on the original portrait, which leads to Diabolic Esper having black sclera.
  • Time Tracer wears an eyepatch over his left eye, which is covered by his hand in his portrait. This eyepatch will appear within the game as part of his default hairstyle.
    • The eye below the eyepatch likely has the same black sclera that Diabolic Esper has, as implied by the official concept artist for Add and the cover of the 6th issue of Quantum Leap.
    • The eyepatch can be removed with a custom hairstyle, though his eye looks entirely normal.
  • Time Tracer is shown with a belt filled with flasks, holding one of the flasks in his hand in the portrait; In-game, these flasks serve no purpose at all and are never shown being held.
  • Time Tracer/Diabolic Esper/Mad Paradox and Battle Magician/Dimension Witch/Metamorphy are the only classes capable of manipulating time and space.
  • After advancing to Time Tracer, Add's character selection screen quote changes to match his new personality.
  • After advancing to Time Tracer, Add made it his goal to travel back to his original time to prevent his family's death.
  • Investigation of the official document shows this class was initially called "포스 트레이서 (Force Tracer)".

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
  South Korea 타임 트레이서 Time Tracer
  Japan タイムトレーサー Time Tracer
  Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 時空追擊者 Spatiotemporal Tracker
  China (Simplified Chinese) 时间追踪者 Time Tracer
  Germany Time-Tracker Time Tracker
  Spain Rastreador espaciotemporal Spatiotemporal Tracker
  France Voyageur temporel Time Traveler
  Italy Tracciatore del tempo Time Tracker
  Poland Inżynier Czasu Time Engineer
  United Kingdom Time Tracker
  Brazil Rastreador Temporal Temporal Tracker


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