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Tutorial Maps. Individual tutorials for all characters! Experience the new tutorial dungeons and the character's story.

Image Tutorial Area Image Tutorial Area
Ruben Village Forest.png Ruben Forest (Elsword) Ruben Village Forest2.png Ruben Forest (Aisha)
Ruben Village Forest2.png Ruben Forest (Rena) Altera Renovated Lab.png Altera Research Lab
Altera Core Center.png Center of Altera Core‎ Dawn Hamel.png Dawn of Hamel‎
Burning Fahrmann.png A burning village‎ Ruben Village Practice Range.png Ruben's Training Ground
Elder Castle Underground Lab.png Elder Castle's Underground Laboratory‎ Lanox Backstreet.png Backalley of Lanox‎
Rose Tutorial.png Outer Atlas Station RubenForestAin.png Chaotic Forest of Ruben
Black Forest Grave.png Black Forest Cemetery

Hunting Fields