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MasterClass(Gaia).png Misehan
Name Misehan
Class BrhTiny.png Devi (Master Class)
Weapon +11 FoJ
Armor +9 Elrianode

MasterClass(Ventus).png Cbug
Ritsu MN.png
Name Cbug
Class Tiny - Minerva.png Minerva (Master Class)
Weapon +9 FoJ
Armor +9 Elrianode / +8 Heroics


  • Comes from Elsword EU.
  • Edits pages, corrects spelling in older articles, sometimes helps with updates as well.
  • Likes to test and question things.
  • Tips and Details is the best section.
  • Not an English native, feel free to correct him.
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Elsword Wishlist



  • The game scales with resolution. The UI changed to use vector graphics instead of raster graphics. Interface elements always keep the same aspect ratio.
  • Visual revamp of character/inventory/dungeon UI, Item Mall, pop-up windows, Sparring Lobby, NPC interface, skill window (Force, skill tree, combos), buttons, etc.
  • Small font no longer blurry (skill tooltips, some event UIs, etc.).
  • Ruben~Lanox NPC and Elsword~Elesis 1st/2nd job artwork redraw (redrawn versions available as alternative).


  • Discarding, reselling and dismantling any grade Ruben~Elysion gear no longer asks for a confirmation.
  • Mass discard option added.
  • The limit of dismantling 30 items at once is increased or removed.
  • Ruben~Elysion droppable consumables are merged.
  • Cyan Magic Stones removed from drop lists.
  • Heroic Magic Stones offer the same maximum values as Sage Stones.
  • Gear does not break at a lower than enhancement than +11.
  • Enhancement rate doubled for +9~+11. +1~+6 success guaranteed, +7 does not reset, and +8 success rate is 66%.


  • Drabaki, Perkisas and Eltrion (random phase) appear in weekly random rotation. Rewards, monster stats and patterns adjusted to the current endgame content.
    • Come with separate titles, achievements and force passives/abilities.
    • Raids parties changed to consist of a maximum of 6 people.
  • Aurora Operation Tickets required amount for entering in 15-3 and 15-4 decreased to 1.
  • 15-4 duration and monster stats adjusted. Minimum party members changed to 3.
  • Some stages in 13-2 and 15-2 removed.


Combat/Defensive Power

  • Awakening Duration/Time, Max MP and MP Cost Reduction stats do not affect Combat Power.
  • Buffs applied in dungeons display in the character UI (affect Combat/Defensive Power and stat window values).


  • Can change Awakening voice to Transcendence version.
  • Able to change dungeon end screen image to any class of your job path.
  • Possible to change character portrait in top left corner to cut-ins and Master Class artwork.
  • Lips customization added.
  • Can access any path's and class's outfit through the Magic Wardrobe on the character and apply its look to any corresponding piece (for example, Devi can wear Apsara's hair, as well as Base Ara's top, Yama Raja's bottom and Little Specter's Spear).


  • Additional pages and rows possible to unlock with ED. The same goes to Bank.
    • 200m for unlocking the Shared Bank. More rows cost: 8m, then 16m, then 32m, then 64m, etc.
      • Row unlock cost is be the same for Personal Bank.
    • 15m for unlocking inventory rows.
  • El Resonance (400m) and Skill Tree (50m) pages available in ED shop.

Dungeon End Screen

  • Combo and MP Cost removed.
  • Technique compares damage dealt with average damage potential with your current gear.
  • Hit Damage does not display more HP than the dungeon has by capping maximum damage dealt to current monster's HP value.


  • Invitation system improved. When sending an invitation, it is valid for 10 minutes. You may cancel the invitation in Community window.


  • 1 Epic Quest per dungeon (Elsword~Ain).
  • EXP gain from Epic Quests adjusted so when all of them are completed, you get Lv. 99.
  • Gear Cubes replaced with New Character Support cubes that contain potions, weapon/armor that scale with your character's level and timed accessories.
  • Individual/Adam's Story Quests provide ED and ERP EXP.

Mentor Pupil System

  • Mentor Quest per account instead of per character. Everyone with El Resonance unlocked can become a mentor, and every character without 3rd Job can become a pupil.
    • Daily quests for the mentor and the pupil.
    • Rewards changed to consumables, elixirs and Sage Stones.
    • Once your pupil reaches 3rd Job, you can still complete daily quests for a week.

Item Mall

  • 3rd Job and Master Class Advancement Tickets added to ED shop (100m and 140m ED, respectively).
  • 3rd Job and Master Class Job Change Ticket cost lowered to 1200 and 1800 KC, respectively.




Important changes:

  • 11/19/2020 KR Patch changes reverted (Chi Release back to 20% Special Active Skill Damage and Special Active Skill Cooldown Acceleration effect removed). Secret Art buffs always apply, even if didn't hit any enemy. Allies also gain the benefits.
  • Absorption Nova replaced with Force Spear. Invincible in dungeons upon cast.
  • Can start Killing Howl with Force Spear instead of DR.png Z.png / Z.png Z.png Z.png.
  • Invincibility status on Rakshasa Stance 1: Soul Reaping and Wolf Stance 3: Wolf Claw.
  • Life Swap's cooldown in dungeons lowered to 5s and 12s in PvP. Super Armor comes within the skill. Traits changed to Persistent and Powerful.
    • Same treatment to High Speed, except its cooldown would be 3s in dungeons and 7s in PvP.
      • Acceleration! buff removed.
  • Ignition Spear's damage decreased to 270% per hit at [Enhanced] level in PvP.
  • Energy Enhancement gains a new effect that increases 15% Action Speed in dungeons.

Extra changes:


  • Barbecue! gets an extra attack at the end of the skill, re-catching launched enemies.
  • Needle Sobat has the kick part completely removed.
  • M-137 Gatling Gun's casting speed increased. Can also aim it downwards.
  • M-3 Flamethrower changed to an install skill. Deals splash damage on tightly grouped enemies.


Important changes:

Extra changes: