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|KR=기력 개방  |KRName=Energy Release
|KR=기력 개방  |KRName=Energy Release
|JP=気力発散             |JPName=Energy Divergence
|JP=気力解放             |JPName=Energy Release

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BSPasssive2.png [Passive] All the chi that was dormant is unleashed, enhancing the body, and allow to use spirit balls more efficiently. Allows to gain additional Energy after using Secret Arts.


Class Level Required
Devi 99

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Debuff Duration Decrease Command Spirit Balls MP Usage Decrease Sprit Overload
(Command Spirit Balls Effect)
Unleashed Chi
(Upon using Secret Wolf Art : Killing Howl or Secret Rakshasa Art : Purgatory)
Movement/Attack Speed Decrease Stack Amount Duration Additional Spirit Energy when gaining Spirit Energy Activation Rate Duration
1 99 30% 2 MP 3% 10 5 Seconds +1 100% 20 Seconds

Tips and Details

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 기력 개방 Energy Release
Japanese Flag.png Japan 気力解放 Energy Release

Devi Skills
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BSPasssive1.png Chi Release     BSPasssive2.png Unleashed Chi
Master Skill
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