The Tongue of Elrios

Chung Voice Webtoon Azure Dawn EP1

December 28th, 2018 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Comics | Lore


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  • Aiojdoidsds says:



    *ahem* sorry for the outburst, but it is pretty cool that we get to see what he actually looked like on the inside of the armor (when he was young at least)

  • dddbuster says:

    Ah no Ara just chung

  • RandomPerson says:

    Chung has been irrelevant for so long, it makes sense for him to have a webtoon. Though, that can be said with many characters.
    Now I wonder if its going to be a real webtoon or another OC character plug in for the next dungeons.

    • soren says:

      Probably just to remind people the Helputt exists and dive into him so the next dungeon makes all the more sense lore-wise.

  • Jontronbutdead says:

    Helputt had the disease too? HAHA like father like son

  • Anon says:

    I wonder if in a later issue we will get to see adult Helputt without the armor? This is also a chance for them to expand the lore on him joining the demons to begin with, so that could be neat.

    • Endgame says:

      There’s not much to expand on. Ran found Helputt’s Guardian Stone then corrupted it, which then corrupted Helputt since his soul was connected to the Guardian Stone.

      Aren himself was corrupted in a similar manner (his soul was linked to Fahrmann’s El) before they retconned it to him intentionally summoning demons because reasons.

      • Gameboy224 says:

        Wait, I don’t recall Aren ever being related to Fahrmann’s El. And I literally just went back and reread all the backstory stuff from Ara’s ElTypes.

        We were only told that he was a captain in the Xin Empire’s capital guard in that ElType.

        And that as far as I’m aware it literally the only be of backstory we got for Aren till Ara’s side story and the small bits of lore sprinckled in with Ain’s story quests. The only other stuff if the second Cartoon Book comic with loli Sasha which that has definitely fallen into questionable canonicity.

        I mean, feel free to prove me wrong if you can find a source.

        • Endgame says:

          I remembered wrong. The ElType backstory in question says Ran corrupted the Moon El in Fahrmann after he was already corrupted himself. However it did say he inherited the spirit of the Moon.

  • soren says:

    It would be better if they just dropped this webcomic series now and proceded with one that I would care for, Elesis~<3

  • It’s about time Chung gets some relevance! I thought he was dead for good!

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