The Tongue of Elrios

8/18 Patch Notes

August 17th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes

Maintenance: 7AM ~ 10:30AM (3hrs 30min)

★ Laby 4th Path Update

Laby’s Mischievous 4th path update

* Rough Child – Funky Poppet – Twins Picaro

– Info: Likes pulling pranks with Nisha, gather more dark aura to pull even more devious pranks

Attack Type: Magic

Range: Long range


★ Laby 4th path collection

Laby 4th path collection




MP cost -1%


MP cost -1.5%


MP cost -2%

★ Elsword Weekend Event

[Event Target] level 10+ per account/both server

[Event Detail]

Event Duration

Event Detail

Event Reward

2022 8/20
5PM ~ 8PM

Log in for 30 minutes

[Cobo] Rigomor armor +10 Amulet x1

2022 8/21
5PM ~ 8PM

[Cobo] Rigomor armor reforge amulet stage 15 x1


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20 Responses

  • TheLuiz says:

    Once again I’m reminded that the brawler focused character I’ve been wanting since 2013 turned out to be this disappointment of a pink mage that just so happens to punch here and there…

    • Okami says:

      more or less yea except she’s using bomb and other stuff i feel ur pain on that my dude

    • Flare Kyn says:

      With the exception of Rose, every character has either only one path that focuses entirely on what the base class does or splits it across two paths (Lord Knight, Aether Sage, Anemos/Daybreaker, Furious Blade/Rage Hearts, Code: Esencia, Comet Crusader, Apsara, Empire Sword, Doom Bringer, Catastrophe/Innocent, Richter, Eternity Winner, and Liberator). All the other paths always do things with the character that the base class doesn’t do.

      • Okami says:

        that literally had nothing to do with what he said

      • Lover_ON says:

        Bluhen too.
        He uses utilizes el dain more often (the 3 stack debuff on x commands) and both “Explosion” and “Bohren” are cycle chants in which ain can use Eid to enhance on a smaller scale than Edel Eids.
        I’d argue Code: Sariel has some connection to base Eve as she used to have El Crystal Spectrum.

        There are other classes that do (Or did in cases like El Crystal Spectrum) but they have little to do with base class’ main function (I think Siege Shelling counts)

    • lolme says:

      lol just play GC again hoping for kog is out of question

    • Anon says:

      Laby is at most about as much as brawler as Freeza from DBZ is, I’d even argue Add’s first path (Doom Bringer) is more of a brawler than her. There’s not really anything stopping them from coming out with a character/job path that focuses on brawler combos more specifically than either of them in the future. Personally I’m still waiting for them to give us either a huge muscle guy with grapple combos (think Zangief) or a proper ninja with twin daggers and throwing stars. I doubt either of those are ever going to happen though.

      Would be nice if we could at least get a DMC style ranking system for combos.

      • SadPepe says:

        *Looks at RH* Man imagine if this dude’s combos were completly reworked into something far more aggresive and destructive.
        Wonder why KOG never bother to do more crazy things with RH’s x commands or hell give him a grab active dat literary makes him smash his opponent against the ground.

        • Anon says:

          RH is actually an interesting case. As much as I appreciate the combo rework that makes his punching combo more interesting than the old 3 punch combo, the old Wild Charge was by far my preferred version. Charging for much longer, but doing more damage if you took damage while charging, and doing damage over a much wider area. The new version is probably better for PvP, both for the opponent and the user, but the old one was incredible for PvE play and I miss it dearly.

          Probably the biggest missing potential for RH is DMC Nero inspiration. They have similar concepts going on with their arms, but use them almost completely differently. As you mentioned, there’s a huge missed potential in incorporating in grab skills/combos into his movesets to really amp up the brutality.

  • Flare Kyn says:

    Twins Picaro looks freaking amazing!


  • SuperLuigi1025 says:

    Anyone noticed that when this came to NA we only got the reforge ticket but not the Rigmor Armor +10 Amulet?

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