Sharp Wound

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[Special Active: Strength]
Plant thorns in the darkness. The dark thorns will shoot out in three ways, then strike the enemy again as they return.
[Obsidian Darkness]
The shadow throws a shadow boomerang from the other side.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • MP Usage is decreased by 20%.


Class Level Required
Silent Shadow 40

Skill Information

Mode Sharp Wound (Physical) Max Hits [Obsidian Darkness] MP Usage Cooldown
Per Thorn Thorn Count Shadow Wound (Physical) Max Hits
Per Shadow Thorn Shadow Thorn Count
PvE 623% 7 3 32% 9 2 200 MP 15 Seconds
PvP 224% 12%
PvE 623% 7 3 32% 9 2 160 MP 15 Seconds
PvP 224% 12%

Skill Traits

Heavy Sharp WoundRegenerating (2) Sharp Wound
Attribute EffectCooldownAttribute EffectCooldown
Damage increased to 144%
Cooldown increased to 120%
18 Seconds50% chance of lowering cooldown to 60%9 Seconds

Total Damage


Per ThornMaxPer ThornMax

[Obsidian Darkness]

Mode Base Memory's End
Normal Heavy Normal Heavy
Per Thorn Per Shadow Thorn Max Per Thorn Per Shadow Thorn Max Per Thorn Per Shadow Thorn Max Per Thorn Per Shadow Thorn Max
PvE 4,361% 288% 13,659% 6,279.84% 414.72% 19,668.96% 5,015.15% 331.2% 15,707.85% 7,221.82% 476.93% 22,619.3%
PvP 1,568% 108% 4,920% 2,257.92% 155.52% 7,084.8% 1,685.6% 116.1% 5,289% 2,427.26% 167.18% 7,616.16%

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Tips and Details

  • As the thorns spread out vertically, only tall enough enemies can be hit fully by the spinning part of the skill.
    • With proper spacing and at least one thorn connecting, any given target can be hit at least 7 times, or 9 times by the shadow thorns from [Obsidian Darkness].
  • The hitbox of the thorns being thrown out/retracted is a bit larger than their hitbox while spinning in place. It is entirely possible to only hit the throw/retract hit of a thorn, yet not have the spinning connect.
    • Curiously, the normal thorns have a slightly easier time hitting enemies while spinning while [Obsidian Darkness] is active, allowing the skill to sometimes land 2 thorns fully even when in those same conditions only one would have normally.


Date Changes
12/17/2020 01/13/2021
  • Sharp Wound added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 날카로운 상처 Sharp Wound
France Plaie profonde Deep Wound
Poland Głębokie Rany Deep Wounds
Brazil Ferimento Lacerante Sharp Wound