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Name Ripsu
Class BrhTiny.png Devi
Weapon Spear, Spirit Energy
Age 16
Nationality Polish Flag.png Polish
Server Void Elsword
Combat Power around 740,000
Enhancement +10
I need more food


Hello world, call me Ritsu~ I'm here to edit pages, translate them to Polish, add missing things or new content. My English isn't perfect but I try hard, at least. I main Ara and I love her classes. I often add some tips and details about her skills or combos. I like to discover how the calculation in Elsword works, so don't be afraid to request from me something that requires a bit of math!

To do list

Thing to do Progress Help needed
Update/create all Polish missing 3rd job pages and translate them No ETA Yes
Update/create all Polish characters' pages No ETA Yes
All character's skills Polish translation (still lazy and can't do it all) No ETA Yes
Seasonal updates, re:boots help N/A Other users already do it, too