The Tongue of Elrios

People had to deal with the aftermath of almost losing the El and Elrios. They elected a new Lady of El and 6 Masters of El to govern the power of El so that disaster like before wouldn’t happen again. With the new Lady and the Masters governing  the El’s power, the lands were once again stable and habitable for life. Some Nasods reawakened during this period as well.


Harmony Festival.

This is a special day in Elrios that only comes every three years. During this day Sun and the Moon comes together to make the skies dark.

All living beings in Elrios comes together and rest on this day. This peaceful and quiet festival of resting reacts with the El and makes its power very rich and abundant.  To sum it up, all living beings come together to help the El recharge.

El usually only emits energy. But on the day of Harmony festival, El receives energy. This is actually the most vulnerable state for the El and requires the Lady of El’s full attention.


On one Harmony Festival day, Solace the master of the Sun attacked the Tower of El. He pitied the Lady of El who had to attend to El all her life and acted on the desire to free her. The Lady of El disappeared along with Solace who suddenly barged in. Then a fight broke out between Solace’s followers, the El Tower Guards and the other Masters of El.

The El, having lost the Lady of El in its most vulnerable state, became unstable and exploded into countless shards. These shards scattered all across Elrios continent.

*This part can also be found in the main Elsword websites, guidebooks and ingame.

Humans prospered in Elrios using the power of El. Eventually their civilization grew to become very technologically advanced. This advancement in technology eventually gave birth to the mechanical race called the Nasods. Nasods required the power of El to function.

Initially created in order to help humans, Nasods didn’t care about the rules and balance of El’s energy and only acted to satisfy human’s greed and convenience. As more and more Nasods were produced, the amount of El’s energy that Nasods consumed became too much for the El to replenish and El started to gradually lose it’s power.

With supply of energy becoming increasing scarce, Nasods turned on humans and started a war against them to secure more of El’s energy. This war however, accelerated the El’s decline in power. With not enough energy to function, all Nasods began shutting down. Surviving Nasods went into hibernation in hopes of waking up some day when the situation got better. Eve was one of these ancient Nasods that went into hibernation.

The war with Nasods have deteriorated the human civilization and the El’s energy was still dwindling. After the war, producing or researching anything that had to do with Nasods became illegal. There were no more Nasods to help humans and thus practices like slavery became common during this time.

One particular group of people were illegally researching the now gone Nasods. This group was eventually found out by the authorities and everyone involved were either killed or was captured to become slaves. Add was one of those people that were forced to become a slave. One day, he attempted to escape and accidentally ended up falling into and becoming trapped inside an ancient Nasod library that existed in a special Time&Space.

El’s decline in power came to the point where Elrios was starting to turn into the uninhabitable continent that it once was during the aftermath of gods vs demons war. Grounds shook violently and continent started to become shrouded in darkness.

Amongst all this chaos, an unknown lady restored the El’s power by sacrificing herself. People later called this mysterious lady the “Lady of El”. (or El Lady)

After the chaos has settled, to remember the Lady of El and to prevent disasters like before from happening again,  people chose a girl who had the power to resonate with El and gave her the title of Lady of El. Lady of El’s job was to to govern the El so that it won’t become unstable. People also elected 6 masters of El to help the Lady of El distribute the El’s power equally amongst all of Elrios.

Names of the 6 Masters of El are as follows
Master of the Fire: Rosso
Master of the Water: Denif (Denip)
Master of the Earth: Gaia
Master of the Wind: Ventus
Master of the Sun: Solace
Master of the Moon: Ebalon


*The details in this part are from the Elsword Comic Book. Which actually should have similar setting than the game but a different story. Still, I’m including this section because of that one line Karis says at the end of Sander story quest mentioning “Revenge against angels/heaven”. Which might hint that they are using this same setting.*

Once upon a time there were was a Continent.

Gods created Elves, Humans, Spirits, Monsters and many other living creatures and made them live in the Continent.

At the same time, gods drove off the Demons that had taken over the continent back to the demon realm.

However, demons didn’t like this and they organized under a Demon King named Krom. Krom and his 13 demon generals launched a counter attack against the gods and the Continent became a battleground for the Gods vs Demon war.

This war pretty much ruined the Continent and left it virtually uninhabitable for life.

The Three Goddesses that cared deeply about the living creatures in the Continent created a Giant Gem that radiated life energy. This gem was to be placed at the center of the Continent once the war was over to make it habitable for life again.

The war ended with the sacrifice of the Three Goddesses which resulted in the death of Krom.

But Krom was not truly killed. He left an embryo of his son(Angkor) back at the demon realm. This embryo, once awakened could be used for Krom to resurrect himself. Demons retreated back to the demon realm biding for the day when their king awakened again.

Elves were creatures living in the Continent who were most blessed by the gods. At the end of the war, some of the elves undertook a mission to guard the gateway to the demon realm located in the Dark Continent. These Elves that went to the Dark Continent came to be known as Dark Elves.

As the Three Goddesses planned, the gem was sent to the Continent to restore life. All went according to plan and the gem helped the Continent become habitable again.

Living beings in the Continent named this gem El and named their continent Elrios.