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Korean/English Phonetic Differences

Note: For KR to NA English Translations, one should note that many of the phonetics used in English are not present or highly similar to some of the phonetics used in Korean and other Asian languages. Consequentially, when converting Korean Hangul into English phonetics, there are many ways to do it.


F is similar to P in Korean (Feita/Peita reference the same thing) L is similar to R in Korean (Lento/Rento is an example) Soft sounds such as "th" and "s" are similar in Korea (Besma/Bethma are similar)

Consequentially, I think we need to discuss whether some of the "differences" we have in names that we have listed are really actually differences. As the original text in-game is in Korean, we have no way of verifying what specific phonetics the Korean to English translation in KR use; all of the translations and English spelling decisions were made by fans, not the actual game-makers themselves.

My personal opinion is that if the translation is minor with only phonetic differences, we should not reference it as a change, simply because it can be interpreted either way based on the translator.