The Tongue of Elrios


These are the guides that Babel has translated as of far from existing Korean guides. You are free to recommend any additional guides you wish for us to translate in the comments section.


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  • Rei says:

    It’d be great if you could put an in-depth guide on the Gates of Darkness dungeon in KR!

  • fazri says:

    give this comic the good ending please, please a really good one T.T

  • Takuya says:

    Hello so a while back there was a nexon cash cube and now i hear theres a new one on the event, I got a 50k NX cash ticket from the last one but… never got the NX cash is there somethign wrong with my account or something that i have to do to make it work? Ty for your time if you awnser this v – v

  • Gerald Barton says:

    When will we get Arc Tracer and MasterMind because Elsword NA has been postponing the class for a VERY long time and released Psychic Tracer ad Lunatic Psyker 2 months after base add was released. Now all the Arc Tracer fans feel that NA Elsword is being very dis-organized with the events, updates, and classes. Please address this, at the moment I hear Void Elsword already has add and is now on his job changes and a lot of people are finding it tempting to join. Soon NA Elsword will not have players and less players means less money………Thank You….

    • L says:

      Sadly, some people are complaining that “giving” players stuff is just spoon feeding them, and that doing nothing is how the game devs and KC should act. Heck if my character was broken because my skills don’t work, my interface is messed up, and etc and I get compensated for the issue, am I being spoon fed? I think getting more organized and finding some way to impose some control in order to fix some of the problems in the community would help more than giving poorly organized events. The Void servers keeps going under, whereas the buying power of the average NA player decreases because the value of ED decreases due to a major inflation. As such, from what I can remember, it would take days to get enough ED for items, but requiring more time than one should invest into a game per day. Once we get MM, people are going to start bickering because of the features that make him special, then we will have to deal more problems once the other classes come in because they are “broken”. As for the less players, if they don’t get enough, they get shutdown. Probably Elsword will end up in the hands of Aria or maybe get bought by Nexon. Either one would probably be able to address issues such as the wealth of their players by spamming cash events or give a lot of stuff to the low levels. Ah and does anyone here play Mabinogi? I thought KOG would make a very interesting story line like Mabinogi when I first started playing.

    • league12 says:

      XD so true man void Elsword is the best!! O

  • Hahaha xD But.. Some of the comics are so dramatic omg ;-;

  • league12 says:

    can some one plz make me and Elsword KR account and mail it to please

  • overwhelming says:

    You possibly can handle the playlists assigned to the player manually,
    adding and removing them as you need.

  • ThisIsIT says:

    i still dont understand why people are complainin about this game its so dissappointing

  • Duce says:

    Requesting a complete item list in Hangul (KR), or a link to an existing one.

  • ichi says:

    The game could be more alive if you could add the “text-to-speech” option? kinda like moonbase alpha. its just my recommendation.

  • El-Desu says:

    Most gamers need a guide on “How to have fun playing a game” because if you can really call 1 decent game better than the other then that should mean nothing, as that should be subjective not objective.

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