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You can now add your own language to any Elwiki page. To do so, all you need to do is to follow these simple rules:

  • Add {{Languages|Name_of_Page}} to the top of any page you wish to translate. Change Name_of_Page to the name of the page you are editing, such as {{Languages|Ara}} if you are editing the Ara page.
  • Follow the country code here.
    • If you wanted to add an Italian version of Raven's page, you would go to https://elwiki.net:443/w/Raven/it and edit there.
    • All links in that page must also be suffixed with /it, e.g. [[Maximum Cannon/it]].
  • Add {{DISPLAYTITLE:name_of_page_in_your_language}} on top of every page you translate, e.g. {{DISPLAYTITLE:Cornwellritter}}.
  • Only translate into languages that you or your friend can write in themselves. Do not add machine translations from Google Translate or the like.
  • Use [[Media:file_name.file_extension|description]] for your direct (raw) file link, e.g. [[Media:Portrait - Shooting Guardian.png|SG Top Right]] outputs the link to Media:Portrait - Shooting Guardian.png.
  • Since pages might be transcluded somewhere else, PLEASE CLOSE YOUR TAGS IN YOUR PAGES!!! If you fail in doing this, you will waste people's time trying to debug your page when transcluded!

That's all! Thanks.