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Hi! I'm a simple Italian user of this Wiki.~ (I'm really sorry for my broken english :c)

In-game PGs

VPmini.png MegaGewaldro - Level 67 - Created in: 3rd Jenaury 2012
SDmini.png Natalya Arlovskaya (Arlovskaya in-game) - Level 64 - Created in: 19th December 2013
Yeah, I like old icons more than new ones :c

In-game pets

Pet Name Status Personality Name meaning Character
Petit STG3.png Grovy 97%/100% - Never used Sociable and impulsive (8,5) Based on my first character's name (Grovyle) MegaGewaldro
Magician STG3.png Circe 86%/80% - Under used Sociable and sensible (-3,7) Based on Circe MegaGewaldro
Hacthling Wild3.jpg Mauler 99%/0% - Never used Sociable and sensible (-2,1) Random name MegaGewaldro
DeathreaperIcon.png Yuri 98%/39% - Favourite pet Sociable and sensible (4,2) A very beautiful russian name... Do not confuse it with the genre of anime/manga! :( MegaGewaldro
RaelIcon.png Amitie 84%/8% - Usually used Shy and sensible (-10,-9) Based on french word amie (Female friend) MegaGewaldro
Uniel (Adult).png Arsh 93%/21% - Rather used Shy and sensible (-4,0) Beautiful random name MegaGewaldro
UniringAdult.png Brat 94%/17% - Rather used Shy adn sensible (-5,-3) Brat mean male brother in russian; he's Arsh's younger brother MegaGewaldro
Petit STG3.png Russia 73%/16% - Never used Shy and impulsive (8,5) Random name Arlovskaya
NewYearPoru.png Feliciano 81%/77% - Usually used Shy and impulsive (0,0) Based on Feliciano Veneziano's name Arlovskaya